Wind Up Torch £1 @ Poundland

Wind Up Torch £1 @ Poundland

Found 22nd Dec 2011
My local Poundland store had windup torches for £1 each in the DIY section. This is the perfect piece of equipment for you camping or travel holiday as it requires no batteries and is powered by the wind up mechanism. It is compact and easy to carry with a detachable material handle.
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Is this a joke? ;-)
Wind up torches with a radio are just £1 in Tesco. They are in a blue box.

Is this a joke? ;-)

No OP is trying to Wind people up X)
I have one of these and will say they really are not get a standard light from it.
A few squeezes of the grip will give it a light for a long time and is useful if you have nothing at all but thats it.
Like i said i do have one and is worth a quid i reckon.
Pro - it don't need batteries and will suffice in need be.
cons - not bright enough.

No offence to the post just giving my view.
These are worth the money even it you get a blackout and find ya good torch needs batteries this will you find them. On another note my 2 year old son loves it as a toy as why i bought this for his torch obsession.
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