window wizard magnetic window cleaner in focus

window wizard magnetic window cleaner in focus

Found 29th Dec 2009
window wizard magnetic window cleaner (try saying that when your drunk)
in focus £5, I saw this on tv the other day and it was £39.99 on the shopping channel, i was thinking about getting one for the back bed window as its above the conservatory so we cant clean it and this is perfect.
suitable for double glazing

I couldnt find this online so assume its instore only.
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looks good in the adverts. In practice, they are pretty poor and just smear any dirt across the windows
You also need to watch your fingers as the magnets suddenly clamp together. Good idea, but I gave up on mine.
Friend of mine smashed one of his windows using one of these magnetic cleaners, the magnets are pretty strong and clamp together quite quickly if your not careful..

Personally a bucket and sponge is far better imho..These are just gimmicks..Cold I'm afraid..
Great, I just bought 2.

Great, I just bought 2.

Which store did you find these in.
What version of Windows is it?
Worst product i brought this year... fell off my norml double glazing and smeared to... it looks great on the adverts. sadly not in real life...
Homebase have these for £5 as well. They'll be in Home Bargains for a quid shortly I suspect
I agree when you use the squeegee part, they are so poor quality they just leave smear marks all over the window. It ends up looking worse than when you started. I ended up getting this from Argos]http//ww…ing not brilliant,but you can get a pretty decent finish.
had laugh at this tried one about twenty years ago,they are utter waste of money and thought they had stop making them.That why they invented water fed pole to reach windows above conservatory
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