Windows CE netbook £99 @ Poundstretcher

Windows CE netbook £99 @ Poundstretcher

Found 29th Dec 2009
Just seen these advertised and they have them online but no option to buy. Maybe worth a look if you are after a cheap Windows netbook.

The advert shows them in black, white and pink.

After some searching found some specs

Windows CE 5.0
7-inch widescreen
266MHz processor
128MB memory
4GB solid state storage (HD card storage up to 32GB)
Built In 802.11b/g Wireless
10/100 Ethernet
1x SD Card slot for upgrade - up to 32GB extra storage
3x USB for mouse / keyboard connection
Windows CE ActiveSync
Support for YouTube videos
Basic Office pack - Including SpreadCE Spreadsheet, WordPad, Foxit Pro Adobe Reader, Core Video Player
1 year warranty
Overall Dimensions: 211(w) x 140(h) x 30(d) mm


They had them instore last week

They are pretty useless mind!

The spec doesn't look too good. You'd be better off paying the extra £50 and getting a mini 9 from PC World (stock is now available online in most ares) NB I know as I tried 2mins ago!!

posted before somewhere on here cause i remember the thread

£10 gets you the Archos netbook, crappy reviews but better than windows CE anyday.

Elonex do the same one with a simpletons version of Linux on. Absolute rubbish, build quality is awful.

My windows mobile phone is twice as powerful as this and it is 4 years old! This is not a good price at all - I would stay well clear.
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