Windows CE Ultra-Portable Netbook £99.99 @ Maplin

Windows CE Ultra-Portable Netbook £99.99 @ Maplin

Found 13th Dec 2009
When first looking at this, you may turn you face up in disbelief that such a product is even avaliable. However, for those looking for a cheap netbook to take around this is perfect . It has double the RAM and storage space of the Disgo NetBrowser 3000 which is on sale at the same price. Also, it features Core Player which is just like VLC Player on Windows - it can play more or less any video format which is great when in the car etc! Also features a 1 year warrantey and is avaliable B-Grade at £79.99 .

All in all, a great Christmas present or alternative for those looking into buying a 3000 from HMV.

Windows CE 5.0
7-inch widescreen
266MHz processor
128MB memory
4GB solid state storage (HD card storage up to 32GB)
Built In 802.11b/g Wireless
10/100 Ethernet
1x SD Card slot for upgrade - up to 32GB extra storage
3x USB for mouse / keyboard connection only (no external Hard Drive, USB memory stick or Optical Drive support)
Windows CE ActiveSync
Support for YouTube videos
Basic Office pack - Including SpreadCE Spreadsheet, WordPad, Foxit Pro Adobe Reader, Core Video Player
1 year warranty
No support for 3G broadband.
No spellchecker facility within WordPad.
No printing functionality.
Overall Dimensions: 211(w) x 140(h) x 30(d) mm

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