Windows Live Essentials 2011
Now available.

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Stay in touch with the people you care about most from your PC, phone, or the web. Share photos and videos as you chat, and see the latest updates from your friends. Learn more

Photo Gallery
Get great tools for organizing, touching up, and sharing your photos and videos. Create stunning panoramas, movies, and slide shows, and publish them online. Learn more

Movie Maker
Turn your photos and videos into polished movies that are easy to share. Add special effects, transitions, sound, and captions to help tell your story in style. Learn more

Efficiently manage multiple email accounts, calendars, and your contacts—even when you're offline. Plus, use a great tool for sharing lots of photos in email without filling up anyone's inbox. Learn more
Also included in Windows Live Essentials

Blog like a pro, adding photos, videos, maps, and more.

Family Safety

Parental controls to help parents keep their children safe online.

Windows Live Mesh

Access and synchronize photos, documents, and other files on all your computers.

Messenger Companion
See and comment on links your friends have shared as you visit websites in Internet Explorer.

Bing Bar
Get search results from Bing without leaving the website you're on.

Outlook Connector Pack
Includes Microsoft Outlook Hotmail Connector and Outlook Social Connector Provider for Messenger.

Microsoft Silverlight
Access rich, interactive websites using the Silverlight browser plug-in."

Mesh is ok for online backups - and gives you 5GB of synced space, tho I prefer Dropbox

The Photo Gallery is also not bad, if you need a photo organiser


I have been using Beta version fine. Installed "finished" version and media player would not work. Uninstalled MSLE then reinstalled the Beta version, I had kept the setup, and all works fine. Media player is not part of MSLE but I there are conflicts.

Original Poster

i hadnt been using the Beta version, but i installed this version and Windows Media Player 11 is still working OK for me (I am using Windows 7 64bit), but I only installed:

Photo Gallery
Movie Maker

but you would have thought the ones most likely to mess with media player would be Photo Gallery and Movie Maker

did you uninstall the Beta version before installing this finished version?

Hi hamkam. Yes, did uninstall the Beta and I agree with what you say. Using same system so I'm going to retry just installing same as you and take it from there. I also found my image file associations had changed and had to reset, even Windows Live Gallery and Paint.
It'll all work out in the end, just wanted folks to be aware in case they hit snags. It is a pretty good package and worth downloading.

Just to let everyone know I have Essentials working fine now. As hamkam says, make sure Beta is uninstalled. This time I used Revo.

Pah i removed Mesh to switch to PC Sync Beta cos that was sposed to be the new one. Looks like back to Mesh I go I guess.

It's awful, msn6.5 ftw every new version just gets more and more bloated.

Its annoying as hell, typing becoems seriously slow after a while and requires you to relog in after a while.
I've back dated my msn a few version and its so much faster..
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