Windows Mobile: Entire Wikipedia OFFLINE On Your Storage Card - Free
Windows Mobile: Entire Wikipedia OFFLINE On Your Storage Card - Free

Windows Mobile: Entire Wikipedia OFFLINE On Your Storage Card - Free

The Entire English Language Wikipedia has been converted to .mdx format from the latest wikipedia dump (30 January 2010). MDX files are read by the free program Mdict which is a dictionary reader available for WM Pocket PC, WM Smartphone, and HPC, also Win XP & Vista. Basically Windows Mobile 2003/5/6/6.1/6.5.

I just got around to putting this on my memory card tonight as i've been using the may 2009 one, checked it over and everything is working fine. I've listed the download links below. This is really useful if you don't have an unlimited data plan to have the whole thing offline i'm using it on a Dell Axim X51v. Thought this might be useful to some people so i'm posting it here as a freebie as its very useful to me.

Credits: sh0dan created the MDX Wikiparser 1.1 & HardDrive used the parser to convert the latest dump to .mdx.


Extracted file Size: 3.3GB. No pictures but ALL articles are in FULL.

Mdict Website: octopus-studio.com/dow…htm

Download for Windows Mobile 2003 & Above: octopus-studio.com/MDi…exe

Download for Windows Mobile Smartphone 2003 & Above: octopus-studio.com/MDi…exe

MODS: Wikipedia is freely available to all and dumps the files on their own website for free download by anyone. Those files are raw data and need to be converted and I have given credit to the converter above. Mdict is a freeware program available at the site listed above.


Useful for those who have the storage and have no internet plan

Neat, great for browsing when out of coverage like on the tube or on a flight.

Cool idea. Could do with being put up as a torrent though. There's nothing I dislike more than multi-part downloads. 9 isn't too bad for 3.3GB worth of stuff though.. if it was Rapidshare, there'd be more like 90 parts!

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