Windows Vista Ultimate 32bit -- £109
Windows Vista Ultimate 32bit  -- £109

Windows Vista Ultimate 32bit -- £109

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£109 -- OEM, Same as retail minus the cost and packaging.... Bonus

When you want to have it all, choose Windows Vista Ultimate. Its the most complete edition of Windows Vistawith the power, security, and mobility features that you need for work, and all of the entertainment features that you want for fun.

Rely on comprehensive safety features:
Take advantage of all Windows Vista safety features to help protect your computer, your information, and your family from accidents and malicious software.

Always be ready to work:
Take advantage of comprehensive productivity features including Instant Search, Complete PC Backup and Restore, network support including domain join, and Windows SuperFetch.
Enjoy complete entertainment:
Windows Vista Ultimate includes Windows Media Center so that you can enjoy your entire digital entertainment library on your PC or on your television.

Take it all with you, more safely:
Windows Mobility Center, BitLocker Drive Encryption, and Tablet and Touch Technology are just some of the features that make staying productive on the road easier, and safer, than ever.


Anyone have good deals on the retail version? I change my motherboard pretty much annually which means OEM is a pain.

It's not quite the same. If you buy a retail copy, when you junk computer A, you can install your OS onto computer B.

With an OEM copy, the OS is supposed to stay with the PC. If you junk it, you need to buy a new OS to go with the new computer.

If you buy an OEM copy and install it on your PC it will stay with that PC forever. Even if you buy an better PC later and uninstall the original Vista installation, the EULA forbids you moving the OEM licensed installation to another PC

For clarity so you know what your buying and what restrictions it has read this

Yes, you can't just simply uninstall OEM from one PC and move it to another, but if you're 'upgrading' your current PC then you just call up Miscrosoft and say that the motherboard (and/or possibly other components) were damaged and you had to replace. They then reissue you with an activation code for your OEM version and you can use it on the 'upgraded' system. Have a look at various forums and you'll see people haven't had a problem with this process. Sure, it's a bit more hassle than doing a simple online activation, but it does work from what I've read.


Nice comment bjm. The deal isn't all that though. I'd rather have premium to be honest - ultimate has little beneficial differences.

Here: microdirect.co.uk/(16…spx
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