Windows Xp Home oem with vista upgrade voucher £69.26 delivered and Xp pro oem with free Vista up
Windows Xp Home oem with  vista upgrade  voucher £69.26 delivered and Xp pro  oem with free Vista up

Windows Xp Home oem with vista upgrade voucher £69.26 delivered and Xp pro oem with free Vista up

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Don't hold out! Purchase Windows XP Home edition now and recieve an upgrade voucher* for Microsoft's latest and long awaited Windows Vista Home Basic Edition.

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Click here to see if your system is Vista ready.

To claim your Vista upgrade, you must supply your Voucher, COA (Licence Number), and Proof of Purchase... Please retain your Aria Invoice!

Upgrade may require a reinstallation which will not carry over settings, data, or applications. Microsoft strongly recommend that users back up all data before performing the upgrade to Vista.

*Subject to upgrade, shipping and handling fee from Microsoft. Upgrade available from 30th January 2007.

Windows Xp pro oem is also avaliable with the free Vista upgrade for £98.63 delivered.



*Subject to upgrade, shipping and handling fee from Microsoft

How much will that be? And what exactly is an upgrade fee?

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In the email I got from them it says free upgrade to Vista (shipping fee may apply) looking at both version the Xp pro version does say subject to shipping and handling fee from Microsoft and nothing about an upgrade fee it must be the xp home edition that carries a upgrade charge. The shipping and hadling charges shouldnt be any more than about £20 I would expect

which version would you get upgraded to? there are 5 of vista, so you could end up with a bum version

EDIT: i really should look at the site

HOME -> Windows Vista Home Basic Edition
PRO -> Windows Vista Business Edition.

Don't even go there - Vista will be full of bugs for at least 12 months !!

Dont forget, "Basic Edition" will be a bit... well, er... "Basic"

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Xp home upgrades you to vista home basic edition, Xp pro upgrades you to Vista business edition the pro is the better option out of the two.

So long as you got the licence you could upgrade any time later when the initial bugs have been sorted.

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If you obtained the free upgrade via this offer you could install it whenever you wanted to but redeeming the upgrade has to be done by the end of March I believe.

Most people will want *not* want the home basic edition - it's basically just a slower version of XP (or was, when I tried the RC1 version of Vista) - you want the Premium or Ultimate versions, which include Aero graphics and all of the features which make Vista worth having... these coupons are a bit of a cop-out, by not upgrading you to the version people will want to have...

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I think they are offering the coupon upgrades the same way as eveyone else who is doing the offer at the moment ie xp home to vista home basic, xp pro to vista business and xp mce 2005 to vista home premium. This is Microsofts way of offering the upgrades at the moment, theres nothing stopping people that may get vista basic from unlocking more of the features they want, all editions of vista will be included on the dvd so that if you wish you may purchase and upgrade licence to say take vista basic to vista premium or ultimate.

Either way if you are planning on buying windows xp at the moment it is offering you a reduced upgrade cost from xp home to vista home basic and a free upgrade from xp pro to vista home premium.

shipping and handling charges for other xp discs are £16.95, so i imagine thats what it will be.

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Thanks Chris206

Dell say shipping will be $45. Dont know if this is standard price ??

XP Home to Vista Basic Upgrade on: [url]www.dellvistaupgrade.productorder.com[/url] before 03/31/07 [ Free!]
$45 plus shipping & handling costs payable at time of redemption [URL="javascript:OpenPostedDetailsPop('DiscountDetails.aspx?c=uk&cs=ukdhs1&fb=1&l=en&oc=D11C15&rbc=D11C15&s=dhs&sbc=ukdhsftdppdesktop1&promo_id=23106', '590', '400');"][COLOR=#0000ff]Discount Details[/COLOR][/URL]
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