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Posted 23 November 2022

Windscribe VPN Pro 1 Year £24.39 ($29) @ Windscribe

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    Extra 20% off using WINDSCRIBE at checkout on Stacksocial on the 3 year deal. (edited)
    Went with this thanks. As a current Pro subscriber, there is nowhere on your account page to enter the voucher lol You have to go to the Pricing page on their website and enter your code in the 'have a promo code' box - should update your account instantly.
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    Also Windscribe VPN: Lifetime Pro Subscription can be had at $69
    Link?? (edited)
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    How is this allowed on here?

    Site has been down for days, I reported this on the 16th and it is still down. hotukdeals.com/com…706
    Are you with virgin? They block some sites. I had windscribe and went to my dad's for Xmas and wanted to watch something via vpn. And I couldn't go to the windscribe website to download it. Had to use my mobile phone tethering to get to the site. Virgin blocked it.

    Can you access the site with your phone or with another VPN?

    Like opera browser has a free built in one. (edited)
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    Could someone offer some quick advice please?

    We currently have a 3 year pro subscription that ends in 5 days

    I note that the 3 year deal through stacksocial is for new users only...... therefore can i wait for my sub to expire then add the stacksocial code OR do i need to set up totally new with new email addy?

    Thank you in adance
    I added the code to my existing pro subscription and it worked fine. I didn't wait for mine to expire. It just extended it for another 3 years.

    As someone mentioned in a previous post, I went to pricing, add promo code and then added the stacksocial code there (edited)
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    Will this price go up to normal after 1 year?
    I subscribed and it said this : Billed $29.00 USD every 12 months (edited)
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    I've had windscribe for a few years paid and now unpaid. And it's pretty good.
    Shame the lifetime deal is non existent
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    This is a worst deal than the 3 year offer a week or so back..
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    Show as $5.75 for me?
    ...take it and run
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    It;s their Black Friday offer, $29 for a year. I was emailed this offer this morning, I have a 60gb freebie account.
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    Site is fine - I’ve been with them a couple of years paying $2 a month for a custom plan, but would pay for Pro at this price.
    They do normally have a BF offer every year and I’m signed up to their emails, so we just need the discount code :-)
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    I feel your pain, non-lifetime users, don't lose your hopes. One day you'll grab one..
    And possibly a IVICY one and a FASTESTVPN one..just keep digging
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    I had an existing Pro subscription ending on 26 Dec 2022.
    Bought this, and it immediately added another year to my existing plan, so 26 Dec 2023!
    So if you have an existing pro subscription, feel free to buy this to add another year at this BF price.

    Not sure if you could then buy another year... and another year... etc.
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    Anyone know if the India vpn is only the virtual one as it doesn’t work properly if so as sites can see it’s virtual
    Hi. I recommend controlD. This is a DNS changer so doesn't encrypt your data. It might work for India for you. I believe India changed the laws so hard for them. It is 30 day free trial so try that and see if works for your needs.
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    Site is working for me but no sign of an offer, maybe we need a promo code?
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    Op. Do you have a code or a referral link from a sale website as we are getting 5.75 per month. I know I usually find VPN deals by searching black Friday VPN and going to some comparison site and clicking via an advert. Then it takes you to some sub page on the VPN site with the discount.bur the main page is selling the normal prices for us
    I got it down in price using this code TURKEY22
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    How many devices can I use this on at the same time?
    It's apparently unlimited, not sure how this works exactly as they say account sharing is prohibited.
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    This or Nord? If the Quidco cashback works it's eventually free for 2 years!
    Buy both.....windscribe is superb for streaming from around the world...
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    Let my windscribe run out as got bulletvpn lifetime sub for 15 quid a couple years ago. I posted it as a deal but as it clashed with an employee of this sites worse deal at the time, they removed my deal
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    Will not let me renew, says I already have a subscription, it ends in January.
    Any advice how to buy when already have a current subscription please, the offer will no doubt not be available come January.
    Many thanks.
    Stacksocial have 3yr sub for 69 dollars & 20% off using code WINDSCRIBE - using fee free card it cost me £47.68 which works out around £1.33 pm which is well worth it IMO. Also when checking out choose US as your country to avoid taxes being added to the price. You’ll then have a code in your order details & as you have existing sub you need to log in to Windscribe, go to pricing section & then there’s a box for redeeming a code. New sub will be added on to existing. (edited)
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    Just extended my sub for another year with this deal so thanks.
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