Windsor Full Size Violin Outfit - Was £49.99 Now £29.99 @ Toys R Us

Windsor Full Size Violin Outfit - Was £49.99 Now £29.99 @ Toys R Us

Found 18th Jul 2008
A superb value Windsor Full Size Violin Outfit, ideal for students and enthusiasts alike. This outfit includes bow and rosin and also a lightweight case.

Full size 4/4 violin
Spruce top
Ebony coloured fingerboard and tuning pegs
Complete with horsehair/wood bow
Lightweight zipped case with handle and shoulder straps
Complete with Tune A Day tutor book and CD
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voted hot because it is a good price BUT bear in mind that you will have to find/pay for it to be strung and tuned and as its a new instrument it will most probably sound awful til its broken in! Take it from me- you get what you pay for with violins! With a son who played Viola and a daughter who plays violin I know what I am tlking about!!!:w00t::w00t:
The deal is good but this is an awful violin. Likely to put a lot more people off than it would encourage.
I'm a violin teacher and I wouldn't touch it with a barge pole. I advise all my students to rent their violins - works out a lot cheaper in the long run as children go through different sizes very quickly.
[SIZE=3]We are all agreed then, cheap violins are useless.

If you want ultra cheap music tuition for your kids, especially now that many local authorities do not have the facilities they used to have, there are Brass bands all around the country offering free or nominal cost tuition, and often free use of instruments too. Like football clubs, this is one major way that bands plan for their future, train from ground level up.

Brass instruments (and probably single reed instruments too) are good in one particular way, they have an easier or shallower "learning curve" in the initial stages (but JUST as hard to be a master!) than many other instruments, and come in several sizes, to suit the kid!

If this is not going to be "for" them, then it is a cheap way to find out.

As someone who played Viola at school, I never found my musical niche until I gave it up, took up brass, and still play more than 35 years after those days, including a limited amount of orchestral playing too in the past - it isn't just an avenue to playing in brass bands only![/SIZE]
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