Wing Island (Wii) - now £14.99 @ Argos !

Wing Island (Wii) - now £14.99 @ Argos !

Found 6th Jul 2007
Wing Island (Wii) - £14.99 @ Argos !

Reserve and collect @ store. Edit : now £14.99 (thanks to sigma for the price pointer!)

Description: In Wing Island if you want to experience the aerial tilts and spills of being a prop pilot, all you have to do is tilt the Wii remote left and right to bank your biplane, move down to make a dive, up to swoop into the sky, and pull back or forward to brake or boost.

Story mode allows players to take on a series of challenging missions at the controls of a single plane or a formation of five; switching formation via simple Wii remote movements. It is also possible to win prizes by completing missions and earn money to upgrade planes.

Wing Island features many different missions including the dropping goods, putting out forest fires and taking photos of objects. The missions can be cleared in different completion levels depending on time, accuracy, and damage taken by planes. In total there are 27 different missions.



Nice one:thumbsup: Had a quick look to see if there was anywhere cheaper, but the only place I could find was gamestation for £19.98 but they were sold out.

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Reduced further to £14.99 - can be reserved for store pick up, subject to … Reduced further to £14.99 - can be reserved for store pick up, subject to stock :thumbsup:

Thanks sigma

This game is terrible. Played it for about 10 minutes at a friends house. 'Wing Island might work, but this is a pretty dull ride for anyone with more discerning tastes'
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