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Posted 29 December 2022

Winix Zero Air Purifier - £107.98 (membership required) @ Costco, Derby

£107.98£149.9528% off
In store: Derbyshire · Costco Deals
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£124.99 online at Costco. £219 at B&Q. £149.95 at Amazon.

Winix Zero Air Purifier including extra filter pack on sale in Costco Derby for £107.98 inc VAT.

Product information

The WINIX ZERO air purifier is a powerful air purifier that rids the air of allergens, fine dust, pollen, pet dander and household odors making it a perfect addition to your bedroom, living room or small office.

Features and benefits

The WINIX ZERO air purifier cleans your indoor air quality with a 4 stage air purifier system by using a washable pre-filter, carbon filter and H13 True HEPA filter.

The True HEPA filter of the air purifier filters 99.97% of all particulates and allergens from the air
The particle sensor shows the indoor air quality through the Air Quality Indicator LED lights
The PlasmaWave® air purifier technology creates Hydroxyls to neutralize viruses and gases without producing any harmful Ozone
Auto mode and 4-fan speed settings, a smart dust sensor automatically adjusts the fan speed to maintain clean air
With the automatic night mode the LED lights will dim and the air purifier will quietly continue to work
Can be used in indoor environments up to 99m2

Costco More details at Costco
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  1. Hatsune_MikuwBK's avatar
    Make sure you can find cheap replacement filters for any air purifier you buy or you'll be stuck with a useless box.
  2. lalanuggets's avatar
    I've had one of these for about 1.5 years now, I think I paid about £160. I also have a Honeywell Air Genius 5 (had for approx 2.5 years). Between the two, I prefer the Winix, mainly because the Winix has an auto mode which dynamically adjusts the fan speed based upon current air quality. I also find the Winix more intuitive with a light on the front which is either blue (air quality is all good), amber (air quality can be worked on lol - but don't rush out of the house in a mad panic) or red (holy cow how is the air this bad, do I live inside a coal mine?)... With the Winix, I always know how good / bad the current air quality is with a quick glance. Comparatively the Honeywell has to go onto a fixed speed, by default this is 3 out of 5, and it has no indicator, light or other mechanism to inform me of the current air quality. This is both a waste of money (if the device is unnecessarily on a higher mode than needed and encourages excessive Ozone, which is generated at larger numbers when the device is on a faster mode. I do notice if I leave the Honeywell on speed 4 or 5, it starts to have a sort of 'burnt baked beans' smell which my friend informed me is Ozone). The Winix uses 'plasmawave' which is slightly different: see here for a super old school very American video from the manufacturer: youtube.com/wat…-dY

    When it comes to bedtime, the Winix again is extremely intuitive, as it contains light sensors and detects when the room is dark. It automatically switches to night time mode, indicated by a tiny half moon light, when it does this all other lights go off. In terms of the filters, the Honeywell has a reusable / washable filter, and whilst I thought this was beneficial I have noticed with time the filter has started to warp in places, and despite all washing attempts it is brown and filthy. A huge bonus for me is the filters last a very long time and I don't have to worry about the filter getting dirty, warping etc like I do with the Honewell reusable filter.

    To my recollection (and it is 1.5 years ago now, so I could have it slightly wrong), the Winix came with 4 spare carbon filters and 1 spare hepa filters. In the 1.5 years of ownership I have not gotten through all of the filters. If you follow the vendors replacement timeframes to the letter, I believe it comes with 2 years of filters out of the box.

    I have noticed that Costco sell replacement filters and I do not expect they will stop selling them anytime soon (although I could be wrong). Costco have been selling this unit for a couple of years now and will have a UK customer base who need replacements. If you search on Costco for item 406926 it should come up. This is the main filter and 4 carbon filters. Doing the math, it should last a year, as the vendor recommends changing the carbon filter every 3 months and the main filter every year (Note: I have not double checked this but I'm sure I read it in the manual).

    Brand wise, Winix is from South Korea and is quite popular in the United States. I used to live in Chicago and noticed plenty of people had these filters, hence, despite it being lesser known here in the UK, Costco have chosen to sell it.

    Finally, the Winix always astonishes me with the amount of dust, hair, and other general particles it collects. When I go to clean it, compared to the Honeywell Air Genius 5, it really does contain a hell of a lot more grit and grime.

    I have asthma and sleep apnea and this has helped me enormously. Prior to getting this, we had the Honeywell downstairs in the living room (doors kept open so it filters around). That definitely helped with my asthma and reduced my inhaler dependency massively. I added this to the upstairs landing, plugging it in outside my bedroom. Before bed I slide it into my bedroom (the cable reaches from the landing). I have considerable improvement in my apnea, namely I no longer have episodes so bad that I wake myself up several times a night. I have been informed that my snoring "is not that bad" whereas before my other half would roar at me for snoring so loud and give me the look of death at 7am daily after they were kept awake. On that note, my other half has circulation issues and always wakes up with swollen hands / calves. This has reduced a fair bit since we have the Winix in the bedroom.

    Other Background: You enter our house from a courtyard, with the bedroom backing straight onto a fairly busy road. We have traffic lights just further down from us, hence traffic can back-up outside of our bedroom window. The first time I put the Winix on in the bedroom it was red. With it running on auto, I barely even hear it and it maintains the air quality without even being noticed. It occasionally goes to amber, automatically increases the fan speed to 2 or 3, and then settles itself slowly back to a whisper.
  3. Libertas's avatar
    For those that own this & have used one for a significant period of time.

    Please share your experience with us.

    I am considering buying an air purifier. Some deep-dive feedback on this would be of real use to many of us.
    Prosamuraiman's avatar
    I've have had a couple and the only issue I have had is that the reset button, which you need to press whenever you change a filter might not always work. In our first unit, when we pushed the paperclip into the hole there was literally no button to press, it was crazy, so the red warning light was always on. I took it back to Costco and the second one was fine, so I'm not sure what the problem was.

    It's been a few years now and it has been great. It's on 24/7 and we love it.
  4. originalli's avatar
    Cheap enough filters. Looks like some replacement Congress in the package.

    Shame it's not smart one
    YeSr's avatar
    Do they not have a smart one at all?!
  5. Libertas's avatar
    Is this an established well known brand.

    One of my questions would be how long the filters will be available for?
    kelthegrifter's avatar
    They've been around for 50 years.


    But really, if you have any concerns, you should just buy a few spare filters at the same time you buy the purifier. Costs you more initial money, but saves you worrying you've bought an expensive brick.
  6. Libertas's avatar

    Outstanding. Thank you for this.

    Genuinely informative, and will help others in the community make an informed decision on whether to purchase or not.

    Good quality information delivered in a way that is useful.

    I would welcome the input of others that have owned this unit.

    The question/request for detailed information remains open to input from others too.
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    From doing a bunch of research earlier in the now previous year, the next model up Winix Zero S (£169 on Amazon UK) appears to be the UK version of the US Winix 5500-2, which consistently gets decent reviews from US testers. I think this model is comparable to the 5300-2 US model. So if you search for reviews on that as well, you should get some idea of what people think. It looks like Winix changed the outer casing for Europe from the black design to the white one, but the inner specs are similar. The Winix Zero Pro, which is the next model up again is currently at £199 at Currys, with a spare filter set included. I've just ordered that one for myself. I plan on parking it on the landing to see how it fares. That being said, I hope I can get it up the stairs easy enough.

    Edit: Zero Pro is back to £299 at Currys. (edited)
  7. Libertas's avatar
    I am considering going one model up to the S, if there is a justification that warrants it.

    Would you be willing to explain how you came down on the side of the "S" model.
    kelthegrifter's avatar
    Like I said, if you go check out Youtube reviews where they actually test these things in smoke boxes and rooms and with monitors, the Zero S performs well. You need to look at some side by side comparisons really.

    For me, cost wise it made more sense in the moment to buy the Zero Pro at £199 which included an extra set of filters. The Filter T for the Zero Pro is normally around the £59 to £69 mark. So if I deducted £59 off the £199, that means the unit was only £140. Which is a bargain. Of course, I do now have the higher cost of filters ongoing. The Zero Pro has apparently better carbon filters according to one site. Also, the Pro has slightly higher room capacity and CADR than the S. I leave all my internal doors (apart from bathroom) open, so that my two cats can go where they please. So my air flow isn't contained to one room, as such. Therefore I wanted a higher spec machine. Also, generally to get the most use out of these things, you need to run them on max speed. Max speed on smaller spec units usually produce the same if not higher volume levels as higher spec units. For example the Pro runs at 55dB on it's highest setting. The Levoit Core 300 (which is a smaller spec, compact unit that gets recommended a lot) runs at 65dB on it's highest setting.

    The Zero S at £169 is a decent price, and the Filter H is around £40 to £50.

    If you want something cheapish and cheerful, without the bells and whistles of pre filters and auto mode etc., go look at the SQAir. The filter cost won't break the bank. And it has a comparable CADR and room coverage. It's £132 to £140 and the filters start at £26. So it has a cheaper ongoing cost. But the shape of it put me off a bit, because I'd have problems fitting it in to the space I want it. Also, I was worried that due to the shape, the cats may try and jump on it, as it looks like a small but sturdy, side table.


    Also, if you look at their blog, they show you how to make a cheap DIY air purifier from a fan and filter and a Corsi-Rosanthal Box. So you can go the mega cheap route if you want.


    I should mention I do have a couple of the Ikea Uppatvind's set up near the cat litter boxes and on my desk too. Because they were cheap (£29), the ongoing filter cost is cheap (£4), and I don't mind they only cover a small area, because I needed something compact that covers a small area. I just wanted them to collect the litter dust thrown up by the cats, and to make sure the space around my head whilst working is clear. The other advantage is the directed cold air stream they put out of the corner, which works really well as a small fan during summer heatwaves. They also only pull 8w on the highest setting.

    You really need to go do your own research though, so you can determine what is right for your needs. Look at room coverage, CADR, CFM (if you want to), wattage (for electricity cost considerations), noise level (what can you put up with) and the ongoing cost of filters. And then pay your money and take your chances.
  8. YeSr's avatar
    Any info on warranty? i don't see it on Costco website.
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