Winnie the Pooh cotbed @ Mothercare £20?!?! Glitch maybe or absolute bargain

Winnie the Pooh cotbed @ Mothercare £20?!?! Glitch maybe or absolute bargain

Found 6th Dec 2013
Not 100% sure what the deal is here, but been having a look at the clearance at Mothercare and this caught my eye. Winnie the Pooh Cotbed-Vintage £20 from £280.

Not too sure if a glitch or genuine reduction as it is a pre-order with excpected stock date 1/1/14.

May be worth a punt?
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Forget to add, £2.95 delivery!
Ordered, fingers crossed!!
Bargain. Stock expected 1st Jan, so plenty of time for them to correct the price though.
OMG THIS IS SO HOT IF YOU HAVE A BABY sorry caps lock have just gone through check out ready to pay and charging £22.95 with delivery , won't have it till Jan 2014
wow, fantastic deal, ordered for my grandchild on the way
HOPEFULLY this is a genuine offer!!! Not ordered myself as my 9 week old is already in a cotbed, shame this wasn't 6 months ago, I would have definitely had a stab at ordering!
will def be cancelled now it's posted on here....!!
It may be a deposit as it said pre - order I hope you get your bargains
very hot, got to be a glitch, ordered one anyway. Thanks
Heat added and ordered too! Absolute bargain if they honour it!!

Thanks OP.
Don't need it but I've ordered one, more out of curiosity than anything to see if they deliver! Fortunately I've 3 pregnant friends at the minute so I'm sure it'll find a home.
This is a fantastic price!
Worth a try, thank you
Worth a shot - ordered thanks. Fingers crossed!
5% Quidco too!
where can i find it?

It may be a deposit as it said pre - order I hope you get your bargains

Well that's what I originally thought, but shows discount of £260 & last review is 2 years ago so who knows
Hot ! Wish I needed one (_;)
Ordered 3 and got free delivery!!! HOTTTT
Ordered mine, hopefully it'll come. don't need it for the cos but toddler bed will come in useful
Heat !
Wow, great find

thank you op
Ordered 3 and got free delivery!!! HOTTTT
It's definitely worth a shot at this price. Thanks, ordered. I don't think the price is for a deposit as it clearly states the previous price was £280.
What a steal!


Ordered ! Thanks
Figure it's save £20 now £260 and someone's in trouble Nice spot silkymolo-thanks for posting!
ordered, give it a go eh.. nothing else to do on a friday cheers op
Amazing price! I don't really need one but heat added
Got one too thanks
I ordered one hopefully they'll honour it even though people are bulk buying!
Heat ordered one for my daughter
Amazing price if true...seems to be on pre order now for delivery after 1/1/2014...good luck to everyone sorely tempted but dont think we are going to need another one...would be a nice gift for expecting parents though

where can i find it?

click where it says get deal at the top under the picture
Unbelievable find... I wish I could add more heat! Pity I already have my cotbed ordered as this is amazing!!
Ordered as well, ty
Great find.
ordered lol, thanks xx
already have a cot, but so cheap. do i need one.. hmm
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