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AfterShokz Aeropex Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones £114.99 @ Winstanleys Bikes
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Posted 19th JulPosted 19th Jul
AfterShokz Aeropex Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones £114.99 @ Winstanleys Bikes£114.99£148.9523% Free P&P Free
Here's a good review These earphones let you 'multi-task' with your ears, allowing you to remain aware of your surroundings while you listen to music/podcasts etc. They're also w… Read more

These are back again at -21% £118.99 Just ordered myself some, Seems they do not support APT-X LL so they won't be acceptable for things requiring low latency but that's clearly not the intended market anyway, Cheers. :)


Sadly no dice (skeptical)


Thanks will give it a go! Thier phone lines are shut but have emailed so fingers crossed (y)


Just have to keep checking I think, I checked randomly and it happened to have dropped. Ordered last night, shipped this morning. Might be worth calling them.


Am I just unlucky but can't see it ?

Aftershokz-xtrainerz-wireless-bone-conduction-headphones £118.96 from Winstanleys Bikes
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Posted 7th MayPosted 7th May
Aftershokz-xtrainerz-wireless-bone-conduction-headphones £118.96 from Winstanleys Bikes£118.96 Free P&P Free
Back in stock at Winstanleys and at a great price for these headphones - most places are selling at RRP of £139.95. Widely regarded as one of the best swimming headphones on the m… Read more

These ones are mainly for swimmers, if you don't intend swimming then the other options are probably better for you. These won't link to Bluetooth but have 4gb memory for putting songs on. Depends on people's budget, I've got the Aeropex, they are the most expensive ones but although a lot of money, I don't regret buying - better battery, lighter, sound improvement and IP67. Great for running and maintaining awareness of surroundings, plus don't slip or cause that heavy thud noise in my ear like buds did! I got them direct from Aftershokz using EA20 for 20% off, still works and can be used on all their products. Can't really comment on the other ones that are cheaper, but have a look at them all to check the differences and see the reviews.


Go via Aftershokz official site, use code EA20 and it'll take you to £111.96 for these. Can't post it as a deal as Aftershokz don't have enough Trustpilot reviews apparently


Listening out for the door whilst watching a cheeky five minutes of xhamster on your phone?


Could do with a pair of these for a very specific reason but no way in the world I would pay anywhere near even half this amount


Hi, I’m assuming there are some differences between the two models, sorry I haven’t fully investigated but keen but more likely budget for the 70 quid versions and not sure what paying the extra would get me, cheers

Giant Contact Switch Dropper Seatpost £89.99 @ Winstanley Bikes
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Posted 23rd AprPosted 23rd Apr
Giant Contact Switch Dropper Seatpost £89.99 @ Winstanley Bikes£89.99
Material: Aluminium Length: 350mm / 395mm / 440mm Travel: 100mm / 125mm / 150mm Respectively Fit: 30.9mm internal cable route only Weight: 580g (440mm) excluding remote and cable F… Read more
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Yeah very lucky. I've got nothing too close. Some small trails and downhill sections about 10 or 15 miles away so it's a bit of a round trip just getting there and back unfortunately so I've been on the road cycling which ain't ideal on my bike but better than nothing, roads are quiet at least.


I've Been out every day, but I'm super lucky with location.


All this talk about droppers, anyone else desperate to go and smash the trails and downhills? I am itching to get out for a day, is even more of a killer as we've had the best weather for ages and can't take advantage.


Mine came with 2 levers, I have 2 gear levers so I had to use vertical type. The shifter type came with it but Ive never used it.


It's how the dropper lever is mounted on the bars 2x you have a front gear shifter. 1x you don't have a front gear shifter.

Kids Frog bikes 15% off @ Winstanleys
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Posted 22nd AprPosted 22nd Apr
Kids Frog bikes 15% off @ Winstanleys£289
E.g. Frog 62 for £289.00 ---- did a quick search and all the frog sizes seem to be 15% off. The Wiggins Chartr… Read more
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If you email the customer services manager Stephanie Lowe - you can bypass the queue ! I now have a despatched bike for delivery!!!


I'm going to have to do the same as no reply to my emails and they don't answer phones. Bought for daughters birthday tomorrow but no sign of it.


Agree, that's unacceptable, just pointing out that delays to order fulfilment are common at the moment with bike shops


Quick to take the £ though 4 weeks and no response to an email? Not acceptable and going for chargeback via credit card.


Every bike shop is under pressure as so many people are ordering bikes.

Oakley Holbrook Metal Polarised Sunglasses Half price e.g Holbrook Metal Polarised Sunglasses £92.50 @ Winstanleys bikes
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Posted 31st MarPosted 31st Mar
Oakley Holbrook Metal Polarised Sunglasses Half price e.g Holbrook Metal Polarised Sunglasses £92.50 @ Winstanleys bikes£92.50£18550% Free P&P Free
A very good price for these. Other sunglasses in the link, most of them are not polarised but quality product.

I have the prism version. Not the best in optics, but by far the comfiest pair i have. I wear them alot

Genesis Tour De Fer 20 2020 Bike £1099 @ Winstanley Bikes
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Posted 19th MarPosted 19th Mar
Genesis Tour De Fer 20 2020 Bike £1099 @ Winstanley Bikes£1,099
Well regarded flat handle bar touring bike, RRP is £1500 and still at this price at many places, but reduced by 27% @ Winstanleys Bikes. Good spec which includes a dynamo hub.
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Yeah, Deore is pretty much the sweet spot for weight/function/reliability/Price. Factory fitted guards and racks will fit well and having a dynamo so your lights are always "charged" is a real boon. Touring tyres will err on the side of puncture resistance too. Only other thing I'd add would be some RAW mudguard flaps (mudguards never seem to go low enough) and have some USB rechargable "flashing" lights for additional visibility. (y)


So, this would be fitting for a low maintenance commuter then?


Of course this Genesis bike would be better, but my T3 is in fine form currently and so far at least it's been perfectly adequate for touring in the UK. The front forks are actually carbon, but they've been designed for front panniers and have made a good addition to my setup vs the ones that came with it :)


My Croix de Fer was solid. This is quite a bit of bike for the money. Hot


Decathlon bikes are probably the least ideal bikes for touring as they have the lowest weight limits of any major brand but there are lots of variables and of course luck. Most Triban bikes are rated to a total load of 100kg including the bike weight itself. Pretty much any bike can be used for touring, I remember reading of someone using a original Bickerton folding bike which I believe have very low weight limits for touring and they got away with it. If you are making a sensible informed purchase for a bike for touring then its good advice to check the total load rating of the bike so you don't risk the frame or more importantly forks failing while riding. Decathlon have probably had more frame recalls than any major brand, I think they had 4 years of one bike recalled because of collapsing frames and another bike had frame failures in their larger frames only, larger frames typically being used by heavier riders and larger frames typically can be weaker than smaller frames because of the longer lengths of tubing. I've seen touring advice stated that if you don't do anything else you make sure your forks are steel to pretty much eliminate the risk of your forks collapsing and at least some warning before they do. The bible for bike touring advice is this; Of course one person's touring can be very different to anothers, one might be travelling the world on poor quality roads and another may be very occasional light touring on good quality roads. There is no doubt in my mind that this Genesis will be a far superior touring bike than a typical Decathlon/Btwin/Triban bike for most people for longer distance more exotic touring.

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AfterShokz XTrainerz Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones £118.96 @ Winstanleys Bikes
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Posted 5th MarPosted 5th Mar
AfterShokz XTrainerz Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones £118.96 @ Winstanleys Bikes£118.96£139.9515%
These are back in stock at the lowest online price available. Ordered mine today. Non Bluetooth - Built in MP3 storage only The AfterShokz XTrainerz waterproof bone conduction he… Read more
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Runners/cyclists not planning on submerging them can get a similar pair for half the price: I've never used a pair but I've always wondered how they sound. Good, or merely tolerable?


Ah that would make much more sense...


Here is a comparison: they come top of the pile but are also a lot more expensive that some of the competition. Voted hot as its a good reduction in price.


That's the reason why I bought them.


These are designed for swimming. Different devices really.

AfterShokz XTrainerz Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones £118.96 at winstanleys bikes
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Posted 23rd FebPosted 23rd Feb
AfterShokz XTrainerz Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones £118.96 at winstanleys bikes£118.96£139.9515%
The AfterShokz XTrainerz waterproof bone conduction headphones are suitable for many activities but are predominantly intended for water training. With the ability to submerge up … Read more
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cool story bro :D (y) ;)


Back to full price I'm afraid. I spent too long trying to decide if I would regret not going for one of the Bluetooth models. Hopefully they bring one out with both Bluetooth and onboard storage.


I'm not a swimmer so I don't know what it is like swimming with music. I do run though and have a pair of titanium and aeropex. I think these are a great bits of kit so I don't see why these would be any different.


You need the mp3 with these. The charger doubles as a data transfer cable and you copy the mp3s across as you would a usb stick.


I use the older titaniums but use my watch rather than phone for music. That said on longer night runs I do take a phone, just in case I run into problems.

AfterShokz Aeropex Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones £118.99 at winstanleys bikes
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Posted 20th JanPosted 20th Jan
AfterShokz Aeropex Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones £118.99 at winstanleys bikes£118.99£14015%
The AfterShokz Aeropex introduces in a new generation of bone conduction headphone technology. Now featuring PremiumPitch 2.0+ technology for dynamic bass and high volume without d… Read more

I can't live without them. So vital for spatial awareness when out and about running. Even more vital for listening to what my kids are up too (lol) Also have to say that for me, comfort wise there's nothing that comes close, especially on long runs.


Bone... conduction? Zat safe!?


Got these for Christmas, love them, took a bit of getting used to with the vibration but I don't notice it now when I'm running, use them all the time now, great headphones for running


I have these. I use them for running and I understand what you mean about the vibration. But when I’m running I don’t feel that. I bought mine mainly for my local park run on a Saturday morning. They’re fine really. Not the best sound but for some races these are the only ones that you’re allowed to wear.


Tried these in Costco the other day. Was hopeful they'd be good but they vibrate in a really uncomfortable way against your bones. Too irritating to wear for more than a minute.

Aftershokz Trekz Titanium Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones £53.99 delivered @ Winstanleys Bikes
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Posted 25th Dec 2019Posted 25th Dec 2019
Aftershokz Trekz Titanium Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones £53.99 delivered @ Winstanleys Bikes£53.99
Red, Blue and Grey colours available. The next generation of bone conduction technology is what’s inside our lightest and most organically designed open ear headphones to date. We… Read more

They're good for bone conduction headphones, not great for headphones though. If you need something so you can still hear the road around you etc you haven't got much options - bone conduction or speaker, I'd go with bone conduction over speaker. You wouldn't want to wear these in public (Train/Gym etc) due to noise leakage.


Any good those who bought?


The Airs are meant to be far superior to the Titanium variant and can be had for about 70 these days. Not that much more really, of you're already thinking of spending 54 on this set.


I just went ahead and ordered the titanium’s.


Reviews suggest the Air is a little more comfortable and sounds better. Achilles Heel's shop is only about half a mile from where I live so I might go n have a look at a pair.

AfterShokz Aeropex Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones £118.99 @ winstanleys bikes
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Posted 6th Dec 2019Posted 6th Dec 2019
AfterShokz Aeropex Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones £118.99 @ winstanleys bikes£118.99
The AfterShokz Aeropex introduces in a new generation of bone conduction headphone technology. Now featuring PremiumPitch 2.0+ technology for dynamic bass and high volume without d… Read more

Heat added, just bought a pair almost a month after this was posted! All colirs available at this price still too


This is a good deal. Cheapest around. Heat added.


I have the titaniums for listening to podcasts on my cycle to work. Was considering these as a bit of an upgrade but I'm not too sure


Because of the isolation most iem/buds provide. Even with nothing playing its still difficult to hear when cycling. Bought the titanium at costco for I think 66quud and wouldn't look back they're aqesome


why not just turn the volume down on earbuds etc if you want to hear the environment too.

Aftershokz Aeroplex bone conducting headphones at Winstanley Bikes for £129.99
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Posted 17th Nov 2019Posted 17th Nov 2019
Aftershokz Aeroplex bone conducting headphones at Winstanley Bikes for £129.99£129.99£149.9513%
These are the newest model.... Less vibration and noise loss and magnetic charging First reduction I've seen on them so far. I'm sure they will drop again but it's when, is the q… Read more
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aka no affiliate £ for HUKD.


Could not find order email but have delivery confirmation from a firm called Maxiiim Ltd via dpd. Another 500 10am 27th


I think it may have been just a publicity stunt. Maybe they didn't give out any reduced price sets.


I did but didn't find it until this morning, it went straight to my junk folder


I ordered at ~11.30pm but haven't yet had an email confirmation. I'm not entirely sure why this midnight sale started before midnight so I'm half expecting my order not to be fulfilled.

AfterShokz Aeropex Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones £129.99 at Winstanleys Bikes
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Posted 14th Oct 2019Posted 14th Oct 2019
AfterShokz Aeropex Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones £129.99 at Winstanleys Bikes£129.99£15013%
The latest version of the best bone conduction earphones on the market today. Not found a better price for this and this is a reputable (bike) shop. Still £150 from Aftershokz dire… Read more

For those still watching this, mine turned up this week and I've now been able to give a few hours use of them, albeit around the house. Few observations: They are a long, long way from my other headphones (e.g. WH-1000XM2), or even cheap in-ear bluetooth, in terms of audio quality for music. That said, at low volume for background use, they are quite acceptable and it's been really nice to have music on in the background while still being able to interact with the family. At high volume, the vibration takes a bit of getting used to and noise leakage is noticeable. I've tended to knock the volume back a bit from this point to avoid the discomfort and external noise. For audiobook playback, they are absolutely fine and very pleasant to listen to. At the moment, I prefer using them over any other headphones for this use. Not sure what codec they are using, but for video playback on Android they are too laggy for my own use and I won't use them for this. Not tried on the bike yet - will be interesting to see how they go!


I’ve just bought these now for £129.99. These keep going in and out of this offer. The price has been all over the place in the last 24hrs. They seem to be £129.99 late evening then go full price in the morning then £139.99 late afternoon. God knows what they are playing at.


There are a few in-ear wireless buds that now have an ambient noise feature. At the touch of a button, you can choose to hear your surroundings, or block out all noise. I have Jabra elite 65t which do this and I find it really good for running - you can hear traffic if you want to - or people speaking or whatever, or block it out (they have good noise isolation as they fit in your ear canal). Seems like the best of both worlds. For example, at a park run, I click a button to hear the race directors instructions, then when it's time to go I click the button again and block out the noise and play my music. Though I should add that these type of in-ear buds are also currently restricted in races where only aftershokz are allowed.


They have Aftershockz at Costco, when they last had them they were the cheapest around didnt notice the price this time. If your in Costco soon it may be worth waiting.


I did contact them asking how long the warranty was and asking about the split but they just replied with the warranty is 2 years. Not sure if the glue will hold I rarely use them tbh.

Roux Vercors C9 Bike - Carbon Frame 105 Groupset - £499.99 delivered @ Winstanleys Bikes
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Posted 28th Aug 2019Posted 28th Aug 2019
Roux Vercors C9 Bike - Carbon Frame 105 Groupset - £499.99 delivered @ Winstanleys Bikes£499.99
Great specs for the price. Frame: Carbon monocoque U.D with 3k finish Fork: Carbon with taper carbon steerer Shifters: Shimano 105 20sp STI Rear Gear: Shimano 105 Wheelset:… Read more
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It does depend on the type of riding you do. My summer road bike is normally 11-28 and the gravel bike is 11-32 and I find the wider gearing on the gravel bike to be surprisingly annoying when riding on the road, especially with others, as my cadence inevitably falls between two gears forcing me to constantly hunt for the correct ratio. It's a small thing, but I'll always try and ride the tightest ratios that I think I can get away with on the hills. On the flip side, the 32t is lovely for winching up steep, off-road hills :-)


Personally I think wider range cassettes are better; you can always use a lower one if you want to. I don't see the value inputting undue strain through the knees though I accept if you want to race then it's a good way to help strengthen legs.


Depends where you live, I guess - in the South-East, a 34-25 will probably be OK, but here in Yorkshire, or in other hilly areas of the country, it may indeed limit the riding that you do, depending on the strength of your legs!


The cassette on this deal is 11-25, with the chainset at 50/34 it might be hard work on steep hills for new riders. I have 50/34 and 11-28 one my bike and have been doing hard rides/turbo 6 days a week for a year and I'd be walking some local hills if I didn't have the 28!


I tend to run 28s in summer and then 32-35 in winter. Tire pressure is just as important though. Most people way over inflate which makes life unbearable for big mile riding.

Haro Leucadia 2018 BMX Bike - £189.94 @ Winstanleys Bikes
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Posted 10th Jun 2019Posted 10th Jun 2019
Haro Leucadia 2018 BMX Bike - £189.94 @ Winstanleys Bikes£189.94£33042%
Really good first BMX. Haro quality at an affordable price

Excellent. Thank you!


Yup, if you can get this or similar for a good price. I would be chuffed, Haro are a quality brand.


Sorry, can I pick your bmx brain a bit more please. My boy currently goes to the local indoor skate park with his scooter but is desperate to get into bmx’ing. Is this a decent starter bike for skate parks?


Thanks mate...good info


20" is the wheel size on most BMX, the frames are all the same roughly speaking but with slight length difference and then smaller/bigger bars. BMX tend to be in Micro/Mini, Junior and Expert etc depending on the brand. Mini are for smaller kids, Junior for 7-8 and Expert for older. We have kids of 6-7 riding 20" BMX at the club, they are all fine.

Aftershokz Trekz Air wireless Bluetooth headphones at Winstanley Bikes for £99.99
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Posted 29th Dec 2018Posted 29th Dec 2018
Aftershokz Trekz Air wireless Bluetooth headphones at Winstanley Bikes for £99.99£99.99
Great headphones for jogging / cycling etc. As the use bone conduction rather than blocking your ear, they allow you to safely listen to music while maintaining an awareness of you… Read more
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I have a pair of Airs and I paid £125 last year for them. No regrets. I found it amusing that they put a pair of ear plugs in the box though. :)


Not the same headphones though...


The air ones are 125 on amazon, Not sure why this cold. I have a pair for about 6 months now and love them


Yes.. I'm impressed with mine ..


The airs are very comfortable even with glasses. Also they are smaller than the Costco ones

Aftershokz Trekz Air - £119.96 @ Winstanleys Bikes
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Posted 4th Sep 2018Posted 4th Sep 2018
Aftershokz Trekz Air - £119.96 @ Winstanleys Bikes£119.96£149.9920%
Wireless (Bluetooth) bone conducting headphones for sports. These are the newest model, thinner and lighter than the titanium. Noise cancelling. IP55 sweatproof. 6 hour battery. Fr… Read more
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I wasn't expecting too pay £100+ for very bad quality audio! But it was a punt to see what they sounded like and I knew returning was easy enough!


Not sure what your where expecting....


Returned as they are (poo)


The discounted price is overnight


I've mainly bought these for work, so I can listen to say talk sport and still be able to communicate with people and take calls..

CycleOps Hammer Direct Drive SMART Trainer at Winstanley for £634.99
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Posted 30th Aug 2018Posted 30th Aug 2018
CycleOps Hammer Direct Drive SMART Trainer at Winstanley for £634.99£634.99
A top end Smart Turbo trainer for a fraction of its £1000 rrp. My First Deal and will probably go stone cold, I know you can buy a car for this price but its a total bargain. The … Read more
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Well, not really. Much smaller flywheel, and no cassette included. Probably some other stuff missing too. Having said that I like the Wahoo stuff. Have an Elemnt myself. They seem to be pretty good update wise.


Kickr core is out in a few weeks - £699. It’s basically the kickr 2017 version minus the £1000 price tag.


It was £634 when I posted this a couple weeks back the price looks to have gone up now. I actually bought one and well happy with it.


is 634 with the ukcycling discount? Says £769 for me


Peeps would you recommend this over the wahoo kickr?

Giant SLR 1 42mm Carbon Wheels on sale - £629.98 (pre-order) @ Winstanleys Bikes
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Posted 16th Aug 2018Posted 16th Aug 2018
Giant SLR 1 42mm Carbon Wheels on sale - £629.98 (pre-order) @ Winstanleys Bikes£629.98
Winstanleys have some great reductions on the Giant SLR 1 wheelsets at the moment, i was looking for a good set of all round wheels and managed to get the SLR 1 42mm front and back… Read more

Got all excited at "wheels". Very misleading.


You raise a valid point


What he said!!


I think you should make it clear this is the price for the front wheel only. The title says “wheels” and you talk about wheelsets, but this is just one.

Up to 30% off great eMTBs @ winstanleysbikes
Posted 2nd Aug 2018Posted 2nd Aug 2018
Up to 30% off great eMTBs @ winstanleysbikes£2,100£3,00030% - This bike/ bike parts seller has good reviews (9.3/10) and many reviews say they have great customer service Very go… Read more
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Is that including air drag? Without calculating it you have a massive over- estimate of power gained, as your model assumes the regen braking will be so strong that you are going 5mph downhill (where air resistance is a small factor), but in mountain biking you would be going alot faster, probably averaging at least 15mph (where air resistance is a huge factor)


I did the maths and you're right, like assuming a vertical hill 1km high and a 100kg bike + rider combo, reasonable efficiency, you spend about 400Wh going up but gain 130Wh going down with regen braking on. Not bad at all. The trick is you need a hub gear motor and extra power circuitry for regen braking so the resulting bike will be heavier, not enough to make it not worthwhile but a heavier bike with more unsprung mass will be less pleasant to ride.


Regenerative braking or some kind of dynamo would probably add a decent amount of energy for a mountain bike being used up and down hills. You'd also lose more energy going up steep hills so the 108 mile range would be reduced.


To be fair, for off-road riding that's still a respectable distance. Or, to put it another way, you'd be a sweaty mess after that distance offroad with a regular bike :-)


If you are lightweight, fit, on the flat, no or wind behind you, tyres at 70 psi, on the lowest assist setting. Otherwise expect about 40 to 70 miles