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Haro Leucadia 2018 BMX Bike - £189.94 @ Winstanleys Bikes
Posted 10th JunPosted 10th Jun
Really good first BMX. Haro quality at an affordable price

Realise this was posted a while back but deal is still on, what height person would this be suitable for?


I started smiling until I read on. :(


You’re never too old! I’m 45 and coach kids on BMX at the weekends. Us old boys still ride, it just hurts a lot when you come off! XD


Of course you can, what's your day job? - scaring old ladies on the pavement, or shoplifting from the local Sainsbury's?


you could, its a unisex bike. But bmx's are kinda small and you don't get to straighten your legs so if its a long commute it starts to kill your knees after a few years, on a more positive note you can hop up and down pavements with ease and really aggravate drivers by foot planting their bonnets... I'd not recommend if there's big hills - no gears.

Aftershokz Trekz Air wireless Bluetooth headphones at Winstanley Bikes for £99.99
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Posted 29th Dec 2018Posted 29th Dec 2018
Aftershokz Trekz Air wireless Bluetooth headphones at Winstanley Bikes for £99.99
Great headphones for jogging / cycling etc. As the use bone conduction rather than blocking your ear, they allow you to safely listen to music while maintaining an awareness of you… Read more
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I have a pair of Airs and I paid £125 last year for them. No regrets. I found it amusing that they put a pair of ear plugs in the box though. :)


Not the same headphones though...


The air ones are 125 on amazon, Not sure why this cold. I have a pair for about 6 months now and love them


Yes.. I'm impressed with mine ..


The airs are very comfortable even with glasses. Also they are smaller than the Costco ones

Aftershokz Trekz Air - £119.96 @ Winstanleys Bikes
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Posted 4th Sep 2018Posted 4th Sep 2018
Aftershokz Trekz Air - £119.96 @ Winstanleys Bikes
Wireless (Bluetooth) bone conducting headphones for sports. These are the newest model, thinner and lighter than the titanium. Noise cancelling. IP55 sweatproof. 6 hour battery. Fr… Read more
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I wasn't expecting too pay £100+ for very bad quality audio! But it was a punt to see what they sounded like and I knew returning was easy enough!


Not sure what your where expecting....


Returned as they are (poo)


The discounted price is overnight


I've mainly bought these for work, so I can listen to say talk sport and still be able to communicate with people and take calls..

CycleOps Hammer Direct Drive SMART Trainer at Winstanley for £634.99
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Posted 30th Aug 2018Posted 30th Aug 2018
CycleOps Hammer Direct Drive SMART Trainer at Winstanley for £634.99
A top end Smart Turbo trainer for a fraction of its £1000 rrp. My First Deal and will probably go stone cold, I know you can buy a car for this price but its a total bargain. The … Read more
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Well, not really. Much smaller flywheel, and no cassette included. Probably some other stuff missing too. Having said that I like the Wahoo stuff. Have an Elemnt myself. They seem to be pretty good update wise.


Kickr core is out in a few weeks - £699. It’s basically the kickr 2017 version minus the £1000 price tag.


It was £634 when I posted this a couple weeks back the price looks to have gone up now. I actually bought one and well happy with it.


is 634 with the ukcycling discount? Says £769 for me


Peeps would you recommend this over the wahoo kickr?

Giant SLR 1 42mm Carbon Wheels on sale - £629.98 (pre-order) @ Winstanleys Bikes
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Posted 16th Aug 2018Posted 16th Aug 2018
Giant SLR 1 42mm Carbon Wheels on sale - £629.98 (pre-order) @ Winstanleys Bikes
Winstanleys have some great reductions on the Giant SLR 1 wheelsets at the moment, i was looking for a good set of all round wheels and managed to get the SLR 1 42mm front and back… Read more

Got all excited at "wheels". Very misleading.


You raise a valid point


What he said!!


I think you should make it clear this is the price for the front wheel only. The title says “wheels” and you talk about wheelsets, but this is just one.

Up to 30% off great eMTBs @ winstanleysbikes
Posted 2nd Aug 2018Posted 2nd Aug 2018
Up to 30% off great eMTBs @ winstanleysbikes
£2,100£3,00030% - This bike/ bike parts seller has good reviews (9.3/10) and many reviews say they have great customer service Very go… Read more
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Is that including air drag? Without calculating it you have a massive over- estimate of power gained, as your model assumes the regen braking will be so strong that you are going 5mph downhill (where air resistance is a small factor), but in mountain biking you would be going alot faster, probably averaging at least 15mph (where air resistance is a huge factor)


I did the maths and you're right, like assuming a vertical hill 1km high and a 100kg bike + rider combo, reasonable efficiency, you spend about 400Wh going up but gain 130Wh going down with regen braking on. Not bad at all. The trick is you need a hub gear motor and extra power circuitry for regen braking so the resulting bike will be heavier, not enough to make it not worthwhile but a heavier bike with more unsprung mass will be less pleasant to ride.


Regenerative braking or some kind of dynamo would probably add a decent amount of energy for a mountain bike being used up and down hills. You'd also lose more energy going up steep hills so the 108 mile range would be reduced.


To be fair, for off-road riding that's still a respectable distance. Or, to put it another way, you'd be a sweaty mess after that distance offroad with a regular bike :-)


If you are lightweight, fit, on the flat, no or wind behind you, tyres at 70 psi, on the lowest assist setting. Otherwise expect about 40 to 70 miles

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Oxford Aqua V 12 Waterproof Visibility Rucksack, Orange, Black, Fluorescent Yellow Or White (12 Litres), £22.99 + £2.99 P&P = £25.98 Delivered @ Winstanleys Bikes
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Posted 12th Jul 2018Posted 12th Jul 2018
Oxford Aqua V 12 Waterproof Visibility Rucksack, Orange, Black, Fluorescent Yellow Or White (12 Litres), £22.99 + £2.99 P&P = £25.98 Delivered @ Winstanleys Bikes
Boyf is looking for motorcycle trousers, and a backpack, found this older thread from May on HUKD - it was on pre-order a while ago. Seems it's back in stock. The Aqua V 12 is … Read more
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I’m glad it’s waterproof! Wouldn’t water getting into my water.


Fluorescent Yellow is on Pre-order now, but the other colours are still available :)


Much more space than that. Can take my boots and uniform. Great bag.


Or fill it with water and stay hydrated all day long :D


12 litres of luggage? That's a pair of trousers and maybe a shirts squashed together

Oxford Aqua V 12 Waterproof Visibility Motorcycle Rucksack £25.98 delivered - Winstanleys Bikes
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Posted 8th May 2018Posted 8th May 2018
Oxford Aqua V 12 Waterproof Visibility Motorcycle Rucksack £25.98 delivered - Winstanleys Bikes
The Aqua V 12 is a fully waterproof, high visibility cycling rucksack with roll top closure and padded back panels. Designed to keep your luggage clean and dry, even in the wettest… Read more
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These are great bags. I'd say the V12 is big enough for a small laptop, towel and clothes.......if you are including shoes then I'd say the V20 is better. have them in stock, a little bit more expensive at £29.99 including free delivery


Is it large enough for a laptop towel and some clothes? Cheers


I have the smallest bag in orange and it's awesome, very well made.


Also have 20L version at reduced price and in stock:


Oos pre order only with no date!

Garmin Fenix 3 GPS Watch performer bundle including heart rate chest strap £245.99 @ Winstanley Bikes
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Posted 20th Mar 2018Posted 20th Mar 2018
Garmin Fenix 3 GPS Watch performer bundle including heart rate chest strap £245.99 @ Winstanley Bikes
Great deal on this superb watch by Garmin by a reputable seller. Currently on Amazon for £400
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My forerunner strap needs replacing, have you found anything reasonably priced and decent quality?




This device is no longer receiving major updates. I personally wouldn't buy it, but each to their own. Decent enough price.




Yep, good price. Helps if you like red watch straps! Replacements from sub £10 (lower quality knock off) to £25+ for Garmin one.

Roux Vecors R7 Road bike Claris 2400 £299.98 @ Winstanley 50% off
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Posted 21st Feb 2018Posted 21st Feb 2018
Roux Vecors R7 Road bike Claris 2400 £299.98 @ Winstanley 50% off
User Whitebook ask section queried the Triban 100 for thoughts and had a nosey about what was available. Pointed him to decathlons 500se if he was tall, Merlins PR7 if short, th… Read more

Btw had a chance to take a closer look at that vitus - that is a nice bike at a good price - on par with the more pricey Fuji that has been posted today. The spyre brakes get mixed reports but are certainly one of the better mechanicals - myself I like the modulation I can feel under hydraulic though but adds weight. Plenty of bikers that would swear by rim brakes (cheaper) with good pads.


I appreciate that it's slightly out of scope for this thread, but I always recommend that anyone who is remotely mechanically savvy should at least consider buying used when it comes to bikes, especially if you are looking at something half decent. Bikes depreciate terrifyingly and where the original buyer will curse, the used buyer can rejoice in the glory of a bargain bicycle. Obviously, there are risks and pitfalls and I'm not recommending it for everyone, but if you know what you're doing, your money will go a lot, lot further and you'll end up with a far better steed to enjoy.


I would say it'd probably be fine. I'm 6'0'' and most 56cm frames are great for me so a 55 wouldn't be much different. Better to go small and put a longer stem on if necessary than the other way. On an entry level bike, most people are better going for the comfort of a shorter reach than a stretched out aero position that will do their back in on longer rides.


This is the chart for road bikes given from Evans cycles, albeit you could see if a cycle republic has an R8 in sizes you think and see how those feel which should be a fair comparision:


Hi. I am short 5 feet 5'.... Does 52 CM suit my height? Thanks.

Giant Escape 3 2014  21" Bike £209.29 @ Winstanleys bikes
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Posted 19th Feb 2018Posted 19th Feb 2018
Giant Escape 3 2014 21" Bike £209.29 @ Winstanleys bikes
RRP £298.99. / 21" Built with an ALUXX aluminium frame and a wide range of easy-to-operate gearing, Escape is a fun, efficient way to leave your daily stresses behind. Its smooth-… Read more
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Need to point out too that Halford's given weights have a history on inaccuracy I've seen people report much lower weights that stated. Bikes vary a bit by frame size too. It's very hard to make any decisive points about the weights of their bikes same as the spec. The same subway has steel forks mentioned on the main description and aluminium on the spec section. I tend to take a magnet with me if bike shopping just so I can see where the steel and aluminium is which is often a lot more revealing than what the salesman says. My issue with bikes is the average weight of a man in the UK is about 82kg and some bikes like btwin only just cater for that average weight. As a heavy rider I tend to point this out especially when you read people getting back to cycling over 100kg and a btwin bike is recommended which is extremely dangerous. A carbon fork often has a warranty of 1 or 2 years where as steel can be lifetime. I tend to think that while you are above 85-90kg you should focus on a strong bike and below that you can enjoy a faster lighter bike like many of btwin's brilliant bikes around the £500 mark. The Giant and the Carrera Axle to me have low grade low quality drivetrains which I would always recommend to avoid however while passable for a road bike should never be fitted to a mountain bike. I don't like such drivetrains on BSO's or any other bike to be honest. Many years ago won an auction on ebay for a nearly new Kona Lanai (2004 model I think) it cost £300-330 instore but I paid something like £140 including delivery, I was 18 stone at the time. Many people had recommended the Kona even their entry level bikes and reviews were good. When I got the bike I was surprised just how terrible it was, at first I thought the components had been switched out to lower quality parts but no on checking everything was stock. Freewheel wobble, terrible forks, clicking bottom bracket, everything was just basic and low end. In fact sub £100 bikes had better components in a few places. The only thing that set it apart from similar bikes half its normal price was the rear derailleur being Altus. The rear wheel threads were so poorly machined that freewheel wobble was excessive and getting the gears to work properly was adjusting to very fine tolerances. The frame was generic and poor. I later learned that most big brands produce junk bikes at entry level purely to soak up consumers who stupidly buy by brand rather than product and I was one although paid a fair price for what I got but was expecting a bargain. At least with the Giant I suspect you will be getting a very decent frame not the case with the Lanai. Still today I see many big brands selling junk bikes for £300-400 with BSO components as mountain bikes. The same money will buy a decent entry level mountain bike at Halfords and Btwin. I was going to say Go Outdoors too but they don't seem to have any decent entry level bikes in their Calibre mountain bike range currently, they did a year or so ago.


Yep I know they are hence why I said can you imagine what it would weigh with hydraulics and suspension when the given approximate weight is 14.9kg for the subway 1. Lots of probabilities and lots of other things albeit struggle to see anything other than whimiscal notions in relevance to this cheap relatively light weight good value hybrid commuter bike beyond somebody being of a heavier set it may not be suitable. Not that I don' think you have some valid points just the majority, imo, may be suited to other more apt posts than this one, and unlike on steel vs carbon where we both clearly have opposite views I thought I'd join you on this one. Hope you didn't mind.


Front suspension shocks are normally heavier than rigid forks by some margin so there should be some weight saving with the subway but it depends on other parts. They aren't in the same price bracket as I pointed out but represent a similar configuration. Probably btwin have something to match the Giant although the frame will be likely much weaker and definitely lower rider weight limits.


Cycle republic (the dedicated bike subsidiary of Halfords) gives its approximate weight at 14.9 kg: Otherwise yes I am agreeing with you that it really isn't a hybrid other than in label and really should not be compared to a hybrid like the OP has posted for someone seeking a hybrid per say. That extra weight would though generate extra exercise.As for the Voodoo or Boardman they also are not quite in this price bracket when I last checked?


The Subway is a basically a rigid mountain bike, reinforced thicker frame, 27.5" wheels and all the stronger parts you expect of such a bike it only shaves off about 1kg against a hardtail mountain bike of similar components and price due to having rigid forks. Halfords call it a hybrid but it takes absolutely nothing from a road bike. You can pretty much see how it compares in weight just by looking at the similar equipped Carrera mountain bikes although saying that Halfords only give very approximate weights so actually you can't see the weight difference but it will be around 1kg I believe probably a bit less. The Subway 1 is sub 14kg and something like the Valour well over. Valour has V brakes instead of disc but similar apart from that. The Giant bike should be significantly lighter than Subway. The equivalent in the Halfords range is probably in the Voodoo or Boardman models but I don't think either range has any low end tourney drivetrain models like the Giant.

Bell Super 3R £139.99 @ Winstanley Bikes
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Posted 15th Aug 2017Posted 15th Aug 2017
Bell Super 3R £139.99 @ Winstanley Bikes
RRP is £199 - most retailers selling at £169.99. Absolute steel at £139.99 from Winstanley.

Hey, sorry if I came across that way - wasnt meaning to come across as defensive at all. Was just that when I went to check they had none of them in stock and didnt want to get peoples hopes up to find they then couldnt purchase was all.


Eh? Merlin are in stock of 2 of 5 colours in all sizes, fair comment if the colour you're after happens to be available...don't get so defensive


Yea Merlin have only a few colours and are entirely out of stock, winstanleysbikes has most in stock hence I posted them and not merlin :)


Also £10 cheaper at Merlin, though only a couple of colours


So this is selling for more than the RRP....? How is that a deal....? EDIT: The RRP is £199 not £119! :)

Park Tools Home Mechanic Repair Stand PCS-10 at Winstanley for £116.34
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Posted 10th Jun 2017Posted 10th Jun 2017
Park Tools Home Mechanic Repair Stand PCS-10 at Winstanley for £116.34
Searched all over and cannot find this cheaper anywhere. Beats the most popular stores, i.e. ChainReactionCycles, EvanCycles, Wiggle, etc... -=Details=- The Park Home Mechanic R… Read more
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​I honestly cannot understand your comment... But I'm glad that you agree


Turn your bike upside down old school :3


I think you mean that park tools are the most over prices standard in bike tools, and their is better as most bike mechanic don't use park tools.


Park Tools are pretty much the gold standard in bike tools!


More like comparing a Aston Martin Cygnet to a Toyota IQ same car underneath but different bits

CycleOps Magnus Smart Turbo Trainer £374.99 @ winstanleys bikes
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Posted 30th May 2017Posted 30th May 2017
CycleOps Magnus Smart Turbo Trainer £374.99 @ winstanleys bikes
A bit of a bargain, be quick as winstanleys prices seem to fluctuate or they don't have much stock as I found with some oakleys recently. Only released towards the end of last year… Read more
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Is this model fully supported for Zwift 2-way ?


At 1500W, does the rear tyre not slip? With my current set up, anything above the difficulty 4/5 causes the tyre to slip all the time.

Bell Super 3R MIPS 2017 Helmet - £159.99 Delivered @ Winstanley Bikes
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Posted 7th Feb 2017Posted 7th Feb 2017
Bell Super 3R MIPS 2017 Helmet - £159.99 Delivered @ Winstanley Bikes
these helmets are around £199 anywhere else at the min so grab a bargain Developed from the Super 2R, the 3R still features the removable chin bar for full adaptability to your ve… Read more

It's a good price for the one without the chin guard as well, I have the older super 2 helmet and it's been good so far. Quite adjustable, hasn't broken, camera mount is handy and it's easy to fit lights. I had the Scott mips helmet and the rear adjuster broke twice and the second time they couldn't supply a replacement which I wasn't impressed by and the helmet rib design made it more difficult to mount lights. I'm tempted to pick up a new one at this price as a spare although they all seem to be preorders?


​sounds like you need a good helmet as the sense has been knocked out of you


You chat nonsense 100% of the time...


"these helmets are around £199 anywhere else at the min so grab a bargain" Translated as this is the RRP and for just 40 notes less you can enjoy the look... MIPS is another unproven, in real world tests name that these manufacturers come up with. They are basically trying to claim that it is a new technology whilst conveniently ignoring all the helmets that they have CE certified as "safe" Pure marketing BS. The bottom line is you are wearing a bit of polystyrene / plastic that undoubtedly will reduce your injuries. If you land on it full force. The helmet debate is long and tedious from both far sides. A £160 MTB bicycle helmet getting "hot" makes me realise that I am equally wrong and right about the users of this site. HAHA!


Want one... Do I need one..? Much cheaper than chin / teeth reconstruction... SOLD!! Cheers OP!

GT GTS Elite 2014 Bike @ winstanleybikes £599.99 was £1049.99
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Posted 2nd Dec 2016Posted 2nd Dec 2016
GT GTS Elite 2014 Bike @ winstanleybikes £599.99 was £1049.99
GT GTS Elite 2014 Bike Frame: GTR alloy frame with smooth welds, hydroformed (TT,DT), full eyelets Fork: GTR Carbon 1 1/8" threadless alum steerer Cranks: FSA Gossomer Compac… Read more

not really a hot deal. was never worth that to start with.


Not worth the new asking price either! Way overpriced


Good price, but never worth the original asking price!


Good winter bike if it does have the full eyelets it mentions. Stick some SKS chromoplastics on and you're good to go. Just make sure the cup and cone hub bearings are serviced after winter.

Genesis Croix De Fer 30 hydraulic disc braked cyclocross bike - £999.99 @ Winstanleys Bikes
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Posted 15th Nov 2016Posted 15th Nov 2016
Genesis Croix De Fer 30 hydraulic disc braked cyclocross bike - £999.99 @ Winstanleys Bikes
A "cyclocross/adventure/road/gravel/touring" bike with Shimano hydraulic brakes and 105 all round. Well specced and very well made. In just under the cycle-to-work scheme limit. Th… Read more

Just bought one of these, can't believe theyre still in stock at this price. The groupset with brakes and rotors alone is nearly £600 on the best deal.


Looks like CardboardCutout has an answer for you. Does it? My friend has some raceblades, and I couldn't see why they wouldn't fit. Is it the front or back. All mudguards seem to be a pain in some way or other. I think 18-23 means for skinnier tyres I thing, but should "fit" even if not covering the tyres completely.


Thank you for taking the time to come back to me. I am very new to this biking lark, so please excuse my ignorance. No change to set up, so still have 35 mm tyres on bike. The raceblades are sks raceblade 700c 18-23. I presume I have bought to small. What size do I need?


All you need is a longer 35mm bolt and a 20mm spacer so the front stays can clear the disk brake caliper


You don't say exactly why the raceblades won't fit. Nor which tyres you have on. I am the OP, and on the 2016 CDF30 the crud products roadracer mk3 fit without issues with the original 35mm tyres. They are roughly the limit for those mudguards, and the person behind you will still get a little sidespray from the wideness of the tyres, otherwise they're pretty good with careful fitment (and super easy to remove later). I got mine from Merlin just before Christmas at 31 pounds something.

Skins TRI400 Compression Sleeveless tri top £18.20 @ Winstanley Bikes
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Posted 15th Nov 2016Posted 15th Nov 2016
Skins TRI400 Compression Sleeveless tri top £18.20 @ Winstanley Bikes
I think this is a pretty good deal for a Skins compression top - 70% off RRP and no one online seems to get close to the price. £2.99 postage or free with orders over £50 Hope it… Read more
Get out this summer with a Tandem £299.99 @ Winstanleys bikes
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Posted 22nd Jul 2016Posted 22nd Jul 2016
Get out this summer with a Tandem £299.99 @ Winstanleys bikes
Zoom Viking Companion Tandem 2013 Bike Viking Companion Tandem 2013 Bike Please note: In store collection or UK delivery only. Frame: 26” Wheel Hi-Tensile Tandem Frame Fork: … Read more

wheelie good offer


No space Orelse would have definitely bought one


Tandem bikes...for when normal bikes aren't dangerous enough (_;)


​depends who's on it.


How much does this bike weigh?

FSA RD488 Wheelset 50mm Tubular £300 delivered @ Winstanley Bikes
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Posted 4th Jun 2016Posted 4th Jun 2016
FSA RD488 Wheelset 50mm Tubular £300 delivered @ Winstanley Bikes
Could be a nice deal for someone looking for deep section tubs, though at this price I'm guessing you might be tempted to try tubs out to see what the fuss is about. Shimano 10 sp… Read more
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looking for rear mtb wheel deal if any knows of one thanks


Aero wheels don't come cheap these are a good deal. I bought these from Planet X Can't tell you how good they are, even on crosswinds they are just about right. Often Planet X have sales on these or similar, worth keeping an eye on them.