Winter Car Care Set only £2.99 @ Lidl
Winter Car Care Set only £2.99 @ Lidl

Winter Car Care Set only £2.99 @ Lidl

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First posting, so please be kind.
5 Pieces
Set contains 1 ice scraper, 500ml windscreen antifreeze, 500ml de-icer spray, 50ml lock de-icer, and 1 demister cloth
Useful in this current cold snap. On sale Thursday 14th Jan. Only available while stocks last.
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I was in Lidl's this afternoon asking for thjis sort of thing and they daid they didn't have it? When is this deal


you get the picture from right cicking the image and going to properties, image url is there

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Doesn't start until this Thursday, 14th. Will edit to include in description as welll as start date.

Thanks for image, mosskeeto.

We'll be in the middle of a heat wave by then...

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Not accordng to forecast. Icy snap will last for 2 weeks, so if they are right it might still be useful. The lock de-icer would be REALLY useful. Our central locking system doesn't work properly and we have to use the key to lock the car, but can't get it in the lock when it's frozen solid. Maybe by Thursday it will have been nicked so I won't be needing this deal!

pointless by then!

Thanks, heat and rep added.

deal starts 11/01/
be quick !!

wee tip for those whos door lock freezes, If you put your hand around the lock and blow into it. does the trick!

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I'll try that later tonight!

Bingothevandal - deal does not start on Monday. It is with the motoring deals that start on Thursday 14th. See page 7 of this weeks Lidl leaflet.

These were due to go on sale on 11/01. They were put out on sale early due to the weather. If theres none on sale when you go in they have probably sold out. Im a lidl manager and ours sold out 2day.

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Thanks for info abattoir. Will try our local Lidl tomorrow, bet they will have sold out!

lost any repect for Lidl with the Kilts sale.
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