Winter flu jab £6.95 at Jaysons pharmacy branches (Long Eaton and Wollaton)

Winter flu jab £6.95 at Jaysons pharmacy branches (Long Eaton and Wollaton)

Found 16th Oct 2013
5p cheaper than Asda or Morrisons (£6.04 cheaper than Boots!). And a free chocolate. "While stocks last," Jaysons say.

You need to book an appointment. If you're in one of the 'at risk' groups, you get this for free (arrange it with your doctor).

Had mine last week. Competently administered in a private area. It was reassuring to see they had an epipen handy in case of an anaphylactic reaction. I was given a chocolate to enjoy while I filled in the feedback form (which is principally to keep you in the pharmacy long enough to see you're okay).

Handy if you're too young to get vaccinated for free, providing you live or work near either of their pharmacies.

adam2116 has complied an excellent listing comparing the flu jab prices of the major supermarkets and pharmacy chains: link in first comment below.
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Why is this getting cold? It's £12.99 in Boots.Voted hot from me anyway.
Same price at sainsburys pharmacy

Same price at sainsburys pharmacy

Good to know. It was £9 last week in Sainsbury's, so they must be price-matching, I guess.
Hot from me ....
Bit of information for anyone considering vaccinations of any kind. Shared this info in another thread, but I believe everyone needs to see it before making the choice to vaccinate, so posting it here too:

Freedom of Information Act in the UK filed by a doctor there has revealed 30 years of secret official documents showing that government experts have:

1. Known the vaccines don’t work
2. Known they cause the diseases they are supposed to prevent
3. Known they are a hazard to children
4. Colluded to lie to the public
5. Worked to prevent safety studies

Read more:
The Vaccine Hoax is Over. Documents from UK reveal 30 Years of Coverup

List of ingredients in flu-shot:

Egg Products (including avian contaminant viruses)
Thimersol (Mercury)
Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)
Chick Embryo Cells
Polysorbate 80
Triton X100 (strong detergent)
Sucrose (table sugar)

Population control disguised as disease prevention. Please do a bit of research. Doctors make a lot of money from Big Pharma by pushing this toxic garbage on the public. It's all based on a huge lie. The human immune system fights all infections perfectly if it is not bombarded with toxic chemicals. These chemical cocktails undermine its ability to function properly. Hence vaccinated people still get the flu. I'd like to think this deal is cold because more people are waking up to the truth about this.

More info:

[image missing]

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Why is this getting cold? It's £12.99 in Boots.Voted hot from me anyway.



Three possibilities (there are others).

1. Some people know where those who have to pay for a flu jab can get it much cheaper, but they're not posting the deal, 'cos, y'know, contributing and stuff is for lusers.
2. Some people are pathologically narcissistic, and are in the 'at risk' groups. Their reasoning is, "I get this for free, so £6.95 is cold."
3. Some people are knuckle-dragging imbeciles who just like pressing the cold button. Each click gets them nearer the next HUKD Judge badge. Yay!
What jrodthealien said!
4. Some people are misinformed, propagandised and unread regarding the risk of morbidity of some vaccinations. Have you researched the risks and evidence yourself? Dr Andrew Wakefield is a hero that is not allowed a forum to defend himself. It's time to wake up.…oyk
For those who do wish to do their own research on the risks and evidence: fill your boots!

This study was one of those influential in my decision to have the flu jab every year.
If you don't have many pharmacies near you and you have to use a Tesco store, in some Tesco cashpoints you get a voucher on the bottom of your advice slip for £1 off, making it £8
There's a lot of potential harm that could be done from this thread.

If you are in a high risk group, i.e. those who may develop serious flu complications, please consider getting vaccinated. If you have any concerns, ask ask ask your doctor or healthcare professional.

4. Some people are misinformed, propagandised and unread regarding the … 4. Some people are misinformed, propagandised and unread regarding the risk of morbidity of some vaccinations. Have you researched the risks and evidence yourself? Dr Andrew Wakefield is a hero that is not allowed a forum to defend himself. It's time to wake up.

Tin foil hat time. The guy was in it for the money.

The guy was in it for the money.

This article adds some detail to that allegation.

This article adds some detail to that allegation.

It's so easy to discredit someone. Just say they were in it for the money. Works every time. It's a tactic that has been used against so many truth-speakers. Do you know who's really 'in it for the money'? The pharmaceutical industry that makes huge profits from disease. That's what it's all about (on one level). Do you really think they want healthy, disease-free people? Wrong. The industry would collapse. What they want is more disease. Just think about it.

And if the only places you get your information from are mainstream sources, then you're always going to be told what you want to hear. Never the truth. If you really want to get to the truth, then first you have to come to terms with the realisation that they do NOT care about you and do not have your best interests at heart. Only then can you begin to see the bigger agenda at play here. Or you can just bury your head in the sand, pretend that everything is fine and see where you end up. The choice is yours.
To suggest Wakefield was intending to make money suggests you have not bothered to research the facts. It appears to be uninformed and dogmatic opinion based on one sided information gathering. All the very best, hope people use their neural networks for betterment.
I'd like to share an excerpt from one book, of many, that opened my eyes to what's really going on in the world. You will not find this information in the mainstream media, that tries desperately to suppress it. Read on and you'll see why. Please compare it with what you already know, the research you've done, and then decide which seems true to you. But at least consider both angles. There is so much more but I can only fit so much in this box. If anyone would like to read more, let me know and I'll share some further info on the subject.

Big Pharma

The other front in the war on the mind and body comes from the pharmaceutical cartel, or 'Big Pharma'. The pharmaceutical and biotech industries are nothing less than legalised evil. Once again, the 'modus' is the same. These corporations (corporation singular in truth) are controlled by the same force that controls the governments and they basically get whatever they want (or at least the very limits of what the public will stand for) when it comes to laws, or lack of them. They also have their people in the drug and medical 'regulatory' agencies like the FDA in the United States which allows them to get drugs onto the market without proper testing, or against the advice of those who have done proper testing. They control the medical insurance companies and they control doctors when it comes to how they treat their patients and the drugs they prescribe. With that little lot, they have pretty much stitched up the whole system. Oh yes, and when a real doctor or other health professional challenges their manipulations and misrepresentations, they and their glove puppets in governing bodies like the British and American Medical Associations hunt their prey until they are eliminated. This happened to Guylaine Lanctot, the Canadian doctor who was targeted by Big Pharma and the Canadian Medical Association after she wrote her brilliant book called The Medical Mafia. Guylaine practiced medicine in more than twenty countries and many parts of Canada, and she began to question why the treatments and drugs were getting more and more expensive while people were getting sicker. The answer was soon clear:

I realised that different systems are totally alike. They have different names but, whether they are a capitalist system, like we have in the US, or socialised, like in France, or in between, like in Canada, the bottom line is that the medicals systems are all alike. They all serve financiers and not the people. That's the basic thing. The bottom line is that the medical systems are controlled by financiers in order to serve financiers. Since you cannot serve people unless they get sick, the whole medical system is designed to make people sicker and sicker.

Guylaine also began to investigate alternative ways of treating patients and travelled all over the world in the quest for knowledge. She saw that healers she met were 'not quacks' and the results were better and cheaper than 'normal' medicine. 'These types of alternative treatments were denied by medicine, and these innovative health professionals were harassed and persecuted, while doing something that helped to bring treatment costs down', she said. 'There was definitely something wrong here; something didn't make sense for me, so my search was an eye-widening experience'. When The Medical Mafia was published in 1995, the medical authorities demanded she resign. 'Their law says that a doctor speaking in public can only say what mainstream medicine recognises', she said. What it recognises is decided by government regulation - controlled by Big Pharma. This is how they suppress, intimidate and often jail those using healing methods that don't require a scalpel or a drug. Big Pharma is behind the attack on alternative methods of healing for two main reasons: to protect its monopoly on mainstream medicine; and to suppress the alterative vibration-based treatments that can not only make people well, but also wake them up mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Guylaine was taken to court when she refused to resign and the case went on for more than a year as the 'medical' (Big Pharma) establishment sought to destroy her. In the end, she said, 'I resigned as a submitted physician and I declared myself a free physician'. As Voltaire rightly observed: 'It is dangerous to be right in matters on which the established authorities are wrong'. It's much better to close your mind and mind-lessly repeat what you have been told to think, even though it is blatant nonsense. The system uses the carrot for the parrot and the stick for those who resist. Therefore resistance, let alone persistence, is low.

- Excerpt taken from 'The David Icke Guide to the Global Conspiracy (and How to End It)' [David Icke Books 2007]

This only just scratches the surface. Please read a book to find out more but don't be put off by negative reviews, mostly written by disinformation agents attempting to put you off reading this incredible, vital information. Notice they all have the same, ignorant tone? That's because they're written by the same people, in a manner that's designed to put you off and make you think 'oh, this Icke is obviously a crazy person. No point in investigating further'. You turn the other way and those behind all this continue to get away with it. Does the text above sound like it was written by a 'madman' to you? Anyone who's genuinely read one of David Icke's books knows that they are incredibly well-researched, all backed up by evidence. You'll find it to be an eye-opening and life-changing experience, if you're ready to discover what's really going on in this crazy world. Things he said in the early days (and even today) were taken out of context and spun a certain way by the media to discredit and defame him. This is so easily done when you see the methods they use to influence public perception. This only happens when the establishment view the information someone is putting out as a threat to their hidden agenda. With so much power and influence, is it so hard to believe that those in government (in truth, those behind the scenes) would lie to the public and be carrying out a secret agenda without our knowledge? They certainly go to great lengths to keep quiet anyone who asks questions or challenges the official version of events. I mean, if anyone could get away with it...

Whatever you choose to do is up to you, but I hope you'll at least give this alternative information a chance before just dismissing it outright. If no one objects, I'll share a bit more info later, relevant to this discussion.
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Posting another excerpt because most people don't have access to this information. It helps to know where to look, ie. not the mainstream media. Thread seems pretty much dead, but the info is there should anyone come across it and find it interesting. If anyone wants to read more, let me know -

Another example of this medical fascism was the case of Dr Andrew Wakefield, the man who first suggested a link between the combined measles, mumps and rubella vaccine, or 'MMR', and both autism and bowel problems. He caused and international medical storm in 1998 when he and eleven other doctors produced a research study which reported bowel symptoms in twelve autistic children and claimed a possible link with MMR. What followed was a tidal wave of condemnation to discredit his claims by discrediting him - the age-old method used by the establishment against information it wants to suppress. It has been used on me many times. Wakefield had been hired by lawyers to investigate the link with autism with a view to parents suing the drug companies involved, and he didn't mention this in the published paper. This was jumped upon to discredit the research and ten of the other eleven authors of the report withdrew their backing. But, the question remained and remains: are the findings true? This is of little importance to the establishment, which behaves like a hanging posse or inquisition when anyone challenges its dogma and those who fund its gravy train - Big Pharma.

Andrew Wakefield, a Canadian-trained gastroenterologist, left the Royal Free Hospital in London by 'mutual consent' in the aftermath of his report and has since worked mostly in the United States, continuing his research at Thoughtful House, a centre for autistic children in Texas. The establishment is always motivated by revenge for those who dare to challenge its agenda. It may have to wait some time to strike, but it never forgives, nor forgets. The General Medical Council (GMC) in Britain charged Dr Wakefield with professional misconduct with a view to striking him off and destroying his medical career and livelihood. He is accused of 'inadequately founded research, failing to obtain ethical committee approval, obtaining funding improperly and subjecting children to unnecessary and invasive investigations'. Given the extraordinary numbers of people killed or permanently damaged by doctors and drug company products every year, the charge of 'inadequately funded research' would be hilarious if it were not so serious for Wakefield and medical freedom. It is the same with 'unnecessary investigations' when you consider the number of unnecessary drugs and 'tests' that doctors prescribe. In the United States, doctors and medical 'care' are the third biggest cause of death behind heart disease and cancer. Dr Barbara Starfield of the John Hopkins School of Hygiene and Public Health produced a report estimating that some 225,000 people die every year from such things as: unnecessary surgery (12,000); medication errors in hospitals (7,000); other errors in hospitals (20,000); infections in hospitals (80,000); and wait for this one, the 'non-error and negative effects of drugs' ... 106,000. The medical establishment then has the nerve to point the finger at Dr Andrew Wakefield.

An editorial in Britain's Daily Mail newspaper, headed 'MMR and A Doctor Only Doing His Duty', highlighted the real reason for the attempt to destroy Wakefield. It pointed out that no one had complained to the General Medical Council about him; nor had anybody suggested that he said or wrote anything dishonest when he believed he had discovered a link between the MMR vaccine and autism. Why, it asked, was the GMC now throwing the book at him? The editorial went on:

The case has the whiff about it of medieval inquisition, called to defend the orthodoxy of the establishment against heresy of an independent mind. Dr Wakefield's 'crime' was to open an important debate that remains unresolved. Eight years on, he is by no means alone among doctors in believing that he may have been on to something. The trouble is we just don't know.

Think what an uproar there would be today is it was discovered that Dr Wakefield had kept his suspicions to himself and a link had subsequently been proven. He had the duty to speak out - and now he is being made to suffer for it. His treatment by the GMC is utterly unjust. If this preposterous body had existed 200 years ago, defending the prevailing wisdom against new ideas, doctors would still be treating illnesses by slitting their patients' veins.

- Excerpt taken from 'The David Icke Guide to the Global Conspiracy (and How to End It)' [David Icke Books 2007]

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The primary motivation for targeting Wakefield is that his findings led to a significant fall in the number of parents allowing their children to have the MMR vaccine and undermined the confidence the public have in vaccinations in general. The whole thing is about money, protecting the power of Big Pharma and maintaining the chemical attack on the minds and bodies of children and adults alike. The entire structure of global 'medicine' is a web of corruption, lies and deceit and we are talking incredible amounts of money. The top ten drug companies make more in profits than the rest of the Fortune 500 list combined and the world's top five drug companies have a combined worth that is twice the gross domestic product of sub-Saharan Africa. Andrew Wakefield has been accused of a conflict of interest over his research on behalf of the families with autistic children when the bribery of doctors by drug companies is common practice. Doctors-on-the-take is the norm, not the rarity. And I mean bribe, like on a monumental scale. As this article says:

Big Pharma spends nearly $19 billion a year bribing and influencing physicians, by the way. That's billions with a 'B'. How much money is $19 billion? It's more money than NASA wastes smashing satellites into Mars and exploding space shuttles in Earth's upper atmosphere. It's more money than the entire junk food industry spends hypnotizing obese children into nagging their children for another box of sugar-bomb breakfast cereal at the quickie-mart. Heck, it's more money than the entire Unites States spends on genuine disease prevention and health education.

Here we have Dr Andrew Wakefield accused of a 'conflict of interest' for representing the families of autistic children while publishing research on the connection with MMR when the entire 'medical' system is founded on the most astonishing corruption. The Journal of the American Medical Association has proposed changes to practice that would:

- Prohibit doctors from accepting free drug samples.
- Exclude doctors who have financial ties to drug companies serving on the hospital panels that determine which medicines should be on the preferred prescribing lists.
-Prohibit drug companies from providing direct financing for educational programming.
-Prohibit medical faculty from belonging to pharmaceutical companies' speakers' bureaus, or publishing drug company articles as their own.
- Require faculty member that receive financial support from pharmaceutical companies to post them on public Internet sites.

The suggestion is that the above practices should be stopped, which means, of course, they are already happening now as a matter of course. Take one of these examples alone - doctors on the payroll of drug companies deciding through the hospital panels which medicines go on the prescribing lists. Do you think they have their patients' well-being on their minds when they do this or the companies who fund their big-car, big-house lifestyle? What about 'medical faculty' publishing drug company articles as their own? Bribery and corruption of doctors by drug companies is endemic. Doctors are routinely offered top-of-the-range, all-expenses-paid trips to exotic locations by drug companies on the pretext of 'conferences'. The 'conference' takes a few hours a day, if indeed they bother turning up, and the rest of the time is a holiday on Big Pharma. Doctors are also funded by the drug giants to conduct 'research' that leads them to travel the world. Then there are the incentives to prescribe more drugs than necessary or send people for hospital tests they don't need. Professor Ann Blake Tracy writes in Prozac: Panacea or Pandora: 'Did you know that some hospitals offer special incentive deals that give doctors valuable gifts if they schedule surgeries when the hospitals are hurting for business?' Incentives to play with peoples' lives and they claim doctors represent 'ethics'? Some do, as with decent police officers, but the system doesn't want them. It wants the corruptible, because they are better for business.

The bribery and corruption of doctors is a finely-tuned operation by Big Pharma. Kathleen Slattery-Moschkau, a former drug company representative and independent filmmaker, has detailed how the companies and the reps monitor doctors in the United States, down to the last pill, through a system known as 'prescriber reports' or 'prescriber profiles'. These are compiled from various databases. One set of data for the Drug Enforcement Administration has an ID number coding system for doctors, along with the drugs they prescribe; another database, the 'physicians master file' (which is sold for millions every year by the American Medical Association) matches the doctor ID numbers with their names. Put the two together, add in some other information sources, and you can establish who prescribed what and how much. Prescriber reports are issued every week by the drug companies for internal use. These reports are not to help patient health, but to give Big Pharma reps the information they need to see how successful they've been in influencing a doctor's prescribing policy. The reps also use personality profiling of the doctors to help with the best way to approach them. Are they people who respond to 'scientific' information, or do they like to be flattered? In an article called 'Spin Doctored', Shannon Brownlee and Jeanne Lenzer write:

If Doctor A increased her prescriptions after being treated to a facial and full-body massage, more expense-paid spa excursions are in order for her. If Doctor B didn't respond to a courtesy 5-course meal, then maybe it's time to try football tickets, or up the free drug samples, or plug clinical research that touts the proffered drug's benefits.

Prescriber reports rank doctors in four tiers, based on the amount of drugs they prescribe. This allows the reps to target the big prescribers - the easy pickings - to prescribe even more, while low prescribers can have their manipulation increased. This is the true background to drug companies. They are deeply corrupt cesspit operations structured purely to make as much money as possible from the sickness, distress and misfortune of others.

- Excerpt taken from 'The David Icke Guide to the Global Conspiracy (and How to End It)' [David Icke Books 2007]
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