Winter gamble? :Ultrasport Kids Davos Wooden Sledge - 100cm £26.99 @ Amazon

Winter gamble? :Ultrasport Kids Davos Wooden Sledge - 100cm £26.99 @ Amazon

Found 28th Nov 2011
Wooden traditional sledge with what appear to be metal runners, so should be good for speed & multiple passengers or a very fast descent by on child.
When I was a nipper the metal runner trad sledges always had a major speed advantage over plastic variety sledges & bum breaking plastic slider types...

Don't think it's a Schlitten brand sledge despite being a "davos" (also a
Schlitten model name & a 10 cm difference in stated length to other schlitten)

Strikes me as a good price.
Free delivery included in price part of the Amazon "12 days of xmas" promotion so limited time frame to purchase!

If this winter breaks hard like last winter you should get alot of fun from it!
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My son was given a similar one of these by my father in law, its about 20 years old and has metal runners too, goes like stink downhill. He keeps pestering me for a crappy plastic one cos all his mates have one. Don't know there born these days. oO
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excellent, bought it for myself, just about double the price of a plastic one but will last for a lot more
Much safer than riding on a Car Door, heat from me.
remember having one of these as a kid, went ridiculously fast - in fact so fast I unexpectedly caught up with my sister on a plastic one and gave her a spot of concussion.
Lol, The Snow Tyres massive will be here snapping up these winter essentials!!!
what's wrong with a big plastic bag woith up to 5 people on and turns round so u end up going down backwards! dem were the days! i also have a very old wooden sledge at my parents! i'm 34 and used it as a kid!
great price
Twin tub washing machine lid, kids used to queue up to go on my "sledge", because it was sooo dangerously fast!!!! Those were the days!!
Got one of those mega strong plastic ones with 2 inch thick plastic in this shape a couple of months ago. Bet we get no snow now !
Uber cheap junk-o-store The Range had similar to these for £19.99. Would have been tempted had I not bought a plasticky sledge from Clas Ohlsen earlier in the day. Nothing on their website but were in store in the Reading branch.
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