"Winter In Venice" - Women's pampering sets @ half price @ Amazon......

"Winter In Venice" - Women's pampering sets @ half price @ Amazon......

Found 3rd Oct 2008
I was doing a search for a pair of slippers and for whatever reason these were suggested...... Anyway - thought they deserved a post with the festive season approching. The one pictured is £14.49 from £28.99 and there's a decent selection of stuff @ only £9.99. Lots of different scents and presentaion sets to chose from, they'll hopefully be of use...... take a look.........


Just solved a birthday present,


had to order 2 (well I need to test it first, quality assurance and all that!)

thanks for posting

Products arrived today and I'm really pleased with them. They look like they cost a lot more than £12! Really well presented and make an ideal gift.

I plan to order a few more to give at xmas

What a strange name to choose; Venice is known for the sewers rising up and flooding the streets in Winter, you'd think they'd be trying to provoke memories of nice scents not sewage hehe.
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