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Winter is here - Black Large Umbrella @ Poundland for £1
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Winter is here - Black Large Umbrella @ Poundland for £1

Posted 19th Dec 2012

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Great price - Large umbrellas are available at Poundland. The umbrella is an essential. So at the price of just £1, you can’t afford to miss out!
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these are rubbish
Don't waste your money, it will break very quickly. I had 2 in the space of 20mins in light rain/wind. I know it's 'only £1 ' but even at that still not worth it. IMO
agreed these are very poor quality, better to go to primark.
Great for dance routines though. At the bus stop.
yes very bad quality mine last a big gust of wind ........ i still have 5 from when richer sounds were giving them away and theyre better quality than these
You are much better to spend more money and get a decent umbrella than pay a pound and get one of these! Speaking from experience and many a poundland brolly!
If it starts to rain on your way back to the car, grab one of these for a pound.
The trick is to face them against the wind. mmkay
Winter starts 21 December which is also the end of the world! So no need to buy
LOlz, who gave this offer heat? Umbrellas have been £1 for as long as I can think. Who cares if it's a large version? It'll break just as easy at the first sign of wind....
I confidently predict a mouses fart would blow this inside out, don't waste your money
False economy, break so fast. Cant say I have ever followed my own advice and bought a good umbrella but these are shockingly poor quality.
Worst attempt at a game of thrones quote yet, it's winter is coming.............
Been this price forever.
Are you going to post the entire poundland range as 'deals'?
Folding and golf umbrellas all £2.99 or 2 for £5 at Sports Direct. Haven't had one break yet. Left one on the train though, but at that price I didn't shed any tears
Good price, but I would (and have) paid more a quality for umbrella.
Poor quality.
I've decided to just get wet these days, it's actually not too bad
ha ha, winter is here, get your umbrella :)) what's the difference from spring, summer autumn and winter anyway ?
Better than nothing

agreed these are very poor quality, better to go to primark.

also in home bargains, and poundworld,
That umbrella wouldn't last two minutes with our weather, way too windy and wet that it would break in seconds lol
I buy one of these every Friday. Really I should just invest in a better quality one that will last longer than a week.
Good use for a walking stick.
could have done with one of these today
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