Winter spice Ribena 850ml for 49p at Poundstretcher

Winter spice Ribena 850ml for 49p at Poundstretcher

LocalFound 13th Jan 2017
Found this at my local poundstretcher. Stock was dated best before March 2017. I bought this for just under £2 pretty Xmas. For that price I thought it was overpriced. However for 49p I thought it was a bargain. Seems this may also be on offer at Heron as someone posted a deal a few weeks ago at the same price there.
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Definately a 'Marmite' kinda flavour! I bought a tray of 6 bottles short-dated for 50p and none of us can stand the taste. Great price if you like it so voted hot.
How much sugar in this?

How much sugar in this?

No idea. I'm sure its available on the internet but I cant be bothered looking it up.
Will check out my local store. I dilute it with hot water, tastes like a mulled fruit drink - makes a change from coffee or tea.
Heat, OP
To be honest I add hot water to bog standard ribena. Never felt it impacted on the taste
I had this given to me a few weeks ago... The winter spices are very subtle, so for people that aren't a fan of cinnamon is worth a try for this price (make ice lollies/cubs maybe
Strange flavour to put in a drink targeted for kids
1% sugar
Cinnamon is a fantastic flavour and sorely underrated in Great Britain!
Having tasted it it is OK. Not fantastic but not revolting
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I bought this before Christmas in Heron Foods, also for 49p. It is £2.49 in Tesco. If I remember correctly, a glass, once diluted, worked out at about 13 calories according to the bottle so not too bad at all.
great find OP x i payed £2 in most shops for it, we love it found it in poundland the other day, thought that was a bargain lol
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