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3 FREE Digiarty commercial software giveaways for a limited time - WinX DVD Ripper Platinum, VideoProc & WinX DVD Copy Pro
Found 6th JanFound 6th Jan
Main 'Get deal' link is to WinX DVD Ripper Platinum. For VideoProc & WinX DVD Copy Pro, please follow these links: https://www… Read more

thanks op


Nice updates Videoproc is 3.2 (I had 3.0) Copy is 3.9.1 (I had 3.9.0) Ripper is 8.9.0 (I had 8.8.0) - on this system, at least


Sorry, I disagree to an extent. My neighbour, who's not very good at using software, finds these programs infinitely easier to use compared to many other more well-known freeware programs that do these, as most are not as user-friendly - in fact, he couldn't figure out how to use most of them, but these he figured out on his own - quite surprisingly. And these are FREE as well with the codes included, so freeware in a sense.


This is FREE software, which I've tried myself & they all work fine. Half of the complaints appear to be about getting refunds, which one does NOT have to do here - as they are all FREE. Have you read John Lewis TP reviews / rating? - as you can see with most of these types of review sites, it's the tiny minority posting complaints.


VideoProc...Is anyone getting GPU acceleration? Nothing with my RX 580 8GB. (annoyed)

Winx DVD Platinum Edition V8.8.1 Giveaway
Found 12th Dec 2018Found 12th Dec 2018
First Post! This comes up from time to time, I think Halloween was the last giveaway. Scroll down, look for the big number 3 and click "get giveaway licence" and check the downlo… Read more
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I thought I had the previous "with 6 months update" version, so I updated - to 8.9 - back to trial, but the code from this one activated 8.9


Yeah I think the deal comes up ever few months with a different serial number by the look of it which has a time limit on activation.


I registered twice from a different IP address and was given the same code which ends in XCV. Hmm!


Free ripper HandBrake


I'm guessing that's not a ripper though.

Free Downloads of Winx DVD Copy Pro for PC till 11/30/2018
Found 16th Nov 2018Found 16th Nov 2018
Just share if you have a pile of DVD discs need to backup: The giveaway has full features of the program but excludes free upg… Read more

Heat to the op


It is still on offer for another 4 days WinX DVD Pro


Well,we have plenty of time.The 11th day of the 30th month,you say? Just,messing! Good post.Heat.


(y) thanks for the update :{


They can only be installed during the offer period, so I have a fine collection on the current machine, but only a sparse few on the new until they turn up again

WinX MediaTrans Halloween Giveaway - Free Software
Found 21st Oct 2018Found 21st Oct 2018
Free give away but be quick!
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Thanks, was wondering what it was - that should've been in the main post.


Thanks, will give it a try.


The only stand-alone iPhone manager that lets you flexibly control iOS files without installing iTunes and its components. MediaTrans connects your PC with iPhone, iPad or iPod, enabling direct two-way transfer as simple as copy-and-paste. A dedicated iPhone manager for Windows First 500 per day add that it's for iOS only

Winx DVD Ripper (latest 8.8.1) Halloween Giveaway till 11/03/2018 @ winxdvd
Found 20th Oct 2018Found 20th Oct 2018
I got an email from winxdvd "Everyone can get unlimited giveaway copies of WinX DVD Ripper Platinum at its official event page below:… Read more

The fails always made teenage me sad :-(


I want to rip TV show DVDs to ISO so I get the whole DVD including menus, extras etc and I this makes it easy (if a little slow) to do.


I've always installed over the old one without any problems and entered the new key but uninstalling first would be the safest way.


So do you just uninstall the old version and then install the new one? I already have it from a year or so ago but wouldn't mind an update.


This any good at ripping specific episodes from a dvd?

Free Get WinX DVD Ripper Platinum with 6-month Upgrades
Found 27th Aug 2018Found 27th Aug 2018
Free Get WinX DVD Ripper Platinum with 6-month Upgrades
For someone interested (cheeky) Deal description: How to get and activate the program: 1. Click the button 'Share on Facebook/Twitter' (this step is optional), and then it will… Read more

I had that exact problem with AnyDVD. It was really pricey for a year. so I started to use Handbrake instead. Never looked back.


I had this years ago with a lifetime of updates. Then I think the original company was taken over / or went bust and the new company said, sorry we cannot honour that anymore and you will have to pay for an annual license from now on. Deleted it and had no need for it since.


blimey, these sort of apps still exist? let alone being a paid for product? :-o


I had the same problem when I changed my laptop - I emailed their customer services and they gave me a new licence code


I totally forgot about these things, good if it's what you need but not a single one of my computers has an optical drive any more!

Winx HD Video Converter Deluxe (5.15) free
Found 1st Aug 2018Found 1st Aug 2018
Winx HD Video Converter Deluxe (5.15) free
For those who missed the last converter, first sighting of 5.15 - if you already have this, it's probably 5.12 or lower (on the usual no update terms). Also includes video downloa… Read more
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VLC is free and fast. download without problems at ninite.


VLC is free and fast. download without problems at ninite.


Handbrake should suit you fine .. it has apple friendly output formats .. or just pick mp4 . depending on what device you want to play back(table phone computer TV) on, choose either stereo or AC3 surround sound.. once you've used it a few times its easy . HINT only encode a small section (10 mins) when testing as it can be lengthy. You can have two out of three small hi-quality quick (shock)


I'd second this. Handbrake works great.


These types of software are aimed more at the average casual user end of the market where you can press a few buttons and get what you want. They also have a few extra features thrown in like a Youtube downloader. Handbrake is a superb tool that is more focused around tweaking the myriad of encoder settings to get things just how you want. If you want to trade speed for quality or quality for file size, this will allow you to experiment 'til the cows come home. It still pretty much has a click and go option so is well worth a go if MP4/MKV output is all you require.

Winx HD Video Converter Deluxe (V5.12.1)
Found 10th Apr 2018Found 10th Apr 2018
Winx HD Video Converter Deluxe (V5.12.1)
WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe comes around again... first sighting of 5.12.1 Maybe the converter part doesn't need that much updating, but this does include multi-site video leech… Read more
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I'll have a try,thanks!


Many thanks for the help.


On a Mac? MacX is currently beings served by BDJ The camcorder tapes, you'd need something to get them in with, firewire if they are digital, or a capture kit if analog.


Only the program itself is installed, no extras. In recent versions there has been an upgrade nag when you open the program, which i'm not too fond of, but it doesn't install adware etc.


Yep, confirm it works with dummy email. But will it install pointless nagware on my PC? Probably worth creating a restore point just before running the installation just in case.

WinX DVD Ripper Platinum 8.8.0 Easter Giveaway
Found 30th Mar 2018Found 30th Mar 2018
WinX DVD Ripper Platinum 8.8.0 Easter Giveaway
The giveaway license will let you use full functions of the latest version 8.8.0 (released on 27 Mar). It doesn't have limits on use time but excludes free upgrades to future versi… Read more
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Thanks just worked for me !


I've unexpired it, license still working.


Brilliant find. Cheers mate¡ Big time heat!


great timing, just bought some dvds for junior, this will allow me to keep him quiet on long car journeys over the next few months. thanks OP !


keep flogging that dead horse. heat for lolz.

WinX DVD Ripper Platinum - V8.7.0 with full function, but no free upgrade.
Found 23rd Dec 2017Found 23rd Dec 2017
WinX DVD Ripper Platinum - V8.7.0 with full function, but no free upgrade.
Free for about next 4 days Rip DVD to any video formats for family use or playback on PC, TV, mobile. Back up your precious DVD before it gets scratched to store in NAS, etc. … Read more

Thanks OP - it's time to upgrade version 7.5 from the last giveaway.


Thanks, useful to have. Saves spending ages to find one only to find out that after hours of conversion it watermarks your video!


Thanks, a handy piece of software to have.


libdvdcss.dll Have a look about a third of the way down this page:


Very good software, I purchased a license about 6 years ago and still use it now. Very rare to find something it does not rip. Also the only time I did have an issue with re-install they were very quick to provide the key I needed to get going again, even though it was 5 years after the purchase. Updates are still regular and you can send off error reports for DVD's that don't rip. Think I have had well over my £22ish moneys worth..

Winx HD Video Converter Deluxe (V5.11.0 - now 5.12) Free
Found 12th Dec 2017Found 12th Dec 2017
Winx HD Video Converter Deluxe (V5.11.0 - now 5.12) Free
Seems to be a couple of points later than the last freebie, always worth keeping this in stock Email required, but can use a disposable - the download does include a key, but a di… Read more

If its a basic conversion and you're not worried the nth degree of control, you could also use VLC (convert/save in menu) or Windows Movie Maker, both of which will be free.


Now updated to 5.12 in the offer, nice of them to drop that in!


It seems functional to me. i'm converting a x265 video to x264 right now and it's moving along ok, Can't comment on quality 'cos it ain't finished yet. The utube and video editing buttons are there but again haven't used them yet 'cos i'm converting. It is basic though with absolutely minimal settings which makes it ideal for technophobes i would imagine. There are loads of video output options, they're just not tweakable. It seems ok to me at the moment, it's free and as i said above you don't have to give your real email. You can't turn off new version notification so you'll get nagged occasionally by that I suppose.


Read the reviews....


You can enter a completely made up email to avoid junk mail, just remember what it is so you can register it on the programme when installing.

Free Download of WinX DVD Copy Pro @ winxdvd
Found 27th Oct 2017Found 27th Oct 2017
Free Download of WinX DVD Copy Pro @ winxdvd
The version is the latest v3.7.2 ($69.95 value). Fully featured and without time limits on its use, but it does not support updates for future versions. Supported OS: Windows 98,… Read more
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It's faster converting DVDs as well. You need to go to the forum to renew the licence when it runs out


No blu-ray copy is a shame no point getting this then. I'll try MakeMKV


What's strange about the license code? Of course this doesn't copy Blu-rays or it would have been called WinX Blu-ray copy Pro. ;) MakeMKV is really a different type of program, it rips the DVD/BD to a video file where this copies the DVD or its structure to another DVD, ISO file or DVD folder. And FYI, MakeMKV can be used without the license if just ripping DVDs.


Thankyou grantgibson and Newbold for your help.


What you'll find in the inbox after you've given your chosen email address (anything you like is this (but with the license code of course): Hi,Thank you for participating in WinXDVD Halloween giveaway.Below is a copy of WinX DVD Copy ProDownload link: Code: PS:1. Please activate license code before Nov.4, 2017.2. Giveaway License can only activate the current version and let you enjoy the full function of this program. But it does not support free upgrade to newer version.Bonus offer on Full Lifetime License:Purchase it now at $39.95 only. Time-limited offer!Direct purchase link: free to contact if you have any problems.Like our Facebook or Twitter, Get Upcoming Giveaway Informed!All the best,Digiarty Support Team Bear in mind that Mailinator email addresses are completely open, so take the details and delete.

Free Full Licensed Copy of WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe
Found 24th May 2017Found 24th May 2017
Winx DVD is offering Free Full Licensed Copy of WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe. You need to provide an email address for a license key (use a disposable address), but direct downl… Read more
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Not free. There must be free software out there that can trim a video file without conversion.


thanks OP ;)


Why should the op go to all the trouble of getting the ins & outs of the software let alone other software's he's not even interested in? That's your job you lazy so & so. The op merely pointed out a deal to you & it's up to YOU to decide if it fits your purposes. Jeez.


Does this rip region 1 DVD's on a region 2 drive, or is there any software that will rip any region - regardless of what drive you have in your computer? thanks.


I have been using the Christmas giveaway copy for a while. It is the first video converter I have found which doesn't mess up some of my bluray rips when compressing them to mp4. It is also extremely fast compared to software I have used in the past as it can offload the conversion process onto your graphics card.

WinX HD Video Converter for Mac - Free
Found 31st Jan 2017Found 31st Jan 2017
WinX HD Video Converter for Mac - Free
WinX HD Video Converter for Mac "Download online video & music; convert any videos to any formats and mobiles; Make slideshow." ● Support Intel QSV & Nvidia CUDA to exped… Read more

I'm trying to figure out why you would use this over Handbrake. Handbrake is always free, well established and has a strong community behind it.

WinX DVD Ripper for Mac - Free
Found 31st Jan 2017Found 31st Jan 2017
WinX DVD Ripper for Mac - Free
WinX DVD Ripper for Mac "Rip any DVDs to mainstream video formats for playback on Mac or iPhone iPad Android." ● Rip any DVDs flawlessly. 3x to 5x faster than many of its competi… Read more

I don't know. I downloaded it, scanned it with anti virus and it's fine. I have used it on windows and worked fine for me. I needed to put some dvd's on my tablet for my granddaughter to watch. Whilst I appreciate the industry take great lengths so you can't copy stuff for illegal purposes it makes it difficult also for us who have purchased a genuine dvd and wish to copy that material to another device. No wonder downloading is becoming more popular. The film industry may just as well not bother to encrypt their files to prevent copying because there is always another piece of software you can use to reverse the procedure.


I haven't got a DVD ripper for my Mac so this is interesting but can someone tell me why this is cold?


Looks like not many people on here with macs or they already downloaded it from a torrent site before the warning letters arrive !!

WinX MediaTrans - Free
Found 31st Jan 2017Found 31st Jan 2017
WinX MediaTrans - Free
"The Easiest Way to Transfer Photos, Videos and Music between iPhone iPad and Computer." ● Transfer media files between iPhone iPad and PC. ● Manage music; export 4K… Read more

It's in the text file inside the zip file when you download it from the website, hope that helps.


Do you have the activation code please?


thank you very much :)


OP .. your on a roll. :-)

WinX DVD Copy Pro - Free
Found 29th Jan 2017Found 29th Jan 2017
WinX DVD Copy Pro - Free
WinX DVD Copy Pro "Make perfect DVD copy & clone without any quality loss. 9 DVD copy modes." ● 1:1 Clone DVD to DVD Disc; copy DVD to ISO image, MPEG file and video f… Read more

I've used the WinX software before and was very impressed with how good and reliable the software is, so when I noticed they are giving away these (non-updatable) version's for free I had to share them :)


just get error code "This site can’t provide a secure connection" ...... any ideas ta


Your a big fan of the WinX Brand of Software, huh?, hehehe. :-)


Thanks for the share - does anyone have the activation code as was posted their other prog (WinX dvd ripper platanum) on hukdeals? P :)

WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe - Free
Found 29th Jan 2017Found 29th Jan 2017
WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe - Free
WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe "Download online video & music, convert any videos to any formats and mobiles." ● Support Intel QSV & Nvidia CUDA to expedite conver… Read more

AA-VDEOVNSS-HORHUX But it'll only work with the version of the software in the offer, AFAIK (v7.5.19) and needs to be activated before 21st Feb 2017.


I always find Handbrake to be overrated.


Thanks for the share - does anyone have the activation code as was posted their other prog (WinX dvd ripper platanum) on hukdeals? P :)


thanks! I'm going to try it out. I seem to need everything in MP4 for my devices, but most things I have are in MKV


Compare the countless reviews online: Handbrake is very often voted the best video converter software.

WinX DVD Ripper Platinum - Free (Extended Deal)
Found 22nd Jan 2017Found 22nd Jan 2017
WinX DVD Ripper Platinum - Free (Extended Deal)
WinX DVD Ripper Platinum "Rip any DVDs to mainstream video formats for playback on PC or iPhone iPad Android." ● Rip any DVDs flawlessly. 3x to 5x faster than many of its … Read more

It will still install on 64BIT Windows OS anyway?. So irrelevant .....


thanks, going to give it a try :)


I didn't think that Handbrake rips protected DVD like this program


Still 390 free downloads available today. Just got mine. :)


Thanks OP. BTW , this is 64 bit and it is the full version, you just dont get updates , unless you pay.

WinX Mediatrans - Free single license
Found 7th Jan 2017Found 7th Jan 2017
WinX Mediatrans - Free single license
WinX MediaTrans is A-one iPhone/iPad manager software for Windows PC The Easiest Way to Transfer Photos, Videos and Music between iPhone iPad and Computer. Full feature without l… Read more