WipEout Pure (PSP) Platinum - £6.99 (or £6.63) delivered @ SoftUK !

WipEout Pure (PSP) Platinum - £6.99 (or £6.63) delivered @ SoftUK !

Found 20th Aug 2008
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Racing games have never really worked on a portable before, but now with the PSP you cant move for top quality driving games. WipeEout Pure jostles with Namcos Ridge Racer as not just the best racer but the best overall game on the PSP. The fact that at the same time it also rescues the WipEout series from the doldrums that WipEout Fusion on the PS2 left it in is just another testament to the games quality.

Although the game is, naturally, still a futuristic racer in the mould of F-Zero it tries to add as much variety as possible with three quite different race types. The main eight tracks look incredible and feature a number of new gameplay features, with unwanted weapon power-ups now healing your ship (instead of pit stops), a new side shift mode and much tighter track design. On top of this there are four tracks culled from the PS one WipEout games, which are presented as virtual reality simulations with striking neon colours. The third race type is called Zone and has you flying round four circular tracks as you try to last as long as possible before crashing and burning. If that doesnt sound quite enough you can even download new ships and tracks online for free


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This is a great game, hours of fun on the go :-D
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