Wired Mini HORI Gamepad for PS4 - amazon.co.uk - £19.99 (prime) , £21.98 (non-prime)

Wired Mini HORI Gamepad for PS4 - amazon.co.uk - £19.99 (prime) , £21.98 (non-prime)

Found 9th Jan 2018
Same price for black, blue and red although blue is currently on back order.

Good for little hands.
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Think this would be good for fighting games?
Bought one around Christmas, be warned, quite handy for games that don't involve much action or movement (I use mine for Poker and South Park Game) but if you have average sized hands then you may find the thumbsticks very close together, and I would consider myself to have small hands *insert Uncle Jack from Always Sunny quotes* , be handy for children probably.

Also, they get quite slippery if you have sweaty hands.
Dave19598514 m ago

Think this would be good for fighting games?

I think so. I've not tried but in hand using the d-pad it feels very similar (albeit lighter and less well put together) to the Hori SNES style GameCube pads I own and they were awesome for fighting games.

I've not tried playing with it myself yet though but my gf has just finished Uncharted 4 The Lost Legacy using just this controller and after a rather steep learning curve where she almost went back to the PS4 controller she now loves it (she has small hands).
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Bought this for my daughter, she loved it
My little nephew has one of these and loves it. Just the right size for him.
Bought one for my daughter so she could play Minecraft ; she hated it and I have to use it lol. Works fine, decent "little" controller
My 6yr old son use this controller.
It's mainly for kids.
Anyone know if they work with Steam like the DS4 does? Would be exactly what I'm looking for.
Bought one before Xmas. Don’t like it at all. My thumbs keep hitting each other
Yeah i only recommend this for little kids under the age of 13
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