Wireless Amplified Headset at ALDI £39.99

Wireless Amplified Headset at ALDI £39.99

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Found 20th Oct 2014
Plug the base unit into your TV or hi-fi and enjoy flawless sound again! It’s simple to set-up and you can even hit the mute button to use the built-in microphone to amplify conversations.

2.4GHz Digital VHF Transmission
Works through walls and ceilings
Docking charge mechanism
Volume, left/right ear and treble/bass adjustment
20Hz-20KHz frequency response
Includes Spare Ear Buds, 2 Rechargeable Batteries and Connection Cables
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Ugly headphones
Nice blue jumper
What is this cowbell idiocy?
They had some cheaper infrared ones in Lidl the other week. Looked like they were geared to hearing impaired people more than these
Awful looking and not exactly cheap.

Cold from me.
"Digital VHF"

No, just no...
Hello this is the 21st century, £40 for a 1980s styling...?
I knew he wasn't a real doctor oO
My grandad fought in the war he does not deserve to have to wear something like that.
£40 quid for unbranded headphones. Are Aldi having a laugh?
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