Wireless Earphones (Wireless World of Sound) only £7.95 delivered @ Gizoo
Wireless Earphones (Wireless World of Sound) only £7.95 delivered @ Gizoo

Wireless Earphones (Wireless World of Sound) only £7.95 delivered @ Gizoo

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Thought this was an excellent price for a set of Wireless Earphones. Has very good reviews too.

You'll love the sound of our latest gadget! Yes, everyone who's heard about them has loved the sound of the Wireless Earphones. With no dangling cables to restrict you, these headphones give you complete freedom, enabling you to tune in to clear sound from your TV or stereo even when you're not in the room. Wireless EarphonesWant to pop to the kitchen to put the kettle on? They even work through walls! So there's no need to lose the plot of your program when you pop through to the kitchen to make a cuppa!
Cut the Cords!

With no cords to connect you to the TV or stereo you're free to move around the room. Aside from severely limiting your mobility and creating clutter, an headphone cord can be dangerous. With these wireless wonders you won't get tripped up.

And, because the earphones are wireless, you can listen to music or TV without being in the same room and without blasting your stereo or television speakers. Ideal for exercising or simply walking around, these earphones have no headpiece to worry about. Simply clip one onto each ear and they won't slip or fall off while you're on your treadmill or exercise bike, working out to your favourite music. Because they clip to your ears rather than going over your head, they're extremely comfortable, unlike typical headphones!

If you like to listen to music or the TV while you exercise, these great earphones will make life easier. Struggling with a cross-trainer whilst also contending with a tangled cable isn't our idea of fun. Avoid accidents and eliminate cord snags with these fantastic Wireless Earphones.
The Wireless Earphone's Specs

* Range 8 metres
* Reception from any audio equipment with audio out socket
* Emitter requires 3x AAA batteries (not included)
* Receiver requires 2xAAA batteries (not included)
* Automatic FM radio scan

The Wireless Earphones' Best Bits

* Wireless entertainment around your home
* Never worry about disturbing others
* Great with TVs, PCs, MP3 players, game consoles and CD/DVD players
* Receiver doubles as an FM radio
* Small and comfortable
* Lightweight

Reviews: -

""I am amazed at how good these actually are!I was very dubious due to the low price so i only bought one set to try. Not only are they completely hiss free they pick up FM radio stations with amazing clarity. I am about to find out whether multiple units can be used together in the same room.If they can then they will be ideal for late night film watching without disturbing kids or neighbours!""

"A very good Gadget which allows me to have the volume up without disturbance to neighbors, or anyone in the same or adjoining rooms etc. the sound quality is really good, especially for films etc. where the actors seem to be talking with their mouths half shut, or under water, this produst makes it as clear as crystal,without having to resort to the sub-titles. The only fault I have had with it was that like most plastic moving parts the clear hinged cover of the stylish sender unit (that also houses the earphones when not in use) broke at the small plastic hinge pins so now does not stay in place. "

"Really pleased with my wireless headphones and the operating range is great.I had the MH-2003N model before and this one puts it to shame and strongly reccommend it to anyone who wants a littly more control over volume ie for users with hearing difficulties. keep up the good work"

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I ordered some of these a while ago and whilst they are a good price and the audio clarity is reasonable, they are damn uncomfortable to wear and fall off pretty easy. Good price but poor product in my opinion hence not voted either way.

Whats the battery life like? and can you power the transmitter using power supply?



how does this work? does it plug into a 3.5mm jack?
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