Wireless-G ADSL Gateway Kit for Notebooks £49.99

Wireless-G ADSL Gateway Kit for Notebooks £49.99

Found 8th Sep 2006
Complete solution includes an ADSL gateway and a wireless-G adapter for your notebook
Gateway includes ADSL modem and router to share the Internet connection and other resources with both wired and wireless PCs
Wireless communications at up to 54Mbps data rate --secured by 128-bit encryption
Advanced firewall, content filtering and security features protect your PCs, your data, and your family

The Gateway contains an ADSL modem to get you connected to the Internet and a built-in router to securely share that Internet connection with all the computers in the house, both wireless and wired. You can connect four computers directly to the Router by Ethernet cables, and daisy-chain out to more hubs and switches to create as big a network as you need.
Or, use the Gateways built-in Wireless-G access point to connect your PC to the network without stringing any wires. Thats where the Wireless-G Notebook Adapter comes in. Just plug it into your notebook through a PC Card slot. Wireless networking doesnt get any easier. You can connect more computers to the Gateway and your high-speed Internet link just provide a wired or wireless network adapter for each one. And once your computers are connected to the Gateway, they can communicate with each other too, sharing resources like printers and all kinds of files music, digital pictures, and documents.
To protect your data and privacy, all wireless communications can be protected by industrial-strength 128-bit WPA encryption, while the powerful SPI firewall helps keep Internet intruders out of your computers. Configuring the Gateway is a snap with your web browser.
With the Wireless-G ADSL Gateway Kit for Notebooks, youre ready to start sharing printers, files, and your Internet connection, the easy way.

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My local Staples store (Leicester - Raw Dykes) had several 3Com 54G Wireless Router packages reduced for quick sale at GBP 39.99 yesterday. Package included a 54G wireless USB interface, plus a Cardbus PC-Card 54Ginterface. Not a bad price if you actually need a USB and a PCMCIA (32-bit) 802.11g interface. Not done any reasearch on this 3COM wireless DLS router though, so it could well be pants ??

3COM model number was something like 3CRBADSL10072.


The 3Com ones that are on offer pretty regularly are supposed to be very good. These Linksys ones are good too; I got one at Xmas when they were on offer.

Only thing that bugs me about it (and the Netgear ones) is that they don't have on/off switches.
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