Wireless HP A3 Inkjet Printer £74.99 3 year warranty £50 after cashback at PC World Instore

Wireless HP A3 Inkjet Printer £74.99 3 year warranty £50 after cashback at PC World Instore

Found 26th Sep 2016
I've been looking for an edge to edge (no white borders) A3 printer for a while and this fitted the bill on an unbelievable budget. The box is deceivingly large - it's a big printer but for an A3 is pretty compact. Great reviews online and a fairly speedy printer.

This model is reduced from £150 to £75 with £25 cashback (paid within 6 weeks - check link on Web to see how to claim) direct from HP and 3 year warranty. Altogether £50 so 66% off.

Not currently available for delivery but this isn't too much of a goose chase as was available in 2/3 nearest stores in Derby and doing a few more town searches was available 50% of what I viewed.
As commented, same price and available for delivery at John Lewis, or Staples price match plus 10% off in store. Cashback is direct from HP so not store specific.

As for needing this, I'm a design student and as any design student will find out A3 becomes vital. Having edge to edge will save me a small fortune on using professional printers to create portfolio work. This also means it is great for home photo printing and reviews state colours print well for this use.

4 seperate inks, meaning no wasted colour cartridges. Scanner (midway between A4 and A3 size), fax (not for me but great bonus if you need it) and wireless, touchscreen and mobile/tablet app printing to name but a few of the features - please read full spec.

Using HP original inks (XL cartridges give a much better yield) the printing price for A4 colour is 4.9p including 0.7p paper cost.


I bought this printer a couple of weeks ago from Staples in Swindon. They had a shelf price of £149.95.... However, they do a "price match plus 10%. Given PC World (2 doors down) were doing this printer for £74.99 (and Staples themselves were doing it for £74.99 on their website!!!) ...... this meant I got the printer for £74.99..... less another £7.49.... PLUS £25 cash back from HP!! A great printer for just £42.50 :-)

That seems a good deal - voted hot. It is the same price at John Lewis and in stock for delivery.



Be careful that it is not plagued by the latest HP "dynamic security software upgrade" which means the you can ONLY use HP genuine prohibitively over-priced cartridges in it ! oO
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