Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Set only £4.99 @ Unbeatable Gadgets

Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Set only £4.99 @ Unbeatable Gadgets

Found 1st Oct 2009
£4.99 fo a Wireless Keyboard and Mouse, pretty good deal.

''The iKasu R18 is designed for long distance wireless operation on Windows XP Media Center Edition systems. Plug in the iKasu R18's mini reveiver into your USB port and you can use the wireless combo without wires cluttering your desk. The wireless operation range can reach up to 10 meters in open space depending on radio interference in the environment. Its two way RF technology will automatically switch its 79 channels and 11 IDs/channel when it encounters radio band interference with other 2.4GHz wireless devices such as another iKasu R18, Wi-Fi wireless LAN 802.11 a/b/g, Bluetooth, DECT digital phone etc.

The mouse in this combo is equipped with high performance CMOS optical sensor and performs high speed motion detection at up to 37 inches per second. The embedded 1000dpi optical resolution sensor can accurately simulate motions over a wide range of surfaces.

The mouse has a low power consumption due to its 4-step smart power saving function. It will enter into rest mode when the mouse has not moved for 1 second, enter into sleep mode after 7 seconds of rest mode and further enter into power-down mode after 7 minutes of sleep mode, for minimum power consumption. The mouse will instantly switch into normal mode when moevement it detected.

For use with Windows 2000/XP/XP MCE/Vista, the iKasu R18 does not require any driver installation, just plug and play.

For the Media Center hotkeys to work, you will require to be running Windows XP Media Center Edition, or Windows Vista.

* Two-way 2.4GHz RF technology with 72 channels
* Up to 10-meter operation range
* Compact full size with polished-surface furnishing
* 16 Media Center Hotkeys with extra 4 compound MCE hotkeys
* 1000 dpi resolution with 14 IPS tracing speed
* Low power consumption

2.4GHz Wireless Optical Mouse 2.4GHz Wireless MCE Keyboard
Dongle Receiver 2 x AA & 2 x AAA Batteries
User Guide

IBM or compatible PC system Microsoft Windows XP MCE
Pentium IV 2.4G and above CPU 60GB HDD
265MB RAM Microsoft XP certified 64MB DDR Video Card
Microsoft XP certified MPEG 2 decoder ''


Does it work with PS3? No reason why not, but just asking.....cheers



The cost of delivery is: GBP6.80 + VAT = £7.82
so not such a bargain

Original Poster

Not sure on postage, haven't ordered yet.
Don't know if it would work on PS3, im on XBOX 360
Company is iKasu

The company is ok, though I'm suspicious some of their stuff is returns sold as new.

Postage and VAT have not been added.


Postage =£6.80 +VAT
Total = £13.56

So, cold from my side :-(

+1 from me


The company is ok, though I'm suspicious some of their stuff is returns … The company is ok, though I'm suspicious some of their stuff is returns sold as new.Postage and VAT have not been added.Sin

"All prices quoted on our website are NET prices excluding VAT. The VAT is included during the checkout prong added to sellable refurbished stock. "

I wonder if that means all their stuff is refurbished?

is this not a good price for a wireless keyboard and mouse?

how much should i be looking to pay normally??
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