Wireless Keyboard & Trackball multimedia, £30.95, delivered, (with voucher) @ Gizoo
Wireless Keyboard & Trackball multimedia, £30.95, delivered, (with voucher) @ Gizoo

Wireless Keyboard & Trackball multimedia, £30.95, delivered, (with voucher) @ Gizoo

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Looking for a new board and found this, using Millarcats £5.00 off voucher it takes the price to £30.95 delivered. Seems a good price to me, especialy with the XBox 360 compatability.

Looks identical, (without branding and red trackball!), to the Toughball 2.4GHZ Wireless Keyboard with Optical Trackball by Ceratech Accuratus, which is over £47 @ Amazon.

Also Topcash of %13 available, if it works it makes a superb price for a multimedia keyboard, i think!

No image at the moments, due to Mondays been too hard at work!

Wireless Keyboard & Trackball
Multi-Media Wireless Keyboard

Join the wireless revolution with the amazing Multi-Media Wireless Keyboard, boasting digital radio frequency wireless technology!
The Wireless Keyboard's Best Bits

Integrated optical Trackball
Scroll wheel for surfing the web
Slim and ergonomic design
No CD required - easy installation
2.4GHz Radio Frequency
33 Feet (10m) operating distance
Control live or recorded TV programs, radio stations, etc.
Also works with the XBOX 360


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Thanks to whoever added the image :thumbsup:

works fine on a ps3 as well

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works fine on a ps3 as well

Thats a big bonus in this house, glad i got it now, thanks.

Have used this for a while. Top notch board. Ergonomic design means you can hold it in 2 hands and easily navigate round the screen using the built in trackball. Good piece of kit.:)

The same design doesn't have to mean the same quality.

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The same design doesn't have to mean the same quality.

Used the sentence because i could not add a picture and could not find any branding, but i did find an identical keyboard with a different coloured trackball!

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See … See This!!!http://www.gizoo.co.uk/Products/PCGaming/Wireless/WirelessKeyboardppc.htm?spmc=TGSPPCGGP429&gclid=CJ6AqZbYwp8CFdkB4wodvxK--g

Thats what started me looking at that keyboard, but you have to spend £30 for free delivery, so paying the £45.95 meant that free delilivery was enabled, (by using Millarcats voucher it came to £30.95). Topcash is tracking at the moment at just over £4 and i just got noteice to say the keyboard had been dispatched.

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Just got the keyboard today and am more than happy with it, very solid feel and response, accurate trackball an very comfy, just what i was looking for.

Just ordered myself one - thanks!

Well I got mine(typing on it now) and the range is definitely better than my Logitech. The trackball at first was utter poo but after 10 minutes use it seems much better - totally useable now.

It is smaller than I thought but with a proper full size keyboard. It's weird - the keys feel a little toy-ish, not cheap, just toy-ish as in unbreakable - like I imagine a soldiers keyboard would feel. The two side buttons finger buttons are great, you can hold the keyboard itself, use the trigger button for left click and use the trigger scroll for up and down the web pages all in one natural feeling - superb!

It's definitely worth a look and is all I wanted. I'm happy.

You can have the keyboard for 27.90 from Gizoo.

Use the link given by kishorejames: gizoo.co.uk/Pro…--g so it shows up with price £29.95.
On checkout use the voucher SPRINGFIVE to knock another£ 5. You need to pay for delivery £2.95 (as it is
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