Wireless Slim Multimedia Keyboard + Rechargeable Mouse Combo - £4.99 delivered !!
Wireless Slim Multimedia Keyboard + Rechargeable Mouse Combo - £4.99 delivered !!

Wireless Slim Multimedia Keyboard + Rechargeable Mouse Combo - £4.99 delivered !!

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MLK Wireless Slim Multimedia Keyboard & Rechargeable Mouse Combo is now £4.99 inc Free delivery from Ebuyer.com

Great value wireless keyboard / mouse combo for under a fiver.

Description & Features : Slim wireless multimedia keyboard and 5 button wireless mouse with rechargeable receiver combo set | Wireless design with 256ids per channel | 18 enhanced keyboard hotkeys | convenient scroll wheel | 5 button optical mouse | Direct Euro sign access key | Plug and Go supported


[SIZE=2]Will this work on a laptop, isit usb mouse?[/SIZE]

nice deal for the technology but I got a cheap wireless mouse from ebuyer once ... its so rubbish I literally threw it away in the bin !

just realised its wireless lol

oh no so it isnt worth buying? i am just about to go through checkout, i really need 1 for the laptop, why was it so rubbish?

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I havent got this one. These are some of the feedback ... Read all feedback @ Ebuyer's product page


For £9, this little bundle is smashing value although not entirely what I was expecting.

I wanted to find something I could pack away with my laptop so I could use it without having to hunch over the laptop itself.

The keyboard fits the bill perfectly. Compact design, very slim - perfect fit for my laptop bag.
The mouse? well it's a bit of a behemoth comparitively and hence
so is the charger. Wouldn't be a big problem as I have another dinky little Microsoft mouse already but the charger station also acts as the receiver for both mouse and keyboard so must go whereever the keyboard goes.

Not such a snug fit in my little bag anymore but overall, execllent value.


Just fitted the batteries (included) and plugged it in to my ubuntu 6.06 system and it worked great. Looks nice and clean, doesnt take too much desk space. Nice grippy feat on the keyboard so it doesn't slide about. Had to adjust the mouse settings as this was a bit faster than my old mouse. Very pleased and free shipping too.


It's cheap and it works - once you understand the connect buttons only require a momentary push.
The optical mouse is very fussy about the surface it works on, certainly by comparison with Logitech and Microsoft optical mice. For example, on white A4 it is very jumpy horizontally but not vertically. I'm still using a USB wired optical mouse.
The keyboard has a sculpted edge which makes it easy to pick up and the plastic feet stop it sliding. But, the layout is neither desktop nor laptop and who wants to learn another layout. The main 'gotchas' are that the spacebar is short and delete key is at the bottom right.
Soon, I'll buy Logitech's cheapest and see how that works out.

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Thanks to spve400 for the reminder

Nice find edi Excellent price for both :pirate:

My mate got one of these and he worships it... the mouse takes some getting used to however. well worth a fiver


Only a fiver delivered ... nice deal edi :thumbsup:

Great deal - will come in handy as a spare


I got one of these and the range is very limited. If you need one to work at a distance from the base unit I wouldn't bother.

Nice one thanks, voted hot

one of the best deals going, thanks

Just ordered one, hope its a nice bundle!

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Received mine today... Brilliant bargain

Installed the driver and worked straightaway, in minutes. Mouse needs few hours of charging for perfect movement...


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Thanks to parkroadwest for the reminder

cant get keyboard to work
no sign of light on keyboard to show its working, the new batteries are in
help please

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[SIZE=2]Install the driver & connect the receiver to USB port.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=2]1. Press CONNECT button in the bottom of the Keyboard [/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]2. Press CONNECT button in the receiver [/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]3. Press CONNECT button in the bottom of the mouse[/SIZE]

[SIZE=2]Hope you checked the battery power as well (just in case)... [/SIZE]

I received mine today, the - key on the numpad was broken off. Contacted Ebuyer and they're sending a replacement. Can't argue with that.

My Scroll button stopped working within an hour or so..

telephoned Ebuyer..

replacement on its way..

Faultless Cs :thumbsup:

i can't get the keyboard to work
the shortcut keys are working fine
and when i press any key, the LED on the base unit flashes to acknowledge the signal
but none of the keys actually work
has this happened to anyone??
should i contact ebuyer??

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i can't get the keyboard to workthe shortcut keys are working fine

Do you mean to say that only few keys in the keboard is working jlow00 ?

You should select the correct model number for the keyboard while installing the driver. Click the help sign next to keyboard selection (while installing) to find out the exact model number.

ALL the keys except for the shortcut keys and volume dial dont work
the model on the box is MK1352
but on the CD, the model on the 'help jpg' is MK2013
is this the reason???
thanx for your help

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Thanks for the larger image Ray :thumbsup:

JLOW00 :- MK1352, the one printed one the box is the not the model number to be selected while installing. If you click the help button next to the Keyboard Selection, images of various Keyboard models are displayed. Choose the one which looks similar to the keyboard you have ( MK2013 )

Let us know if this solves the problem

thanx EDI
Mk2013 is the driver im currently using, but the problem is still present
i'll try contacting ebuyer

on the website,the price shows 6.98.ami doing something wrong.how can i get it for 4.99


on the website,the price shows 6.98.ami doing something wrong.how can i … on the website,the price shows 6.98.ami doing something wrong.how can i get it for 4.99

No your not doing anything wrong, looks like offer has now ended. Price now £6.98.:-(

hey guys i ordered one of these driver is cd cracked..anyone got drivers i could steal????? muchos gracias

I stopped using this when I spilt tea over the keyboard. I bought another wireless keyboard and mouse from tesco direct a while back (dirt cheap with a voucher). However the mouse from Tesco is annoying me as it does not have a recharge dock. I can't find the original mouse from the one I bought from ebuyer. I have been looking all over for a wirelsss mouse and keyboard (with rechargeable dock) for around this price. However the cheapest one I can find is £15. Can anyone help me find a cheap one for less than £15 delivered? I do not want to buy a mouse on its own.

As stated earlier the price has now gone up to £6.98... and they are currently out of stock!

Time to 'Expire' this one I think.
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