Wireless TV Sender £17 ! was £70 was £35 TESCO IN STORE

Wireless TV Sender £17 ! was £70 was £35 TESCO IN STORE

Found 27th Jun 2013
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oh noes, this store specific "deal" which used to have people running round in circles trying to find them at these prices has started to go cold. finally the community is dealing with deals like this
Which Tesco?
Tesco extra

Tesco extra

That narrows it down to about 250 then......
don't waste your time
either to run around trying to find the deal, or buying these hopeless things in the first place

Tesco extra

From your profile, I am guessing its Grimsby?
rip off
Yes in Grimsby
Sounds a bit fishy to me!!!!!
Lazy post
Are all your deals Tesco related? Not sure I undertsand how you know its a deal if you do not compare with other retailers?
Please post if anyone sees one anywhere else!!
I bought one earlier - white SEL.

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