Wireless USB VoIP Pearl Finish Phone under tenner, FREE DELIVERY

Wireless USB VoIP Pearl Finish Phone under tenner, FREE DELIVERY

Found 27th Jun 2008
Just saw this on Maplins ...under 10 pounds for a wireless usb phone, but Maplins are also doing free delivery on there sale items!

Not sure , but its worth checking out for a cheap VOIP solution that doesnt tether you to your computer (I believe you still need to have a computer for the USB transmitter though).

dont forget with Quidco 4% cashback, and you can also pay with paypal!

Sorry if this is a lame deal....my first post! Be gentle.


It seems HOT for what it does - and I have added heat - but you must admit - its the ugliest phone ever.

Come on - give the guys first post a break - ITS WIRELESS!

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Yea...and its wireless AND it has a pearl finish! :thumbsup:
Heat it up peeps!

Pearl finish - WOW!!!!!!!!!

And for just that price too!!!!!!!!!



It's a good deal, voted hot.
6 hours talk time sounds good.

whos voting cold? can anyone find it cheaper?

Heat added. Ordered it yesterday at around 3pm and it arrived this morning, so great delivery speed. Used it with voipstunt to all relatives abroad - good sound quality and for a tenner a great product in my opinion.

Bought repped

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