Wireless Video Gaming Sound Rocker & Massager £79.99 @ Ebuyer

Wireless Video Gaming Sound Rocker & Massager £79.99 @ Ebuyer

Found 30th May 2009
The sound Rocker is a comfortable, rockable chair that delivers a powerful audio experience designed to intensify your enjoyment of games, movies music and more.


* Speakers
* 6 Motor Massagers
* MP3 and portable CD player plug
* Control Panel
* Headphone Port
* Multi-Player RCA Audio Outport Port
* Bass Knob
* Volume / Power Knob
* Input RCA audio ports
* Power AC port
* Channel Selector Button
* Source Knob
* Massage Controller


* 11ft 12-volt AC power adaptor
* 11ft red and white RCA audio cable
* RCA to mini audio cable
* 2 x RCA audio cable extenders
* Wireless Transmitter

Was looking for a new gaming chair for my new house, and stumbled across this, going by ebuyers reviews it looks pretty good, what sold it for me was the added massage that is in it, im sure my wife will love it

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Turned up today, have to say, the product looks absolutely fantastic and well worth the money, the massaging bit is extremely rough, i was concerned it would be a little weak, but it gives you a proper pounding!
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