Wireless Weather Station £79.99 @ Maplin
Wireless Weather Station £79.99 @ Maplin

Wireless Weather Station £79.99 @ Maplin

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One for the weather watchers out there!

Hi-Specification all-in-one weather centre with negative back-light graphical display
Measures wind, rainfall, in/out temperature and humidity with barometric pressure
Radio controlled DCF clock calendar and alarm
Month, day, date functions
Dew point measurement
Outdoor sensor powered by AA batteries and base station powered by either AA batteries or external power supply (all sold separately)

The ''Black Wireless Weather Station'' due to it''s feature packed capability is in the elite category when it comes to weather stations. If you want up to the second weather information this showcase model is just the job. The negative display with large easy to read characters and graphical weather icons make getting the information you need quick and easy. This unit is designed and engineered for everyday use in the home, office or wherever the weather is of interest. The ''Black Wireless Weather Station'' will provide accurate and reliable measurement of wind speed (average and gust) and direction, rainfall, air pressure, humidity and temperature, The wireless weather station also boasts a DCF european radio controlled clock, which receives its signal from the DCF-77 in Frankfurt. This unit has many extra features you will not find on similar models like wind chill, heat index and dew point calculations


Is this being voted cold becuase it is chuffing freezing outside? :santa:

Can the cold voters explain why and give links to a better deal please. Been looking for a weather station for ages.


Can the cold voters explain why and give links to a better deal please. … Can the cold voters explain why and give links to a better deal please. Been looking for a weather station for ages.

Same here agree with you

can anyone give links to better deals - I have been after one for a while - a station that does the lot but not charging those crazy prices.


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It's amazing how as soon a you ask for a better deal to explain why something is voted cold there is a chilly silence!

Maybe people think you have to vote an item cold just because you don't want it :?

Again, it's the same people who vote cold on items like this who go mental and vote hot at a deal for a free tea bag or a cup a soup.

Their rented bed sits will be full of the crappest items posted on HUKD.

Sigh, more unjustified cold votes. Hot from me and have some rep too!

Some heat from me.

Quick click Coolers spoiling the HUKD website again. There should be a limit to the number of cold votes a user can give in 24hrs. People would then use their cold votes more carefully - i.e. if they felt VERY strongly about a poor offer?. Has this ever been tried mods? (we can't give heat twice on a deal so maybe it could be done?).
Anyway Heat added from me and Keep on posting HOTBOT - don't let the coolers get you down

This thing has been this price for ages, and was at one time I believe, for sale at £49.99. There are better weather stations out there, none of which Maplin sell.

I think you should only be able to vote hot or cold if you post a comment (which can't be left blank).

There are thousands of users on this site so more should speak up and contribute.

Some more banter would be good too, it's far too serious on here most of the time

I sent a feedback request for this feature (yesterday). Why don't you also request it? - This website is begining to get bogged down with easy click -ve. I asked if they could also display a little graph at the side of deal details showing -ve makeup (ie too local, niche product, poor experience with supplier, very low quantity available etc) This would then allow the original poster to see why he/she gets so much -ve.

So what's a better (and cheaper) weather station? I had a Hama one that was great, but the outside unit kept cutting out periodically and had to be reset. That happened with my previous one too (unbranded). Is this a common problem with them? It seems to be battery contact - tweaking solves the problem, but it's a hassle to have to keep tweaking it every few days, or weeks if you're lucky.


aren't these about £6-7 in lidl/aldi albeit without the rainfall monitor. is it really worth paying £65 extra for rainfall measurements when a mug will do the same thing


£5-6 in lidl/aldi without the rainfall monitor. Put a measuring jug outside and save £65!
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