Wireless wii sensor bar - £8 Instore @ Asda

Wireless wii sensor bar - £8 Instore @ Asda

Found 12th Aug 2008
Seems like this is about a tenner online so i thought i would give all of those that are interested the heads up!
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just so everyone is aware, this takes batteries an emits infra red light. It does not transmit data - its just an IR torch.
avoid like the plague.. .i've not the same one but one similar from deal extreme and they are very shady. The diodes tend to be alot closer to each other then the originals.... honestly why would you want a wireless one??
make the purchase, if your not satisfied with the product, ask for a refund, no questions asked!
Sure these were £8 in Zavvi as well t'other day - take 6 batteries I think!!
:x F*** the haters! :x

Heavy product...

most non nintendo made accessories have in my opinion always been total cr*p, i tried one of these a few weeks ago and found that the bar didnt fully track my remote movements and i switched back to the official one within minutes.
[QUOTE=honestly why would you want a wireless one??[/QUOTE]

They're handy if you're using a projector.

:x F*** the haters! :xHeavy product...:whistling:

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my local asda also has the wheels for £5
and a tennis racket thing for £8 too
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