Wireless Xbox Controller £4 delivered
Wireless Xbox Controller £4 delivered

Wireless Xbox Controller £4 delivered

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Not official, but at £4 it seems like a good price.

Currently on order with the supplier..but worth having a order anyway.

10% quidco


Voted hot, although I first mistook the title to mean 360 controller (if it was though, I'm sure everybody would be stocking up to make a profit on ebay or something!).

Excellent find, been after 4 of these, voted hot

I have one of these, and they are an excellent controller. The only problem I recall is using the headset...as it needs to plug into the wireless transmitter (so you might need a long controller cable depending on the distance you are sitting away from your Xbox...which would almost negate the need to have a wireless controller in the first place)

Buyer Beware - HMV have a habit of being out of stock forever. I was waiting for an Xbox steering wheel for about 12 months - never arrived.

Sorry but this one is cold cause it isn't in stock and probably never will be. Too many online retailers have out of stock items at good prices but they never come into stock. ;-)

damn got me hopes up
been after a 360 contrller for the pc
hot deal though
and voted accordingly :-)

Please note that it is highly unlikely HMV will ever deliver these controllers. For 'on order from the suppliers' read 'we've forgotten to take this item off the website, but will continue to keep you waiting with irregular email updates before cancelling your order when you have long forgotten what you ordered in the first place.' HMV - nice prices, s**t service (hey - that could be their new tagline....)

Voted Hot. kids always need these. thanks

I had one of these on order since before Xmas. HMV are rubbish at customer service and they took my vouchers from my 'e-wallet' after I cancelled this order because I was sick of waiting.....consequently no item and no vouchers! It took weeks of emails / letters before I had my vouchers re-instated.

I was eventually given a tenner's worth of vouchers to compensate by HMV, so I re-ordered this item from them about a month ago - and guess what? I'm still waiting.

Order this or any other Xbox item but don't hold your breath...

Bought two similar from Play.com for about £11 (each) delivered, less than used ones go for on ebay and they came with 2 days.

'For that reason I won't be investing in your company, so I'm out.'

:-D top deal got two voted hot

Order over £9.99 and get £2 off using mcdonalds hmv voucher

you'll never get these.

ordered them @ £8 each last year, waited months with constant emails, then they finally cancelled. voted cold coz you'll never actually get them, despite being a great price. sorry, you werent to know


Voted hot. Really need another controller. Hopefully will arrive

Not voting either way as i don't need them but be aware. Like many have said HMV have a very poor reputation on these boards for failing to fulfill orders so don't be too surprised if you're order never arrives and you here nothing from them. :thumbsup:

This is cold as you will never, ever get them

I ordered these last Thursday and this is what my order says right now:
Xbox Controller - Lynx Wireless Xbox Controller: Madcatz / Item deleted - we are trying to obtain this item from alternate sources

I'll give it another week before cancelling.

I also bought a DVD remote for Xbox for 10.99 delivered which turned up today.

Original Poster

99% sure we wont get them, but theres no harm putting a order in and no real point cancelling the order has you dont get charged til dispatch.

Cold as its not in stock

Pre-Owned Xbox from Game inc 1yr warranty... £35
Wireless Controller from HMV... £4

Being able to connect my xbmc to the internet with a wireless AV sender....!

Ooooo going to have softmod kits for sale soon

I hate HMV and Virgin Media

But if it never arrives you wont ever be charged for it.

its for the old xbox and out of stock. oh well...

Voted cold - as stated above this will never be back in stock. I had it on order for 3 months and nothing arrived.
The ones from play for £12 were really good but they're gone now.

I still use Media Centre on Xbox a lot of the time - Xbox rulez !!!!!!!

How can HMV continue to get away with this, has no one told the higher ups that their company sucks?

Stone cold I'm afraid, you'll never get one. I waited months and months for a steering wheel which never arrived.

i have seen these a while back in-stores, does anyone know if this is also the store price or is that still £14.99? thanks


Buyer Beware - HMV have a habit of being out of stock forever. I was … Buyer Beware - HMV have a habit of being out of stock forever. I was waiting for an Xbox steering wheel for about 12 months - never arrived.

Indeed, I've had to cancel orders before because they've taken weeks

True Enough. Got an email from HMV this morning telling me my order had been cancelled as they are a discontinued item. HMV suck arse and I will never order from them again.

Ditto, had mine on order for months. Better yet, they've nicked my vouchers again! What a company.
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