wish upon a star moses basket £13.80 @ Asda Addy Lane

wish upon a star moses basket £13.80 @ Asda Addy Lane

Found 23rd May 2016
I noticed in my work ( asda Abbey lane ) that these moses baskets were reduced from £27 to £13.80. I'm not sure if national, on website its still £27. it helps us as we don't want to know what we're having. hope it helps some one else? there was 2 on shelf yesterday.
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Non by me, would have been fab but great find all the same
Hot from me. Our new boy has been sleeping in it for the last week (his first week) and seems pretty content.
Looks a good deal if available in other branches!
loads in asda shore road ni
none in Harlow
Think I got the last one at abbey lane!
I thought I had but then one of the girls said she'd just put two more out after I took it, maybe worth asking a grocery colleague if there's anymore.
Bet they will come in dribs n drabs...
Is this the white colour or cream colour?
mines white.

mines white.

White came up full price today
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