Wishmaster Box Set - £7.89
Wishmaster Box Set - £7.89

Wishmaster Box Set - £7.89

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Wishmaster: Magically powerful. Supernaturally evil. The ancient entity known in human legend as the Djinn can grant a person's wildest dreams. And in the process, it unleashes your darkest nightmares. The moral of this explosively terrifying, special-effects-powered, horror-fantasy spectacular: be careful what you wish for!

Wishmaster 2 - Evil Never Dies:When a small-time thief Morgana Kuleshov is pinned down by gunfire during a botched heist, her life is saved when the huge opal she's clutching deflects a bullet. Unknown to her, this jewel imprisons a legendary monster known as the Djinn. The Djinn has the power to grant wishes, and twist them into a person's worst nightmare, capturing their soul.
As the Djinn invades Morgana's nightmares, she calls upon brother Gregory, a priest, for help.
In a fight for humanity's future, only Morgana and Gregory stand between the Djinn and an eternal dark age of horror and chaos.

Wishmaster 3 - Devil Stone:The Djinn, that evil genie is back and eager to grant you three wishes...
Diana Collins (Cook) is a teaching assistant at a prestigious college, where she studies comparative religion and mythology under Professor Barash (Connery). She inadvertently solves a mysterious puzzle left for one of Barash's colleagues, unknowingly unleashing the evil Djinn, a malicious genie, who is eager to grant his waker three wishes in order to free his race and destroy mankind. The Djinn assumes Barash's body and begins his search for the person who woke him. He stops short of nothing in his pursuit, systematically killing Diana's friends. In desperation, Diana invokes the archangel warrior St. Michael as one of her three wishes. St. Michael's spirit possesses the body of her boyfriend, Greg (Mehler), and a bloody battle ensues between the archangel Michael and the Djinn...

Wishmaster 4 - The Prophecy Fulfilled: Perversity, depravity and fear are at an all time high as the hell-raising Wishmaster unleashes his undying love and three wishes on a beautiful new victim. A victim whose crucial third wish is one that the Wishmaster cannot fulfill without leaving a trail of terror, devastation and blood in his wake.
Wishmaster 4 is a film that fulfills your deepest desire for a highly seductive thriller filled with unspeakable horror, titillating forbidden passion and riveting suspense, from beginning to nail-biting end!


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