Witcher 3, xbox and ps4 - £22 at Tesco

Witcher 3, xbox and ps4 - £22 at Tesco



A sensible deal
Strange link now not working, try this tesco.com/gro…860
These Tesco things are being cancelled, ordered assassins creed syndicate, successful order and later removed from my order an hour later
Both version unavalaible it shows
Will you need to add £4 with it been under £40?
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Yep tesco error I think. Have expired and reported
Like all the other tesco deals today I expect to see its unavailable and orders will be canceled


Yep I'm right

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no xbox games are now unavailable? LOL Halo 5 and Black ops 3 for £10 crashed the site!?
Tesco should be removed from Hotuk.. they are defrauding the memory of Black Friday

but seriously buy it from someone else.
I just phoned them because I was due to get my games by delivery tomorrow, and Tesco use the price guide system which means they charge you what the item is priced at on the day not at the point of sale, this means I would have been charged £130 tomorrow for 3 games rather than the £38 I boughty them for today and I can't do that; so I cancelled.

Tesco said they have known about this glitch for a few hours and won't be honoring any of these prices. I think those of us picking the item up today before the item goes full price again could possibly get it at the discounted price, and those of us ordering via delivery due to be charged tomorrow not today will be charged the full price tomorrow.

Any of you who have ordered multiple items due to be charged to you tomorrow I advise you to cancel today or lose all your money through being charged full price tomorrow.
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