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WITHINGS NOKIA HD Home Monitoring Camera £67.98
Found 26th Nov 2018Found 26th Nov 2018
- Compatible with iOS & Android - Homekit compatible - HD video & night vision: Connect in HD to your home on your phone, from anywhere - Smart alerts: Get notifications wh… Read more

All of the features on this fairly expensive camera can be done using an old mobile phone apart from perhaps night vision? I have a couple that I’ve used linked to my smart things hub, along side IFTTT to start running when I leave the house or close doors with sensors on them, to monitor rooms to see which of my cats was shredding the carpet and wall paper (lol)


Reviews look hit and miss. Rrp is shocking too

BLACK FRIDAY Withings Steel Sport HR + Student Discount + Free Premium Additional Strap £161.46
Found 22nd Nov 2018Found 22nd Nov 2018
So Withings have a bunch of Black Friday deals on at the moment, for this watch in particular you get a free premium strap (usually £29.95-44.95) in addition to the standard one yo… Read more
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Ordered, thanks for posting. I've been wanting one of these since release, and the free leather band is enough of an incentive for me to go for it. I didn't have a student code, but TopCashback is tracking with me at 7% - a very decent saving of £15.50 (y)


Student beans


I've been tempted by this recently. How'd you get student discount?

Withings Steel HR Smartwatch + free band  £139.97 with code at Withings
Found 8th Nov 2018Found 8th Nov 2018
Not sure if this deal is account specific, but I received an email stating that the Withings Steel HR was available with any free strap. I picked the 36 model as a present and dis… Read more

Classy not dressy. It did everything I needed and didn’t need charging everyday. I personally loved the look. Until it misted over.


The extra discount isn’t being automatically applied? Is there another code?


Some people like these fashionable watches. In person I’ve seen they look really nice. assuming you don’t have the early Nokia ones that would have condensed screens. I personally don’t like the design for something I’d wear but it’s far from ugly. Has anyone seen the android offerings. Lol


I wish Nokia would make a sports watch this is too dressy


Did you really rate it? I'm after a Smart watch but it has to look traditional

Enjoy £30 off (18%) Withings Steel HR watch - Something that actually looks good!
Found 3rd May 2017Found 3rd May 2017
Enjoy £30 off (18%) Withings Steel HR watch - Something that actually looks good!
Steel HR 36 mm — Black (£169.95 - £30) £139.95 (18% discount) Steel HR 36 mm — White (£169.95 - £30) £139.95 (18% discount) Steel HR 40 mm — Black (£179.95 - £30) £149.95 (17% disc… Read more

Argos are reflecting the price in store too, if you would like to pick one up same day


I like the watch and ARGHHHHHHHHHH have and love the Withings scale (Body Cardio) which does not syncwith my Samsung gear (watch or mobile) I have to use the Withings app, but keep looking at the watches they look great but the function is pants. Now Nokia is stamping its name and authority all over Withings (hear the name will be gone), be interesting


Boy, that is one ugly watch! Strikes me to either go for a full-face smart-watch or be a real man and use a 'proper' watch to tell the time (maybe the date too). Then, horror of horrors, use your phone/tablet to do techie stuff. Maybe just me, but I've been in so many meetings when some dude looks at the latest missive he's had on his smart watch from Plenty of Fish (or some such) and everyone else in the room can be seen (visibly) thinking what a **** they are.


​You only get a vibrate then need to check your watch, same as leaving your mobile on vibrate


So it does, tracking, HR, and notifications - im not sure what more you want?

Withings Body Cardio 50% Off - refurbished  £74.97
Found 27th Apr 2017Found 27th Apr 2017
Withings Body Cardio 50% Off - refurbished £74.97
Withings Body Cardio, bargain at £75. Generally good reviews on Amazon, they have also recently released new firmware. Build quality is superb.. very advanced scale! These are … Read more

Thanks for this - was just about to buy second hand Withings body composition scales [our son raves about them!] and have just purchased these with heart health for just a fraction more - and two year warranty!!! Yay!!!


Offer still on, decided to give it a go.


Is there any way of getting free postage?


Brilliant! Thank you so much for posting. I was looking at exactly one of these.


Very good price, looked at these when launched but they had mixed feedback. Anyone have a set and care to comment, especially in the heart health feature? Good price, tempted as they've been in my amazon wish list for a while, rrp is £150, Amazon have them new at £111.

Withings body scales £31.96 Delivered @ Withings
Found 18th Jan 2017Found 18th Jan 2017
Withings body scales £31.96 Delivered @ Withings
Looking at these online on Withings website. RRP £89.95. Once you select your colour and proceed to checkout the price reduces to £39.95. Standard postage is £4.10 total price £44.… Read more
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So gutted I only saw this today as I was looking at buying!


Mine arrived Thursday - can't complain for £30.


Thanks got mine yesterday, really pleased, looking for good deal on the HR monitor now


Missed the parcel and the card if that's the case. The proof of delivery signature is 2 circles!


Mine arrived. Chuffed.

Withings Body Cardio, £89.97 with voucher HEAL-17THY
Found 13th Jan 2017Found 13th Jan 2017
Withings Body Cardio, £89.97 with voucher HEAL-17THY
Currently RRP £149.95, £129.95 on Amazon, and cheaper than its ever been on Amazon (£105), plus I'm a big fan of the previous year's device. With a new low price, and new years re… Read more

Thanks, just tried that :) Worked fine, but the app is very good anyway. Might help Android users, if their app is not as good.


Awesome :) Glad you are a happy punter. Check out their website too, as another way to access your information but on a bigger screen


Used it for a few more days now. Changed my mind on the (iOS) app. I think it is excellent. Works great, and is clear. Allows easy sharing of family data too. Fantastic scale and worth every penny.


Mine arrived today too. Mine was a cinch to set up, and everything just worked. I did about 8 test weighings, and it worked perfectly each time, including the extra measurements such as the pulse and heart rate. Perhaps they have updated the hardware, or the initial batch with bad reviews were flawed. App is not fantastic, but works fine. Difference might be that I am using iOS. One question though, if anyone can answer pls. There is a very thin (neat) band of what looks like white Styrofoam (?) all around the scale, between the top and bottom plates of the scale. The instructions don't mention it. Should it be removed?


Got mine today I'd say very basic and poor instructions meaning WIFI and profile setup a pain. The measurements were frustrating took ages then guessed the chalets in each corner of the display are telling you you are not stood correctly, so shifted forward and e voila. So working smooth getting all measurements within 1 min including the heart velocity had to do 5 weigh ins to get that. The app is very poor the picture on the box shows a nice simple dashboard the android app is just a data dump. Yes lots of data and no meaning but a quick Google for the ideal for each told me I'm all muscle as my last checked said I was obese ;)

Withings Home security camera half price - £84.97
Found 26th Nov 2016Found 26th Nov 2016
Withings Home security camera half price - £84.97
I've been looking around for a good home security camera and came across the Withings Home half price deal on their website! It's usually £169.95 but they've reduced it by 50% to £… Read more

was 1 in stock? OOS now


You say you have been looking around for "a good" security camera and found this one.. According to the reviews I wouldn't call it good.


out of stock! :(


Can you record events such as movement to laptop or phone, or do you have to subscribe to cloud services at a monthly cost?

Withings up to 70% off some great discounts
Found 25th Nov 2016Found 25th Nov 2016
Withings up to 70% off some great discounts
Withings Black Friday deals are really good and there are some great discounts to be had! Don't miss out! https://www.withings.com/uk/en/

Didn't know that Withings use DPD as their couriers!! Basically means I will never receive my order. Oh well!


Managed to pick up the blood pressure monitor for £37.78. Excellent reviews.


Got the email, and bought the heart rate monitor for £53.97 inc P&P - very happy with the price

Withings 'Body' Scale (2016 model) withings
Found 28th Jul 2016Found 28th Jul 2016
Withings 'Body' Scale (2016 model) withings
on offer for £79 direct from manufacturer with code BODYLAUNCH-UK - free shipping too which was a pleasant surprise as it's supposed to be free shipping over £99 only. (the origina… Read more

the deal fecksakes posted worked for a very short time, I managed to score a spare for a family member (despite their repeated refusal to engage with tech and digital fitness!!) what this means is there are some cheapo bargains to be had on ebay as a number of people look to flip their cheap scales I had the original version from 2010/2011 and was very happy with them. replaced them with these. I'm not quite as convinced they're as reliable, consistent etc but they're still pretty decent and still give you the major advantage of logging your weight directly to the app (which integrates with many major services like apple/google health, MFP etc) this deal has now expired and is a tenner more - so look on ebay and try to bag a bargain


cheers, seemed to have worked for me. hopefully the order is honoured. £100 of gift for a fraction of the price


Just looking at price for body scales. Shows as £89 on the Withings website. However once u select your colour and add to basket it comes down to £39.95.


One tip - stay consistent. I weight in the morning after lightening the load, before eating or drinking and in just boxers. Weight varies by up to 2kg over the day


Shows I'm 79lbs lighter

Activité Steel £139.95 @ Withings
Found 23rd Nov 2015Found 23rd Nov 2015
Activité Steel £139.95 @ Withings
A better smart watch compared to mobile screen watches.. Watch yourself: 24/7 All-Activity Tracking Run, walk, swim, or dance the night away without your phone. There’s no button… Read more

Nice looking watch - but it's not an offer, its just RRP I think?

Withings baby monitor £120 50% off and free delivery direct from manufacturer @ Withings
Found 28th Nov 2014Found 28th Nov 2014
Withings baby monitor £120 50% off and free delivery direct from manufacturer @ Withings
Superb baby monitor half price in the black Friday deal. Really is a genuine saving of 50% off. They also have the baby scales 50% off too at £75. Be quick it ends on Monday.

We would not be without this. My husband is a flight attendant and he uses it to check in on our son from all over the world. It is a fantastic piece of equipment! Well worth the money.


Reviews suggest "superb" is somewhat of an overstatement. I would be extremely cautious before buying this - read reviews. Apparently it has problems with losing connection and not even alerting you. That and it requires a connection to their servers to be active at all times?