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The Hungarian airline WizzAir is one of Europe’s leading low cost airlines. The airline serves destinations all over the continent, from Katowice in Poland to Girona in Spain, and operates out of airports all over the UK. Anyone who wants to travel for less can do so with the WizzAir discounts at HotUKDeals. Read more

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RETURN FLIGHT SOFIA BULGARIA JUST £4.98 PER PERSON, Departing Birmingham May 9th 2017 for 2 weeks @ wizzair
Found 21st Apr 2017Found 21st Apr 2017
Crazy cheap price for a return flight from Birmingham to Sofia in Bulgaria just £4.98 per person. Price is just for hand luggage only . The wizz links sometimes die so i've attac… Read more
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Got one


Wow! Why haven't you posted this amazing deal X)


Can googlemap Sofia from comfort of my own home and put my clothes in any size baggage I like! - for FREE!


I wish they did cheap flights to Romania


Very interesting! can't see them any low now! Probably later of the year someone put up a holiday package at the price of a Nando's meal lol!

Return Flights Birmingham to Bulgaria £4.98pp @ Wizzair
Found 11th Mar 2017Found 11th Mar 2017
Bargain! November and December £4.98 return flights to Sofia!!
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Thanks for the reply. That's one mystery solved. :) I'll have to keep an eye out. Have never managed to find one of these deals yet, but will keep looking.


Showed up on Skyscanner initially but then it wouldn't show up the £4.98 seats, went onto Wizzair and tried a few dates and hey presto....


Looks like they just ran a a limited promotion with just around 40 to 100 seats at £3 just to create hype and get every one talking about wizzair . social media marketing taktics free advertising people who got in early will have their seats issued everyone else can fly in cargo. lolz


Can I ask the OP how they initially find these deals? Do you just go to a site at random and check lots of dates on the off chance? Or do you have some hint that there might be a very cheap deal available? I can't for the life of me think of how you might have come across this £5 deal without knowing it was already there - unless you just randomly visit Wizz and plug in dates on the off chance. Thanks


I can't even get the website to work the boxes with origin won't scroll and it won't let u type anything in them

£17.98 Doncaster to Sofia Return @ WizzAir (March)
Found 10th Feb 2017Found 10th Feb 2017
Sample flight: Mon 27/03/17 20:40 Doncaster DSA 01:55 Sofia SOF Fri 31/03/17 18:35 Sofia SOF 20:10 Doncaster DSA
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A few nice buildings in Sofia , but not a great city. Central railway station to be avoided & pray you don't need a toilet whilst out & about. Give the zoo a miss at all costs unless seeing extremely depressed animals waiting to die floats your boat.


I agree. When flying with low-cost airlines you just have to know what you're getting... a flight from point a to b. Want something else? Pay for it. Quite a few folks tend to expect a first class service when they paid 10 quid for a flight.


​Best of the no-frills IMO. Not so bad when things go wrong too.


Been to Sofia. Not a fan. Prefer their Romanian neighbours in Bucharest.


Really? We've flown with Wizzair half a dozen times and they've been great. Onboard no-frills service, but the bar and snacks are a bargain compared to most airlines. The staff tend to be much friendlier if you're friendly to them to begin with! Saying that, we've flown Ryanair dozens of times too and never had any major complaints there either. In fact I've never had any real problems with any airline except one single instance with American Airlines.

*UPDATE* EVEN CHEAPER NOW ! March 2017 Tatras Mountains holiday (Poprad, Slovakia) from London Luton inc. 8 nights, return flight, FREE Airport shuttle + day entry to AquaCity Poprad spa resort £286,66 per couple or £143.33 pp @ WizzAir & multi links
Found 15th Jan 2017Found 15th Jan 2017
Update 2: original post hotel sold out, EVEN CHEAPER OPTION found HERE(Apartman's CVC) £154 : http://www.booking.com/hotel/sk/apartman-s-cvc.en-gb.html?aid=304142;label=gen173nr-1… Read more

Nightlife in High Tatras - there is a club name Humno in Tatranska Lomnica, it is very famous, but parties only Fridays and Saturdays. Its such a great place, very good looking, very international as well, good food, nice bartenders :) Plenty of nice bars and pubs in city centre in Poprad, opened till late, but no disco - only drinks and fun :) They use to have the parties in weekend time only everywhere around, people not used to go out during the work days, but if you dont really need to dance all night every night, you can really enjoy a very friendly and nice atmosphere anywhere in the city centre :) Knowing, there are some more clubs in Poprad stright away where are the parties, but never tried.


What's the nightlife like?


I definitely recommend AquaCity in Poprad. The price may seem higher at first - but count - the hotel with thermal aquapark and INCREDIBLE wellness, never seen something like that, with unlimmited access to these attractions all the time, easy access to the thermal pools, half board at cosy restaurant ( - amount and quality of the food, you need to accept it is local, to tourist - but definitely great choices and very international and modern ), location - in the city, everything close - they got their own skibus, no need to take care of the transfers, like - this is for the tourists that love the comfort, everything under one roof, english speaking - and this company is definitely really UK friendly - as I understood the owner is ENG so the service is really international and good quality. They seem to be a big fans of ManU, its everywhere, we´ve been told that the youth are coming yearly for the camps here. Everything in Poprad quite cheap for internationals. High Tatras this winter definitely a perfect choice for winter holiday, they are beating Austria so much for us.



they look exactly like the kind of people I would avoid, cheers I wont be booking

Upto 30% off on selected tickets @ Wizzair
Found 27th Dec 2016Found 27th Dec 2016
Terms & conditions: 20% discount applies to all fares including taxes, non-optional charges and small cabin bag (max: 42 x 32 x 25 cm) but excluding administration fee. Discou… Read more

I don't know why this is going cold..I use this company and had only one delay (1hour ) in the last 2 years


Used many times. Not a single issue and


Use them all the time. No issues 99% of the time and cheap.


I've used wizz before (Doncaster - Wroclaw) with no complaints at all. Nothing fancy but they were ahead of schedule, clean and friendly, I would happily use them again :-)


Debatable. LCC's are LCC's.

Super Cheap Return Flights To Poland March 2017 wizzair
Found 14th Dec 2016Found 14th Dec 2016
Amazingly cheap flights to the beautiful city of Gdansk from Doncaster Airport. The dates I have found at these prices are for Thursday 16th March 21:00-23:55, flying back Sunday … Read more
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What happened?


the most regret full purchase i ever made :(


better tell Nigel Farrage... I'm sure he'll book the lot


Any flight that doesnt end in a fireball is a bonus I suppose.


Flew with them 5 times now and I haven't had a single negative experience. What do you expect for £18?

Wizz Air 20% discount on all flights eg London Luton-Budapest £37 book 10-11 December only
Found 10th Dec 2016Found 10th Dec 2016
OK caveat is you need to sign up for membership - which lasts a year. 20% discount applies to tariff including taxes, non-optional charges and small cabin bag (max: 42 x 32 x 25 c… Read more
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the most regret full purchase i ever made :(


My mate calls them Swizz air because there is always adds on's, worst than Ryanair


Wizz are certainly rubbish on hand baggage allowance - surprised they have not learned from the Ryanair example, dumbwits - it is costing them business & profit


same price all the time!!


Only for wizz discount members, so you need to pay £25 first to get 20% off.

WizzAir Cyber Days 20% off on all flights and all destinations
Found 26th Nov 2016Found 26th Nov 2016
Published in their newsletter, use the book now in the following link: http://link.wizzair.com/u/gm.php?prm=QDuPbj8Yo6_765074284_48480_372228

I did check for a flight in Friday(two days ago) with no discount and they where cheaper then today with 20% discount. looks like they prices gone up before the code. agree with @kruger1


I have to correct you but this is simply not true. Reason why I say that is that about a week ago I was looking at some flights and went back to look at same flights after this discount and they are cheaper.


their prices go up before they introduce this discount. You can still save a bit (about 10%) if you need to flight with them

Return flight to Tuzla, Bosnia £25.98 from luton with WizzAir
Found 30th Oct 2016Found 30th Oct 2016
Having been to Bosnia a couple of times, it is a stunning gem full of culture and history. Take a chance to see the previously war torn Sarajevo or the beautiful Mostar, or just ro… Read more
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​i found Bosnian public transport very easy to use and of reasonable quality. Tuzla airport to the town centre is easy but London to luton can be an expensive pain.


Luton Airport resembles a building site at the moment - complete nightmare. http://www.airlinequality.com/airport-reviews/luton-airport/


I'm a big fan of newish places, and went to Buchurest, Sofia, and others before the budget flights went...... had a great time, friendly locals, cheapish prices and so on. To save me checking, as my internet connection is painfully slow right now, and I'm trying to use up the ebay promo posted here, is the airport far from the town/city, and can anyone get about using public transport fairly easily, or would it mean being stuck in a boring place without car hire ? Thanks for any information




I'm sure Bosnia is lovely, but Luton Airport certainly isn't at the moment. I'm avoiding it until they've actually built roads and things.

20% off Wizz Air flights EXPIRES TONIGHT
Found 5th Oct 2016Found 5th Oct 2016
All flights to all destinations. Available for everyone and not just Wizz discount club members. 20% discount applies to fares including taxes, non-optional charges and small cabi… Read more

The same conclusions could be drawn about Ryanair listening to certain people. They are fine overall and have quite a substantial operation.


have flown wizz air many times and found them to be a very good airline. Yes they definitely do put the prices up the night before a 20% offer, but you do still end up with a discount (maybe 5-10%)


Flew with them this last week and got back on Tuesday. Customer service on the Luton end was excellent when we had an issue checking in online. Return flight took off 20 minutes late but made time up and landed 15 minute early :) Overall i was very pleased with them. My friend uses them every 6 weeks to fly to serbia and speaks highly of them.


To be fair they don't sound very reputable.


Never had any problems with Wizz and have flown with them at least 20 times

WizzAir - 20% off for all flights to and from the UK (Valid only 16 Aug)
Found 16th Aug 2016Found 16th Aug 2016
20% discount applies to tariff including taxes, non-optional charges and small cabin bag (max: 42 x 32 x 25 cm) but excluding administration fee. Discount is valid for new bookings… Read more

​"PASSENGERS WITHOUT PRIORITY BOARDING are allowed to carry only one piece of cabin baggage . Small cabin bag: You can bring a small bag that fits within the 42x32x25cm dimensions onboard free of charge. It needs to fit under the seat in front of you. OR Large cabin bag: For cabin baggage that's larger than a small cabin bag, but fits within the limit of 56x45x25cm, you'll need to pay a fee. Larger bags can fit into the overhead compartments, but please take care that you'll be able to place your item up there without assistance." On their website. I didn't know this either. Wizz are harsher than Ryanair. I no longer choose to fly with them. Last time they were quite abusive at boarding about duty free. Until I pointed out their sign right in front of them. Didnt seem to get any apologies just a grunt. I quite like Ryanair. (did I just say that? hahah)


​Really? Since when?


Just a quick note, that cabin bag has to go under the seat in front of you, they charge extra for you to put it in the over head lockers...


Just a heads up for anyone who is over 6 foot. Their new planes have the least legroom of any airline. I'm 6'3 and I went out on an older plane. Usual no legroom but can at least sit in my seat. On way home I was on a newer plane that had 2 inches less legroom and was impossible to sit in my seat.


When I check the prices, they are 20% off the price of the last time I checked. Heat.

Wizzair - 20℅ off all routes booked today only (27th July)
Found 27th Jul 2016Found 27th Jul 2016
Wizzair are offering a straight 20℅ discount off all routes booked today only, on their website. (As a European airline, the deal is likely to finish at 11pm tonight and not midnig… Read more

Don't do it :( Free would not be cheap enough. The words 'seat' & 'comfort' are mutually exclusive imho. 'Wizzair, for when there is no alternative.'


Most budget airlines dont sell connecting flights because they don't want the cost and hassle of having to ensure passengers make their connections (connecting baggage, helping people make their connection if one flight is delayed, paying for accommodation etc if someone misses a connection). Therefore they wont sell connecting flights but you can book the flights separately and hope you can make the connection yourself. If you dont make the connection the airline wont help you as they dont sell/guarantee connections. Even full-service airlines wont generally help you if you book a connection on two separate tickets and dont make the connection. The exception to budget airlines not selling connections are where an airline operates all their flights to and from one hub city (like Pegasus does with Istanbul Sabitha). In this case the airline doesn't have much choice as a very small percentage of their passengers will only want to fly to their hub airport, most want to connect onto other destinations). Wizz doesn't really have hub cities (Ryanair calls a hub anywhere an aircraft rests overnight), they just fly everywhere.


What is meant by 'self-connecting' & flight connections are never guaranteed? Sounds pretty useless!!

20% OFF For all flights to and from the United Kingdom.Only if you book on 19 July at Wizzair
Found 19th Jul 2016Found 19th Jul 2016
20% discount applies to tariff including taxes, non-optional charges and small cabin bag (max: 42 x 32 x 25 cm) but excluding administration fee. Discount is valid for new bookings… Read more
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I found a weekend return flight to Prague and back in October for £53. the cheapest flight I found was around £20.00 without wizzair card

20% off Wizz Air flights to and from the UK (Wizz Discount Club Members)
Found 30th Jun 2016Found 30th Jun 2016
20% off all flights to and from the UK when booked on Thursday 30th June. This offer is not open to everybody, you have to pay their annual member fee to receive the discount (Wizz… Read more
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the most regret full purchase i ever made :(


the most regret full purchase i ever made :(


Correct. The 20% is now available to everybody booking Friday 1st July, I got the email today.


You don't need to be a member to get the 20% deal, and that deal is showing as being available for bookings made on the 01 July. For 2 consecutive days they have amended the date so it may be an on running promo. Members get a further discount of about £8.50 per flight, but this is subject to a yearly fee, so you need to do the maths. Your partner will also receive discount as the membership is member + 1. If you intend to fly at least twice with Wizz, taking a partner each time then it will work to your benefit. It is worth bearing in mind the Priority Boarding. Forget any politics behind it. You will get an extra carry on luggage included for £3 per flight, and by being first on you are guaranteed the storage space


This is fake marketing. Their prices went up 2 days ago... Still a good deal though. Get some heat

25% off for wizzair club members - all destinations
Found 10th May 2016Found 10th May 2016
Only if you book via wizzair mobile app and you are a member on the 10th of May...that's a mouthful... you get 25% off to and from all destinations.
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. Ich l h


is this offer expired?


This deal is for everybody, not just for Wizz Air Discount Club members. And unlike during previous promotions it looks like prices were not hiked up to compensate for the "discount", so this is an excellent deal. Be aware of their baggage rules (tiny free bag, pay for large cabin bag or checked bag) and you'll be fine. Note also that WizzAir still seems to be charging Air Passenger Duty (APD) for children, and you'll have to reclaim it from them.


Awful baggage allowance, and odd set of rules for same.


​food even.

every 2nd ticket 50% off today only @ Wizz Air
Found 12th Apr 2016Found 12th Apr 2016
Only today. Every second ticket is half price. This promotion applies on 12 of April from 00.00 hour to 24.00 CET only if you purchase minimum two (2) seats, at the same time as … Read more
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IMHO a grand for 4 tickets to bourgas in the kids summer holidays is a very good price! this include luggage and reserved seating!


fake promotion prices even higher than normal


The picture looks like a flying dildo. Probably sums up their marketing team.


I remember on one of the previous occasions they ran this promotion, I'd been looking at tickets to Bulgaria for a while and had been noting down the prices. In some cases they as much as doubled them during the promotion itself. I'm sure there are good prices to be had, but it doesn't surprise me to see comments about the prices being raised on some tickets.


I can recommend hiking in beautiful mountains High Tatras near Poprad

20% off of wiz air flights if booked today
Found 11th Feb 2016Found 11th Feb 2016
20% off of flights if booked today, does not apply to optional extras. I recommend ohrid!
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​The phrase "off of" is correct in this context, it would also be correct to use a single "off" but I elected not to.


If unsure whether to use "off" or "of" it's always best to use both.


"normal" price fluctuation As they have these 20% discounts I wouldn't call this a deal really, soon its gonna be type of DFS sale. not voting


The flight I was looking at yesterday was cheaper than it is today even with a discount!

Wizzair Tours Flight + Hotel 3 nights 2 people:Budapest from £92 / Prague £130
Found 28th Jan 2016Found 28th Jan 2016
Got an email lists deal for February but I checked and price seems to be for march as well! prices were in euros: budapest 120 euro , prague 169 euro Also lists luton - vilinus… Read more

the most regret full purchase i ever made :(


the most regret full purchase i ever made :(


Ha fingers crossed its for more 3 hrs and then you get some compensation!


Good deal but expect flight delays

Weekend in Vilnius, Lithuania 5-7 February, from £45 pp for Discount Club members, from £60 for others @ WizzAir
Found 10th Dec 2015Found 10th Dec 2015
Weekend in Vilnius, Lithuania from £45 pp (2 people sharing) Flights with Wizz Air for Discount Club members from £22 on return (add additional £15 if you're not a member but for … Read more

Vilnius is a magical city, especially in the snow, I loved going in the sub-zero temperatures. I really recommend going there and if the flight times are no good, try tweaking them a bit.


Lithuania is 2 hours ahead, hence landing at 0:30 you will feel as 10:30 which I think is not bad, I appreciate more that the flight leaves at 8 so I can finish off work 5.30 and still be at Luton easily on time.. Also Winter is about cold to me :)


Great price, but the wrong time of the year to visit - Sub zero temperatures ! Cold ! Also, the flight out is a terrible time, who wants to land at half past midnight ?


Sorry but Wizz air sounds like something the Royle family would use.

20% of all flights with WizzAir - Today only
Found 12th Nov 2015Found 12th Nov 2015
Signed up to their newsletter and received an email this morning stating 20% off all flights. You must be a member which costs £21.99 for the year which allows discount for yoursel… Read more

Cool. Well booked a few nights in Riga with the Mrs between Christmas and New Years. Cheers for the heads up OP


I think this is for flights only. Check out the flights separately to the hotel and compare the price to going for the Package option.


Can anyone help? Trying to book the flight and hotel option but you can't get the 20% to activate!

Fancy staying in an Ice Hotel? Transylvania and Ice Hotel stay just £143.63pp inc flights, hotels, car hire and cable car transfers @ Wizzair
Found 11th Nov 2015Found 11th Nov 2015
Fancy a stay in an ice hotel? I have personally stayed here a few years ago when it first opened and was significantly cheaper and less well known and it is amazing and still reaso… Read more
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Just been looking at one on here for Croatia and notice you've posted that one too.


Brilliant to hear, second report back this week off someone that had an amazing time from one of my posts. So glad you enjoyed it.


Just got back from staying here which I booked after seeing this. Amazing place not just the ice hotel but Romania. We flew in to Tirgu Meres traveled to Sighasora, Bran, Brasov, Peles Castle and Bucharest. Very cheap we even went off the beaten track and traveled through villages. Thank you for posting,


Thanks! Booked up for Feb and looking forward to it.


Hope you all have a great time!!

3 Night Long Weekend in Latvia (Riga) £64.48pp (lower with TCB) Inc Flights, Hotel & Bus Transfer £128.95 @ Wizzair
Found 17th Oct 2015Found 17th Oct 2015
Great cheap break to Riga in Latvia for three nights. Flying with Wizzair from Liverpool on Friday 22nd January and returning Monday 25th January. If you are a member of the Wizzai… Read more
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Some promotional fares for 3 Euro on routes, e.g. Riga-Tallinn here


Anything there worth going for except the COLD?



A few things to see in and around Riga - Jurmala beach (very easy train ride - the railways are really efficient and cheap), Salaspils Memorial Park (again, cheap train ride followed by a wander through the woods to get there - beware of wolves, wolverines and bears....) and also Riga Zoo which is nice at night (plus extremely cheap after IIRC 4pm or so)

fly to Dubai for about £62 @ WizzAir
Found 16th Oct 2015Found 16th Oct 2015
having recently flown to Budapest with wizzair I noticed they do onward flights to Dubai. after a quick search I noticed that you can get to Dubai for about £62 from Luton airport … Read more
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the most regret full purchase i ever made :(


Great find return will cost £45 Via Poland


​Now that you've educated yourself about the laws of the UAE, you know what rules to follow if you visit there. Same as you would expect tourists coming to this country. I dont agree with all their laws but if people cant stop themselves going with a stranger they met 5 minutes before and start shagging on a beach or cant refrain from alcohol, then rather than complain about "sharia law c##p country" they shouldn't bother going there on holiday. In terms of Deals, this is very HOT :)


Repeat what? What are you saying???


I repeat.

London Luton to Ljubljana, Slovenia, 14/11-17/11 £14.38 (£31.98 NON WizzClub member) WizzClub -
Found 31st Aug 2015Found 31st Aug 2015
Four days in Slovenias capital city. Airport is 26km away from city centre. Public transport available. Or hire car/taxi. Deal price available to WizzClub members. Non-members ove… Read more

Expired now.


Thank you! Good excuse to fly back home :). Ljubljana is small, but beautiful. Bled is one of main touristic attractions, not too far. But if you manage to spare some time to visit Bohinj, do it, it's amazing. Keep in mind Slovenia is really small so you can be at the seaside in the morning and enjoying the mountain view in the evening. And thank you clearing up that Slovakia is a completely different country :). Have a good trip!


When he went for a 'dump'.


I got a bit confused! Was nice though! I've been to Bratislava which was good too before the film Hostel


Have you even been? I have been going to Slovenia and the rest of Yugoslavia (former states) for 3 years in a row. Easily the nicest country in Europe. The landscapes and the Soca river is unreal. So much to do.

Wizzair flights - Summer end sale - Get 20 percent off (Members Only)
Found 31st Aug 2015Found 31st Aug 2015
Summer end sale - Get 20 percent off just Today and tomorrow so hurry up members only *20% discount applies to tariff including taxes, non-optional charges and small cabin bag (m… Read more

Ended up buying four tickets for three people! :)


F... thieves. My bag was 5 cm to big they charged me £30. Not recommended even for free.


Out of interest if you mean Ryanair I have not been asked for 3 years about my bag... Have you?


Flying out of Doncaster no one seemed to care about hand luggage size. Flying out of Vilnius however, they were on the warpath with the cage and credit card machine. Reminded me of the old Ryanair days.


Thanks op

20% off all routes Wizz air book on  18th June
Found 18th Jun 2015Found 18th Jun 2015
20% off all routes if booked on 18th June. Wizz members only and fee to join but may be worth joining if wanting to book anyway. Once a member get discount on flights for whole yea… Read more
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Various options on joining fee, but we'll worth it - we saved a fair few bob on flights this year with the benefits of membership


How much for the Sign-Up/Joining Fee ..... thanx. :-)

Second ticket free on flights from wizzair / 11th anniversary deal
Found 19th May 2015Found 19th May 2015
Any destination booked between 00:00 19th of may till 20th of may, 24h (CEST) will give second ticket for free (must be booked in the same reservation) up to 6 people per reservati… Read more

Should be Miss, been for me in the past, however they are not important, the only stuff that matters is the name and surname (same as in the passport)


For anyone that did book flights and isn't married... did you notice that there was no 'Miss' option? I had to put my girlfriend down as 'Ms'. I will refuse to pay to change it as it was their fault.


The last time i flew with wizz I was charged by the gram and not by the seat


Seems the promo has ended. Dear customers, Please, note that our promo has ended. We would like to thank all of you for your great interest. Our call center lines may be busy at the moment and we sincerely apologize if you are not able to reach us. With kind regards, Wizz Air Customer Services


I'm guessing Wizzair are banking on people being unaware of what their normal prices should be.. just so happened I'd been monitoring prices recently and can see how they've jacked them all up today. I would go so far as to say this deal should be cold...

Flights to Macedonia (Ohrid) from London (Luton) only 16.98 GBP round trip! @ wizzair
Found 7th May 2015Found 7th May 2015
Hungarian low cost carrier Wizz Air offers very low prices from UK (London Luton) to Macedonia (Ohrid). Tickets for only 16.98 GBP round trip. London (Luton) – Ohrid for 9.99 GBP:… Read more

I thought it was called Ohrid for a reason?


I just come back from Ohrid, amazing place wanna go back. No more cheap tickets cos they have summer festival end of August.


No idea why this isn't hotter. I'm in Ohrid right now, and it's stunning. It's more expensive now, but had no problems at all with Wizz Air. Follow the rules, no extra charges.


Yes, I thought there is a catch...


No wonder its so cheap, on the verge of war in Macedonia https://euobserver.com/beyond-brussels/128707

Fly from Sofia, Bulgaria to Dubai, UAE for a super cheap £79 return @ wizzair
Found 11th Apr 2015Found 11th Apr 2015
Lots of dates to play with all through the summer. Cheap but maybe too hot and DRY for some.
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Just light friendly banter mate. Adios.


Oh dear,you are making yourself look pretty silly now............


Plenty more where that came from


No problem.save you PMing me again oO


Thanks mate much appreciated.

20% discount WIZZAIR for discount members (£29.99 for standard or £49.99 for group membership)
Found 13th Nov 2014Found 13th Nov 2014
20% discount on wizzair.com for discount club members if you book on 13th or 14th of November. Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.

I have flown with wizzair several times and never had any problems. Easy to use site, the discount club membership pays for itself from the first booking and you have it for one year...put it this way, if you travel with the family you save nearly £25/persons for a return flight. If you want to avoid unpleasant situations and extra fees all you need to do is print your ticket and make sure you luggage size is the wright one...


1 of the worst airlines I ever flown


http://www.wizzairsucks.com/index.html check before booking :)


No, they get an unfixed amount off. Anything from a tenner upwards, depends on the date, price, weather, mood of the sales staff, etc, etc. Wizz sales are usually limited to Wizzcard holders first, then after that they will be open to everyone (if someone books before you though, the price will normally get pushed up by the time that happens). I use the word "sale" loosely, as you've got more change of getting a better price when they're not having a sale tbh.


Still there for me. I guess this is an 20% off on top of the normal discount members get. That discount is £10 I believe.

NEW ROUTE! FLY FROM LUTON TO POPRAD TATRY £25.99 (or £17.49 with wizz club card) one way or £51.98 return  @ wizzair.com
Found 23rd Aug 2014Found 23rd Aug 2014
most one way flights at £24.99 each way btw 26. oct - 14.dec 2014 6. jan - 17. feb 2015 1. mar - 30. mar 2015 3/4 times a week Fare: including administration fee, taxes, non op… Read more

niektori o nich este nepoculi :p


http://en.megaubytovanie.sk/penzion-kamzik off-season (16.9 - 4.12) 20 euro pppn inc. halfboard + Discounts Discount (%) Aquacity Poprad 15 % off Thermal Vrbov 20 % off Splav na pltiach Dunajcom 10 % off Ski centrum Strachan 20 % off http://en.megaubytovanie.sk/penzion-viktoria-zdiar off seasom 1.9 - 19.12 13,00 EUR Person / night - min 2 persons per 2 nights halfboard + 10 euro http://en.megaubytovanie.sk/penzion-barborka price inc. breakfast Yearly 23 EUR 1 Bed Room / night Yearly 40 EUR 2 Bed Room / night Yearly 50 EUR 3 Bed Room / night Yearly 55 EUR 4 Bed Room / night Yearly 25 EUR Person / night http://en.megaubytovanie.sk/apartmany-stara-morava 49,00 EUR family apartment / night (2 +2) http://www.megaubytovanie.sk/penzion-tri-klasy off-season 13 eur pppn ...


Anywhere cheap top stay?


Luton? Its a dump mate, trust me


Thankyou :-)

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