WMFUG942G 9.0Kg Smart Washing Machine GRAPHITE £202 inc del/recycle old machine @ HOTPOINT CLEARANCE

WMFUG942G 9.0Kg Smart Washing Machine GRAPHITE £202 inc del/recycle old machine @ HOTPOINT CLEARANCE

Found 17th Dec 2017
Go to homepage and add WMFUG942G in search bar
I have just purchased this..I cannot believe how much i paid. Delivery is free (provide you with day and 3 hour window) and collection to recycle your old washing machine is also free..Ordered Sunday - delivered tuesday,,,

Removes 20 of the most stubborn everyday stains in one wash without pre-soaking. By cleverly managing detergent, water, drum rotation and temperature.
Awarded the Allergy UK Seal of Approval, our anti-allergy programme uses a combination of high temperature technology and extra rinses to neutralise and remove 99.9% of major allergens, including dust mites and pollen.
A delicate wash programme that keeps your woollens as good as new. It uses an extra gentle drum action and low spin speeds to stop clothes rubbing together and keep them looking beautiful for longer. (In the UK and Ireland the Woolmark is a Certification Trade Mark)
Intelligently weighs the wash load and adjusts energy, water and time for the most efficient cycle. Performance+ uses drum rotation to remove stains, while Speed+ shortens the wash and rinse stages so it’s perfect for a quick refresh.

KEY INFORMATIONBalancing SystemYBuilt in or FreestandingFreestandingDimensions (mm) H x W x D / Minimum Installation Depth850x595x605Display includes Time To EndYDoor lockYDrum Capacity (L)62Max Spin Speed (rpm)1400Max Wash Load Cottons (Kg)9MotorDynamic InverterPackage Dimensions (mm) Height/Width/Depth890x645x655User InterfaceBig DigitWater supplyCold Fill OnlyWeight (Kg)74ENERGY/PERFORMANCE INFORMATIONEnergy Consumption (kWh) - 60C Cotton Cycle (Full Load)1.36Energy Efficiency ClassA++Noise Emissions (dB) - 60C Cotton Cycle Spin Phase (Full Load)83Noise Emissions (dB) - 60C Cotton Cycle Wash Phase (Full Load)54Programme Time (mins) - 60C Cotton Cycle (Full Load)195Spin Efficiency ClassBWATER EXTRACTION EFFICIENCY (%)Annual Water Consumption based on 220 cycles (litres)12254Remaining Moisture - 60C Cotton Cycle (Full Load)53WASH PROGRAMMESAnti Allergy CycleYAnti Stain CycleYSilksYUltra Delicates CycleYWoolmark Platinum CareYOPTIONS24 Hour Delay TimerYPause / On-OffYSelectable Child Lock
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Broken link?
The link works. I have just checked it
MCGONIS1 m ago

Broken link?

link works.
Please note the comments in a "Deals" thread from earlier this year:

[ hotukdeals.com/dea…400 ]
Bargained4 m ago

https://www.hotpointclearance.co.uk/Products?formAction=search&searchString=WMFUG942GDirect link

Just gives a timeout error.
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Me too here
Good deal, I bought this a few months ago. Very happy with the machine and customer service I received. There will always be negatives about Hotpoint, but for this money you can't go wrong
Big drum, still wobbles around a lot. Not great on a towel wash. Got mine in JL in the summer, it’s really average compared to AEG model that packed in.
Bargained12 m ago

https://www.hotpointclearance.co.uk/Products?formAction=search&searchString=WMFUG942GDirect link

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Heat added OP
ordered. Heat added. Good they take the old one away for free.
Lets hope it is as good as some of the reviews say.
thank you. that's a christmas present for parents sorted
Been waiting to get Samsung or LG but tempted to get this now. anyone know how well this model holds up? reviews seem great but looking for opinions on here too
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Hotpoint - no thanks!
Do these set on fire
Are Hotpoint washing machines still as unreliable as I remember from 7-8 years ago ? Had 3 in succession pack up, all no older than 3 years old, before I saw the light and bought a John Lewis own brand washer (7 years old still working great)
Bought this 3 years ago and it broke down multiple times and the engineer was nice and fixed it even told my mum how to reset it to fix the error (they are designed to "break down") but a few days after the 1 year was up it just would not even turn on even when she tried resetting it, we replaced it with samsung 82 percent score on which!

£450 quid down the drain

Heat added very good company and service.
Out of stock
Rubbish machine bought last year regret it, doesn't rinse well always have soap stains on clothes,clothes are always wet after 1400 spin
Why has this deal been voted hot when it is apparently a poor machine ?
How can you buy extended warranty???
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