Wolcen Lords of Mayhem (Early Access) 25% OFF £11.24 @ STEAM

Wolcen Lords of Mayhem (Early Access) 25% OFF £11.24 @ STEAM

Found 20th Oct 2016
Used to be £14.99. This is shaping up to be the next good game in the likes of Diablo and Grim Dawn. Still in Alpha stage and has a lot of bugs but already looking to be a good game.Let us support the developers.


Companies should pay the user or offer the opportunity to play-test for free for early Alpha access. Most early access games require massive input, overhaul, and re-testing before even released to the general public. Yes understandably Umbra / Wolcen is a kickstarter project, so most of the supporters expect news, information, even some level playing to see the progress of the game, but with all the bugs and missing key information such as storyline, characters, or graphics can put future players investing later.

Thanks for putting this game on the radar though for a possible future purchase.
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