WOLF BLASS Chardonnay/Cabernet Shiraz £2.99 in Home Bargains

WOLF BLASS Chardonnay/Cabernet Shiraz £2.99 in Home Bargains

Found 12th Mar 2008
If you missed recent tesco deal....

LOTS of availability at Home Bargains (wine is in plastic bottles, but standard size 750ml)

Quality wine at a FAB price!


I got this wine when it was on offer at tesco and it was divine, went back on saturday and it wasn't there:x, i will be making a trip to home bargains for some!! the plastic bottle doesn't effect the taste does it???:oops:

this is my favourite of all wines. (and i've tried a few :-D ) unfortunately there is no home bargains near me. :x:x:x

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Re plastic bottles, no not all! (i've drunk some...)!!!
and just think, so much easier to take to BBQS, days out and picnics etc! ha ha

I tried it when this deal was first on about 5 or 6 weeks ago - & it tasted fine.....despite having a short use by date on it!!

oh not bothered about short dates it will be gone saturday night:whistling:
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