Wolf Blass Yellow Label Cabernet Sauvignon - Half Price - £4.49 @ Morrisons

Wolf Blass Yellow Label Cabernet Sauvignon - Half Price - £4.49 @ Morrisons

Found 21st Aug 2010
Wolf Blass yellow label chardonnay and yellow label Cabernet Sauvignon
Found in Morrison's Store in Ince (Wigan). Limited to 6 bottle per customer, but loads of stock.

Not showing on Morrison's website so maybe not national. I'm not going to photocopy my receipt for the non believers, so if you don't like the deal just don't buy it.
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Very nice, full flavoured, new world Cab Sav...
Good price for this - hot.
Hot - picked two up about an hour ago.
good vino.. that's not half price tho. its normally 7-8 quid a bottle.
One of the best of red wines - HOT!
good wine but never pay more than a five/six quid for it.....when is wine ever at full price
Just me - or is this not as good as it used to be?
Agreed, a saving of about £2.50-£3.00 a bottle but still a good saving on a great bottle of red!
Why is Morrison's website the absolute pits...for a multi million pound company its a disgrace.

Where are all the offers they have?
I have to admit that I purposely left the HALF PRICE bit out originally, just to test the reaction, and added it a day or so later. Without putting HALF PRICE in the title, the deal was barely tepid, yet after adding the two words, everyone started responding. It just proves that putting those 2 words in a deal really does work.

For the record, Morrison's does list the wine as being half price, but I take that with a pinch of salt, and compare the deal with what the wine normally sells at which is around the £7.50-8.00 mark, hence making it a good deal.

Now the cynic in me really comes out. If I was to list some crappy confectionery product normally selling for 50p, but reduced to 9p, the heat would go through the roof, suggesting to me that the people using this site who appreciate a quality product (rather than simply cheap) are in a minority.

UnclePotter - Morrison's seems to have had a rubbish website for as long as I can remember.

Rosco, while I agree that some of the mediocre wine in supermarkets is always supposedly on promotion, better wines such as this or Rosemount are on promotion far less frequently.

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Good Price for this wine. Lots available in Leek Morrisons. At this price I must see if phatboy is right when he says "Just me - or is this not as good as it used to be?"
Great wine, and as stated, very rarely on offer.

good vino.. that's not half price tho. its normally 7-8 quid a bottle.

its £9 in tesco these days. they normally have £2 off making it 6.99 when they have wine week. Cracking wine tho, and a steal at this price

Just me - or is this not as good as it used to be?

Know what you mean Benny. It used to taste way better than the usual red plonk costing up to a tenner but the last couple of times i've bought it on offer, its tasted good but nothing special. IMO l think the competition has upped their game as there are many better wines costing less e.g Yellow Tail shiraz. Wouldn't pay list price for WB yellow label but at this price it's still a bargain.
Good price for this - nearly as good as their Christmas price when I should have stocked up!
Yup this wine is £9 and a few pennies most of the time, I should know I bought a few bottles of it this last few weeks after having one on "offer" at £6.

This is a great wine and a great price.
It's not 6 bottles, it's 6 cases per customer.
Was chatting to the Store Manager here in Somerset yesterday then bought 24 bottles.

For the doubters - check your prices. Wolf Blass is almost £9 a bottle nowadays.
Yellow label Chardonnay available for the same price, if you don't like your red plonk!
Been out the country - is this still on?
Darn, wish I had known about this last week. Just did a small shop and they had they stacked at the till without price, couldn't believe it when they said £4.49.

Anyone know when it expires. Didn't have the car so could only get a couple
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