Wolf Creek DVD for a Fiver
Wolf Creek DVD for a Fiver

Wolf Creek DVD for a Fiver

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Three friends on a road trip in the remote Australian Outback are plunged into danger when they accept help from a seemingly friendly local...

Greg McLean's truly terrifying thriller is based, in part, on real events from the infamous 'Backpacker Murders' which plagued Australia's Hume Highway between 1989 and 1992.


terrible movie


terrible movie

Nope.... Excellent movie :-D

I wouldn't say it's "terrible", but it's definitely not very nice!!

And it's on Channel 4 next Thursday (I think), so you can watch it first before you spend 'ya fiver?

I think you mean, disturbed

Great if ya like Horror

Not a Horror Film - more of a thriller.

I thought it was good 4/5 stars

Great Movie, voted hot:)

Thats not a knife, this is a knife !

Head on a stick lol. Scary thing is, a few months after I saw this film a new neighbour moved in and hes a dead ringer for the nutter with the knife:?

Good film:thumbsup:

its a good film, based loosely on a true story too

I thought the film was good..... but i love horror/thriller type movies...i dont get scared very often so it was not really a horror movie for me but to some it may


terrible movie

I agree

lol....I even got a parking ticket because I was running late to see this at the cinema and didnt check the restrictions proberly.

damm, I thought what a waste of movie, then got back to my car and had a fine.... :x talk about add insult to injury

Not really a horror, more like a psychological thriller. It was OK as far as Aussie movies go. Not terrible, but not great either. Worth a watch nonetheless.
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