Wolfenstein PS3 £7.99 Delivered @ Play.com
Wolfenstein PS3 £7.99 Delivered @ Play.com

Wolfenstein PS3 £7.99 Delivered @ Play.com

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# Amazing enemies. You never know what ferocious enemies the Nazis will throw at you next as they bring their dark fantasies to life.
# Epic combat moments. Experience movie-like epic action sequences as you fight to prevent the Nazis from unleashing the power of the Black Sun, a war-ending weapon of supernatural mass destruction.
# Unique environments. Explore the mysteries of The Veil, a world between our reality and the occult underworld that offers you combat advantages but also new supernatural threats.
# Impressive firepower. Go to battle with a diverse collection of Allied, Axis and experimental Nazi weapons. Earn gold by working with the resistance fighters, purchase upgrades in the black market, and customise your personal arsenal.
# Classic RTCW multiplayer with an occult twist. Revisit the heart-pounding and award-winning class and objective based multiplayer of 'Return to Castle Wolfenstein' - now with occult-enhanced firepower!


now am just waiting for play to respond to amazons alien anthology price drop

This game any good?

yes please again santa!

I had this on release day and the online was fun, due to constant glitches and problems the community practically halved in 2 weeks, sold it not long after. Wouldn't like to think of how many play it now.
Single Player was pretty good, not great though, Singularity is similar but better IMO.
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great game but better on the PC for gameplay IMO

I got this when they were selling it new in Game for 99p. I'm not even sure it was worth that much.


This game any good?

Ummm. It's ok. The campy German accents are worth the 99p I paid for it, quite funny in an 'Allo 'Allo sort of way. The weapons sound and feel pretty nothingy, especially the MP40 which sounds like a Fisher Price typewriter. The bolt action Kar is by far the most satisfying. Anyway, it feels like a ten year old PC game, which isn't a bad thing but it's never really 'wow'. I don't regret playing it but I absolutely would not play it again.

I never get why people copy and paste the blurb. If anything just give us an idea of how much we'd be saving.

Bought this on Xbox for 99p at GAME a few weeks back, not had a chance to play it.

i like the blurb cos it fills the post a little and looks better than one sentence

its good for a pound which is what i paid for it not sure its worth much more as you can only really play the singleplayer

Think i'll give it a miss then.


(37 customer ratings )

£24.99 Free Delivery


Wolfenstein (37 customer ratings ) £24.99 Free … Wolfenstein (37 customer ratings ) £24.99 Free Delivery????????????????????/

Yep, expired.
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