Wolfenstein PS4 £24.99 @ Game instore
Wolfenstein PS4 £24.99 @ Game instore

Wolfenstein PS4 £24.99 @ Game instore

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Wolfenstein for the PS4 . Only 24.99 when brought with anything else in store. Great price. Not sure if this is nationwide or for how long. Sorry if this has already has been posted or I have posted it twice.. New to all this really


Is this at Game?

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Yeah sorry, was in such a rush to get it posted. I found it in st Stephens Game, in Hull

I know Game in Rugby was £24.99 when bought with UFC

Whats the cheapest thing you can buy it with? as really that should be included in the deal price.

My local has changed their stickers so this says £24.99 when bought with UFC

25 quid would of been a right bargin gutted it's with another game

this offer really depends on the Game store some will let you buy it with anything including a 5p bag or a chocolate bar others will only honour the offer when bought with UFC (or the other item in question at the time).....these offers have been going on the long and that often you will probably know by now how your local Game store handles them.

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I wanted the Tritton Kama headset so i was buying something anyway. I know it's not for everyone, but it was a steal for me.

This should be for u Ufc only but cracking deal If you can get it for this price when bought with anything

Sheffield city centre just had £24.99 sticker on. Got to counter where they said you had to buy it with UFC. Bit annoying really.

So is it with anything else instore ie 99p DS screen protectors or something or only this price when bought with the new UFC game?

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Hull it said with any other purchase


Doubt it is with anything as OP stated when brought with anything else. Why do so many people get that simple word wrong (_;)

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The label said that the game would be £24.99 with any other in store purchase. It didn't say it had to be UFC and it didn't say a minimum value. Unfortunately I don't have the label as they took the case and gave me a sealed brand new copy. I would assume though that in Hull, St Stephen's Game, you could purchase an item that costs 99p and still get the game for the reduced price. Other stores I don't know.....

Seems a fair price for the console version so Heat added.

It was £24.99 on ps3 today in GAME without purchasing anything else

Been in game Rotherham yesterday and it's with UFC only and they were charging a WHOPPING £74.99 for UFC. Glad I've been scamming all the free skylanders giants out of them with O2 lol.

I work in GAME and it is only £24.99 when you buy it with UFC. UFC is £49.99.

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You may work in Game but obviously not the one in Hull. It says... Oh I am getting tired repeating it. Look at the photo of the receipt . I didn't buy UFC.

Thanks for clearing it up. Seems always to be a bit of variation with different stores being more easy going with combination deals like this. Shame none of those stores are ever near me.

when "brought" with anything else instore....

My god, the amount of inbreeds on this site is getting worse!

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I can't believe you actually took the time out to act a ****!

in the bullring Birmingham store you have to buy UFC to get it at £24.99, wish they had put that on the shelf instead of just saying "£24.99 when bought with 'blank'"

Just got the Occupied Edition (free tat edition) from Halifax store, I had to buy FIFA 10 for 20p, it was cheapest thing they had. So £25.19 with a free beer coaster!

Same deal in Junction 32. Didn't require UFC as part of deal
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