Wolfenstein Xbox 360 £7.99 Delivered @ play.com

Wolfenstein Xbox 360 £7.99 Delivered @ play.com

Found 21st Jun 2010Made hot 21st Jun 2010
Cheapest by a mile on this format next best seems to be Tesco Entertainment @ £13.60 & that is using the voucher code


Seems a bargain to me, reviews reckon the shooting element is good and that the single player campaign is quite long up to 14 hours or so. I will certainly give it a go for this price, well found !!!

meant to be a terrible game

multiplayer is horrid, really horrid

Just checked the exchange value out of interest. £4 in CEX, so you'd get at least £5 in Gamestation.

In case anyone wants this quicker, you can get a copy (second hand) at cex for £8 too - and then trade that for same prices after you're done with it.

Just for info. Voted HOT BTW as for a new copy this is great.

easily worth £7.99 for the single player alone... meant to be long and pretty entertaining by all accounts. bagged one, cheers op

How did you get it for 7.99? It says 8.98 as the cheapest?

Awful, Awful game.. Had it on PS3, and it definately could be one of the worst games I've ever bought. Looks pretty, when its not glitching out, single player is very repetitive, and multiplayer just seemed like a token gesture - it basically did not work.

Don't bother - its not even worth 7.99.


single player is good, online is poo


single player is good, online is poo

agreed - solid single player for FPS fans. I enjoyed it - for this price it's a steal
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