Wolfenstein Xbox 360 pre-order £29.99 @ Amazon

Wolfenstein Xbox 360 pre-order £29.99 @ Amazon

Found 15th Jun 2009
It is the year 1943. The Second World War is at its height. While Allied forces have stalled the expansion of Hitler's Third Reich, the Nazi war machine still has its boot on the throat of mainland Europe. However, the F?r demands nothing less than global domination. Enter Heinrich Himmler's feared SS and its plan to master an occult force known only as the Black Sun. With this mysterious power source at its disposal, no army on Earth could stand in the Reich's path. No army but the man who had single-handedly shut down Himmler's ?ersoldat program and thwarted the resurrection of ancient superhuman King Heinrich I, that is. Once again, the world requires the particular talents of special agent B.J. Blazkowicz.


Great game just been put to XBox 360..:thumbsup:

Its Wolfenstein by the way..

Played it on the PC back in 2000

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thanks, crazylegs - fixed the typo! Fingers too fat

I don't think it is a remake as such (more like a re-imagining), or merely they could not be arsed to come up with another name. Love the Wolfenstein series of games though not sure (from the gameplay footage) about the direction this particular new one is going. Anyway gotta love sticking some lead in those damn Nazis ...


Showing as £39.99 now
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